Mayor Asks Board to Reimburse ECVB for Unacceptable Spending: Says Nothing About Resignations


From: Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel
To: Local Media
Regarding: Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau Board Holiday Dinner
Date: Tuesday, January 4, 2011

“Spending $3,000 of taxpayer funds for a 14-person dinner, for any reason, goes well beyond a lapse of judgment. It is absolutely unacceptable and a misuse of public money. I would hope that the ECVB would reject payment of this bill at its next meeting and that all ECVB board members, staff and guests who attended the dinner would split the cost of the bill and reimburse the ECVB immediately.”


  1. Trust is gone!!!
    Let’s head to their next meeting….Collect their repayment checks in public…..including resignations….and promise to never hold any “public, charitable, or government” office again!!!

  2. Isn’t this a little premature Mr. Mayor?

    Don’t we need an INVESTIGATION to reveal the total extent of the reimbursement?

    We’ve only heard rumors about last years booze-up. What of 08’s, 07’s, etc?

    Asking the booze crew to pay for this years round strikes me as a desperate attempt to protect, largely, his appointees.

  3. Is it true that one of the board members first comment about the accusation was…

    Hell, we’ve run the numbers, 4K in booze and food has a much better return on investment for the taxpayers than spending tens of millions blowing up Robert’s to build a new, smaller stadium downtown!

  4. if a crime has been commited shouldnt there be someone arrested by a certain police chief

    • oh i forgot that there are 2 sets of laws ,,those which im suppose to follow and the ones certain politicans dont ….

  5. I would like to commend the board individually for their generous tipping during the Christmas season as $35 per person tip is probably as large a tip as any of those 14 have ever left out of their own money!

  6. As predicted, the Mayor was not running for his office. Now we wait later this week for the Troy Tornatta for Mayor announcement, with the Mayor, Mark Owen, McNeely and throngs of financial contributors present.

    • If you’d seen the WTVW segment tonight at 6:30 with Shively, John Friend and Connor O’Daniels, you’d think John Friend was within minutes of tossing his hat in the ring. Maybe there’s video of the last 30 seconds of that segment when Friend came within a frog’s hair of announcing.

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