IS IT TRUE? Part 2 May 9, 2011


@$&# Another Dropped Call

IS IT TRUE? Part 2 May 9, 2011

IS IT TRUE that Rick Davis’s nomination for Mayor of Evansville has caught the attention of some State and 8th District Democratic leaders?…that we hear they are extremely interested in sitting down and talking with Mr. Davis in the very near future?…that if Mr. Davis allows the State and 8th District power brokers to bring him into their political camp it shall yield negative political dividends and diminish his chances to become Evansville’s next Mayor? … that Mr. Davis is better off to put his future in the hands of the good people of Evansville and not in the hands of out of the area power brokers?…that the people of Evansville handed the Democratic nomination to Mr. Davis over unions, Mayor Weinzapfel’s political machine, the City of Evansville Legal Counsel, David Jones, City Vendors, Consultants, Indianapolis Big Money Fatcats, select members of the Vanderburgh Central Committee and appointed Department heads that run the daily activities of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE 6th Ward candidate for City Council Al Lindsey pulled the biggest political upset in the primary?…that his political volunteers did an outstanding job in forging his victory? …that one of the major driving forces behind Mr. Lindsey major upset victory was the new 6th Ward political boss, Trustee of Perry Township Rick Riney?

IS IT TRUE after the May 3, 2011 City of Evansville primary we have four political (4) lame ducks serving on the Evansville City Council?

IS IT TRUE that we wonder why the Mayor of Evansville didn’t call a news conference to announce that the Downtown Convention Hotel deal’s alleged financial challenges?…it would had been hard for him to call a press conference last week because it is legend that he was on a job seeking junket (bring manufacturing businesses to region) somewhere in Germany?…that we wonder how many of these trips he has taken since he been Mayor of Evansville (last 7 years)?… that we wonder how many jobs have these job recruiting trips produce for the people of this region over the last 7 years?…that it is a good thing that Evansville only has two sister city relationships because we just can’t afford a farewell tour for a lame duck Mayor to say goodbye to other elected officials?

IS IT TRUE that the most recent Arena Project Summary still has exactly ZERO dollars budgeted to install sufficient antennas in the new ultra modern Evansville Arena so that the cell phones of 10,000 spectators can work?…that the planners of Yum Center in Louisville made this same fatal mistake?…that installing over $2 Million in cellular antennas, routers, etc, was the first egg that Yum Center got on its face?…that this lesson from Louisville is a free lesson that Evansville is not learning?…that costs scale with seats so Evansville can expect a $1 Million change order SOMEDAY to upgrade the Arena to handle the cell phone volume that WILL be needed to satisfy the attendees?…that it would be cheaper and easier to do it now but then someone would have to own up to this oversight?…that expecting a timely cellular signal is right in line with having a modern arena?…that here is your third hint Arena managers?…that phoning, texting, and taking pictures to send to your friends is part of the modern day experience of an arena based event?…that we wonder if there will be PHONE BOOTHS in the Arena instead?


  1. Lets see watching some of the council meetings over the weekend we have people who need to travel to get certifications required by the state to continue doing their jobs, these folks have to go in front of the council and beg for funds to cover travel, yet it makes me wonder if our mayor went to Germany on his own dime?

    Why is it that every story or “Is it true” I read about the current administration reminds me of Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

  2. I hear the county Dems also have a check waiting for Davis…curious to see how long they’ve been holding on to that.
    Let’s take bets…date of the check…over under March 31st…I say under…they wanted to give it to Tornatta.

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