IS IT TRUE? January 12, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 12, 2011

IS IT TRUE that should Lloyd Winnecke decide to seek the Republican nomination for Mayor of the City of Evansville that he will likely face a Primary battle from one or two other candidates?…that the Vanderburgh County Democratic party has never had a female party Chairperson?…that the Vanderburgh County Republican party has had two female party Chairpersons?….that Democratic party of Vanderburgh County never had a female nominee run for Mayor of Evansville?….that the Republican party of Vanderburgh has had two female candidates for Mayor? …that Evansville has never had a female Mayor? ….that select members of the local political groups would like to change that situation?

IS IT TRUE some that select members of the Vanderburgh County Republican party are not happy with the soon to be announced Republican candidate for Mayor?….that they are trying to draft a candidate to run against him in the upcoming Republican primary?

IS IT TRUE that select Vanderburgh County Party Democrats are not happy with the announced Democratic candidate for Mayor and are actively trying to get someone to run against him?…that Vanderburgh County Treasurer and candidate for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Evansville, Rick Davis was recently quoted as saying “I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican”?…that such an inclusive expression may not appeal to the extreme partisans within the local Democratic party?…that such an attitude and a willingness to express it is refreshing and may just draw many traditional Republican voters to Mr. Davis’s camp in the general election?

IS IT TRUE “MOLE #3” that predicts that the final lists of people seeking elected offices in the city of Evansville are going to surprise people? ….the wind of political change is upon us? …. that the MOLE asks you to watch out because the local TEA PARTY group will have couple of political surprises of their own?

IS IT TRUE that a recent visit to Biaggi’s Ristaurante Italiano was quite informative?…that sometimes in life you just get lucky?…that the wait staff was engaged in lots of chatter regarding the $3,079 dinner that was held by the Board of Directors of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau?…that Biaggi’s is out of OPUS ONE?….that certain members of the wait staff were questioned about the price of the bottles of Opus by one male member of the party?….that a couple of other members of the ECVB party (both male) let the wait staff know that they should not share the information about the cost of the Opus One with the person who asked about the price?…that the friendly waiter did not recognize the people being waited on?…that this is a story that the truth should have been told about when it happened?

IS IT TRUE that the cost of benefits have been getting higher and higher over the years and that employers are continually struggling to make ends meet while providing a decent benefit package?…that Cripe Architects and Engineers employs three people that are dedicated to the Evansville Arena project?….that one of those employees formerly was employed by the Office of the Mayor of Evansville?….that the agreed upon billing rate for the former employees services was supposedly based on the pay and benefits received as a City of Evansville employee?….that the mark up for these three employees is 3.13 or a full 213% more than they are actually being paid by Cripe?…that a 213% of wages benefit package is a pretty rich benefit package?…that for a package like that, many people would be willing to work for Cripe?…that the benefit package of the City of Evansville is truly burdened at 213%?….that we don’t think so?


  1. is the Democratic party even here anymore? The lights may be on but noone is answering the phones and the doors are locked at HQ.

  2. Winnecke the RINO, will only get a severly brused ego out of throwing his hat in the ring for Mayor.

  3. Um, the democrats are only closed up shop because they are going to have to move for demolition of the Exec’s parking garage. They still hold an overwhelming amount of people in office and this time around they have the best candidate, imo, for Mayor-Rick Davis.

    Anyone who is more worried about a candidate being a female than a true leader for Evansville really needs to find something better to do. I’m so tired of people judging someone based on their race,sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, etc, etc. These people are pathetic.

    If this little “women’s rights caucus” isn’t happy with either party, than they need to start their own and see how far they get. That’s why I have left both parties myself.

  4. Outgoing Mayor Weinzapfel has a huge war chest of contributions to fund any candidate he wants, including himself. The outgoing Mayor has a year off after his term finishes 12/31/11 to run for Gov., Congress or State Rep. Where does the war chest go? It’s not going to Republican Mr. Winnecke with obvious Mayoral ambitions. Where does it go? None to fellow demo. office holder Mr. Davis, the sworn enemy. A big, big slice will go this year to any Weinzapfel backed primary opponent of Mr. Davis, who will be Mr. Tornatta if he wants to run for Mayor. We should know that in a week or so.

    • Don’t be so sure that some of that money wouldn’t go to Winnecke…somehow.

      The ties that bind in Evansville politics go WAY beyond party affiliation…

      • Zero money flows from the huge Weinzapfel coffers to Winnecke. NO No No. It will go up from the law firms and businesses covering bets. Weinzapfel will push big, big cash to their guy to try to beat Davis. Their guy, Tornatta if announcing this week or so, can and will leverage it for huge campaign money from both the Tornatta Commissioner law firm and the Weinzapfel Mayor law firm.

  5. Lloyd Winnecke would be the worst possible choice for the local Republicans to run for Mayor.

    Therefore, it is almost certain that he will be their candidate.

    If the Republicans want to cement their image as the “collaborator” party, full of smarmy, arrogant elitists who are afraid of their own shadow, then by all means proceed…

  6. Rumor is that Winneck and Tornatta are announcing this week. Also, another Republican officeholder is strongly considering running.

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