Democratic Meeting did not Violate Sunshine Laws


A comment was posted today on the City County Observer regarding the possibility that Sunshine Laws may have been violated by the meeting this morning at the Vanderburgh County Democratic Headquarters. The premise behind the comment was that six Evansville City Council members were meeting in an unannounced meeting that was not advertised to the public.

Upon seeing the follow on comments the CCO sought legal opinion on the Sunshine Laws as the pertain to party meetings. The laws as were explained to us exempt party caucuses from Sunshine Laws. We have confirmed with Democratic officials that this was indeed a party caucus and that no official City of Evansville business was discussed. That being the case we conclude and have been advised that Indiana Sunshine Laws were not violated.

The comment section of this and other publications is a reader’s forum. We do from time to time remove posts that have fowl language or make threats. We along with other publications can not control what someone posts. We can only respond with corrections as we have in this case or with deleting information that is blatantly offensive. For a comment poster to ask that particular question was not deemed to merit removal. We are please to be able to clarify the answer.


  1. Thanks for seeking the legal answer here. The messier things get, the more important accurate details become. And this is a MESS!!

  2. Indiana Law 5&14&1.5&2 :

    (h) “Caucus” means a gathering of members of a political party or coalition which is held for purposes of planning political strategy and holding discussions designed to prepare the members for taking official action.

    Maybe the participants in the secret morning meeting in Democratic HQ will tell us what political strategy they discussed to help their primary winning candidate for mayor win the general election, and how they prepared members for “taking official action.” Sneagal strikes again.

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