IS IT TRUE that Yukon Cornelius was Spotted and that the Abominable Snow Man has Paralyzed Downtown Evansville Again


Abominable Snowman


UPDATE: IS IT TRUE that Wednesday morning is upon us and Downtown Evansville is still a slick temple of ice and snow being ruled over by the Abominable Snowman?…that Yukon Cornelius once called the Abominable a “Bumble” and was fortunate to learn that “Bumbles Bounce”?…that Bumbles may bounce but real people can slip and fall on their “ice” and break bones when trying to navigate through ice and snow on downtown sidewalks?…”Bumble” is the right word to describe a city administration that supposedly wants to see the downtown thrive but has no program in place to clear away ice and snow?

IS IT TRUE that Yukon Cornelius was spotted searching for silver and gold in downtown Evansville yesterday?…that he looked down by the McCurdy, he looked by the old Hilliard and Lyons Building, he looked at the Rogers Jewelry building, he looked around the old ONB Building, and he looked in empty building after empty building?…that eventually Yukon made his way to the corner of Main St. and Martin Luther King Blvd. where the new Evansville Arena is in full view from every window in the Civic Center facing MLK?…he threw is prospectors ice pick into the air in search of wealth and opportunity?…the he sniffed it and licked it over and over?…that the last word out of the mouth of a befuddled Yukon Cornelius was “NOTHING”?

Yukon Cornelius

IS IT TRUE that Yukon Cornelius is one lucky prospector?…that if Yukon would have thrown that pick during a sewer overflow in many other parts of Evansville that it would not be a pleasant experience to sniff and lick that prospector’s pick?…that Yukon’s words after licking that pick in south Evansville would not have been “NOTHIN”?…that Yukon may have uttered a bad word that starts with and S?…that Yukon would be correct in that description.


IS IT TRUE that in Downtown Evansville the saying “another snow another mess” is ringing true again?…that since the City County Observer called out the City of Evansville for abandoning the sidewalks of Downtown Evansville to the abominable snowman that people employed downtown have been sending us emails telling of the mess and the danger of walking from the parking garages to their workplaces?…that it is really on the books of the City of Evansville that it is the “responsibility of the merchants” to take care of snow removal?…that such rules may have been appropriate 50 years ago when downtown was fully occupied and thriving?…that with so many empty buildings and absentee landlords hiding behind arcane rules is counterproductive to fostering a safe and desirable downtown?…that the Mayor of South Bend has similar laws that are being hidden behind?….that the Mayor of South Bend has actually been soliciting citizen volunteers to shovel snow in Downtown South Bend and are even planning to ticket cars that are not removed from streets during snow?…that the cities of Indiana seem to have ridiculous policies toward snow removal in common?…that if you would like to volunteer to shovel snow for the Mayor of South Bend you may find out how on the following link?…that you haven’t been requested to help in Evansville?…that if you would like the City of Evansville to have a snow removal program for Downtown Evansville that you need to call the Mayor’s office and let him know your desires?


  1. I think a lot of us are hesitant asking this guy for anything… because we realize we’d likely end up with some no bid contract to some Indianapolis firm that’ll require another bond and COIT!

    Some of us are wondering about the flooding in the Civic center… like the water problems at Robert’s, we’re wondering if the Mayor is finding cause to strike up plans to build all new, from scratch?

  2. Put a ‘City of Evansville’ label on the chest of that handsome Abominable Snowman, and sell it as a 1′ tall plush stuffed animal. 1,000,000 people would gladly plunk down $ 40 for that beast. That’s $ 40 Million smackers in the vault. What are we waiting for ???

  3. the only question is who’s gonna provide te labor and who’s gonna pay for it? after the new stadium and the sewers we are broke

  4. Since it’s the merchants responsibility,one good lawsuit should take care of the problem. Anyone want to own a building downtown?

  5. Yukon Cornelius looking for prosperity downtown: BRILLIANT !!

    When will the first batch of YC bobblehead dolls arrive ? Got to have a couple of those on my desk.

  6. How does a snake take in an animal that could be more substantial than it truly is head?

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