IS IT TRUE? October 26, 2011 The City Council Debates


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IS IT TRUE? October 26, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the only chance that any of us will have to see a televised debate of the candidates for Evansville City Council will be tonight?…that WNIN will be televising these debates tonight from 7 PM until 9:30 PM?

IS IT TRUE that the fight card tonight should include a first bout between Republican Lon Walters and Democrat Missy Mosby?…that the principle differences that these two should be debating are the positions that Walters has taken with respect to Vectren’s highest rates in the state and his support of strengthened smoking ordinance?…that Ms. Mosby has been silent on the Vectren rates and actually collected signatures for a petition to keep the smoking laws as they are and carried her petition to a meeting of the Evansville City Council in 2010?…that Walters has a petition too but his is to question all future rate increases requested by Vectren?…that he has over 1,700 signatures and actually met personally with the IURC yesterday?

IS IT TRUE that the next bout will be Democrat Stephanie Brinkerhoff Riley vs. Republican Alan Leibundguth for the 3rd Ward?…that this bout should make it pretty clear that Riley is a classic national Democrat and that Leibundguth is quite Republican in his views?…that this is probably the most well defined difference in ideologies in this year’s election?…that the people of the 3rd Ward who are liberal will most likely side with Riley and those who are conservative will find Leibundguth to their liking?…that the 3rd Ward is overwhelmingly Democratic in registration but seems quite conservative in their ideology?…that this will be an interesting debate and election and that there may be many people crossing party lines for the vote?

IS IT TRUE that the 5th Ward that is politically balanced and always seems to be decided by less than 100 votes?…that this bout will pit Republican Brent Grafton against Democrat John Friend?…that these two gentlemen have a very different style with Grafton being cerebral and deliberative while Friend likes the spotlight?…that these two in spite of style differences share much ideology and that both are entrepreneurs with some local government experience to bolster them?…that one clear difference has been their difference on the smoking ordinance with Friend taking an “all or nothing” stance while Grafton is open to some exemptions if that is the only way to strengthen the ordinance?…that they even seem to agree on the accountability of Vectren with Friend pushing the position with a petition and Grafton with a position paper on accountability?

IS IT TRUE that the bout for the 6th Ward pits Democrat Al Lindsey who has spent more time and money fighting lawsuit after lawsuit filed by other Democrats about his place of residence than he has spent campaigning against a young Republican named Shawn Short?…that both of these gentlemen seem poised to do a good job if elected but that tonight is the opportunity to see what their differences are as both have been poorly funded and doing their campaigning by wearing out shoes?

IS IT TRUE that the at-large debate promises to be a replica of the recent Republican Presidential debates with 6 candidates fighting it out for 3 spots?…that the candidate range from young and aggressive to retired and cerebral?…that this may provide the most illuminating of all of the debates as the only candidate with a well known ideology and demeanor is Democrat Dr. H. Dan Adams?…that Dr. Adams in spite of party affiliation has been a very independent thinker during his first term on the Evansville City Council?

IS IT TRUE that we hope that tonight’s debates exposed differences that the people of Evansville can use to make informed decisions with respect to the kind of City Council that the prefer?…that editorially speaking the current 8 – 1 City Council with the GROUPTHINK mentality that has been shown has not served Evansville well?…that if the people of Evansville like Secret Meetings, Sweetheart Deals, Excessive Spending, Rotting Parks, and Selective Enforcement then what they should do is elect another 8 – 1 block of GROUPTHINK types?…that if the people of Evansville are tired of the same old bull then they should seriously consider voting for the most independent and thinking people seeking to serve on the Evansville City Council?


  1. I look forward to a Davis administration with a 5-4 Democrat majority on the City Council. Just a prediction, and certainly mine alone.

    • “IS IT TRUE that the fight card tonight should include a first bout between Republican Lon Walters and Democrat Missy Mosby?”


      First round should be interesting….an intelligent thinking man VS a sock-puppet, maybe she should just call in sick.


  2. I’m very glad the CCO is bringing up groupthink. I’m doing a post on it right now. Groupthink has proven to be an ugly thing over the years with the Challenger and the NAZIs.

    We have too many politicians and city leaders saying ” I’m just doing what I was told to do.”

  3. I’d call it “Widespred Panic”, except there’s already a group that goes by that name.

  4. You sure can tell the typical politicians from the newcomers. Mosby and Riley didn’t actually answer one question.

  5. It seems a little funny that someone who doesn’t have a job can so confidently promise to provide them for others. And one’s “pals” on the opposing side are doing a little number on that one I like to call “Your boat’s a sinkin’ and Winnecke will throw you some more cinderblocks”-
    And for God’s sake, don’t call that one a sock puppet or you’ll find someone assuming your identity and making stupid sock puppet comments.

  6. Pretty piss poor debate format tonight. I calls em like I sees em so here is da play by play.

    Walters clobbered Missy with content and substance.

    Riley and Leibundguth both did well. Call it a draw. Both are okay.

    Grafton and Friend both did well. Grafton seems very much a thinking person and would mix well with Doc Adams.

    Short was surprisingly better than Lindsey. The kiddo has a good head for management of money on him. Won’t matter in the 6th Ward

    Walters and Short who are clearly the better candidates may lose out to the rooster pullers.

    At-large was a free for all. Adams in a shoo-in and Weaver and Mercer need to take those freaky voices and go away. Do a game of rock paper scissors for the other two positions.

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