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IS IT TRUE that we have been told by several reliable sources that the race for Mayor of Evansville is too close to call?
IS IT TRUE that several local incumbent politicians should have campaigned while they were in office and not when they were running for re-election?
IS IT TRUE that the “National Search” for the replacement of EREP CEO/President Tara Barney has been concluded?  …we been told that on January 8, 2023, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will replace her?  …we wish Ms. Barney well and thank her for a job well done?  …we also wish Mayor Winnecke only the best in his new career?
IS IT TRUE that over the last several decades the City of Evansville Employees Healthcare Insurance has continually posted a severe deficit each year?  …it looks like it’s time for newly elected members of the City Council to vote to hire a new Employee Health Insurance broker in order to find a long-term solution to create an affordable City of Evansville Employee Healthcare Insurance plan?
IS IT TRUE that several local Republicans recently hosted an event for Mayoral candidate Stephanie Terry (D) titled “REPUBLICANS FOR TERRY” that was held at a downtown eatery last week? …that this type of “bipartisan support” event reminiscent of when several prominent Democrats hosted two similar events for Lloyd Winnecke (R) when he ran against Democrats Rick Davis and Gail Riecken for Mayor many years ago?  …that what is good enough for the “Goose is good enough for the Gander”?
IS IT TRUE that we have been told that Mayor Winnecke’s wife Carol is extremely upset with the Republicans who attended and sponsored the political event for “Stephanie  Terry For Mayor of Evansville”?  …we wonder how she will react when she finds out that a couple of well-known Republicans are talking about sponsoring a political event for Mayoral Candidate Michael Daugherty?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if any local Democrats will host a “Democrats for Rascher” fundraising event for Mayoral candidate Natalie Rascher (R)?

IS IT TRUE that we are told by a couple of political movers and shakers that we will be seeing at least four (4) new faces on the 2024 Evansville City Council?

IS IT TRUE that we are told the voters all over America are in the mindset to get rid of the tax and spend politicians?

IS IT TRUE that over 1400 Democrats crossed over to vote in the local Republican primary election?

IS IT TRUE that many people are extremely pleased with the way that Steve Hammer promotes and represents United States Senator Mike Braun of Indiana?

IS IT TRUE that many people feel that the appointed members Evansville Redevelopment Commission have more political influence and financial authority than current elected members of the Evansville City Council?
IS IT TRUE that the law professor Jessica Levinson for NBC News said that “the Presidential pardons are transparently transactional, having nothing to do with fairness or justice and everything to do with rewarding loyalists, allies, and, almost inexplicably, war criminals and disgraced politicians”?  …that Presidential pardons are supposed to act as a fail-safe when the federal criminal justice system malfunctions?
IS IT TRUE that the modern history of presidential pardons is full of examples of presidents who provided a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” to friends, family members, and donors?  …that President Bill Clinton pardoned his half-brother, Roger Clinton, and campaign donor Marc Rich? …President George W. Bush pardoned the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby after he was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice?
IS IT TRUE that several years ago the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provided some clarifying data about who stands to lose the most from social distancing in a recent report?  …that occupations at the highest risk of unemployment also tend to be lower-paid occupations? …the average annual earnings of the low-risk occupations are $64,600, about 75% higher than earnings in the high-risk occupations, at $36,600″?  …they went on to say that, “the economic burden from this health crisis has most directly affected those workers who are likely in the most vulnerable financial situation”?
IS IT TRUE that we would like to thank the Director of the Evansville/Vanderburgh County Building Authority for doing an excellent job in keeping our buildings clean and safe?  …did you know that Dave Rector is a Facility Engineer by trade?

IS IT TRUE we are told that the practice of not posting unrecorded accounts payable in a timely manner was to come to an end starting January 1, 2020?  …starting back in 2020 Finra and the SEC required cities with populations greater than 100k to submit the year-end financial report to the State Board of Accounts by using the accrual method of accounting?  ..we wonder if the Evansville City Controller and County Auditors are in compliance with State law?

IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer newspaper is a proud supporter of our first responders and members of our law enforcement?

IS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny?  …when the Government fears the people we have Liberty?
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IS IT TRUE that the best-known secret at the Civic Center is that during the last several years the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities has loaned the City of Evansville many millions of dollars in cash advances to help the city with cash shortfalls/

IS IT TRUE that it has been estimated that when the downtown Evansville Medical Schools is built it will create over 3,700 good jobs by 2022?  …that it was also promised that once the Medical School was built, around  2,000 nursing students from IVY TECH?  …given these positive jobs and enrollment projections, the political types invested around $40 million dollars on capital bonds to build a downtown hotel. …that Evansville’s political leaders selected an out-of-town private contractor to construct a hotel?

IS IT TRUE that hotels do not bring people a city people bring hotels?



  1. I bet Winnecke former disc jockey buddies from Ft. Wayne are so proud of him and his accomplishments.

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