IS IT TRUE October 17, 2012


IS IT TRUE October 17, 2012

IS IT TRUE that the second Presidential debate staged last night at Hoftstra University has teed up the final debate where the topic will be foreign policy in what will be the discussion for the next week and in all likelihood the determining factor in who will win the presidency?…that President Obama made an assertion last night that seems to create a classic prisoner’s dilemma?…that assertion that the President made that seemed to catch Governor Romney off guard that was verified by moderator Candy Crowley is the assertion that on September 12, 2012 he made a speech in the White House rose garden where he referred to the murders in Benghazi as “acts of terror”?…upon review of the transcript it seems more like his referral to “acts of terror” was in the general sense as opposed to associating that term with the Benghazi murders?…the specific quote from the transcript is open to both interpretations and read as follows?

“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.” President Obama 9/12/2012

IS IT TRUE that President Obama by injecting a transcript from his own speech and asserting that he acknowledged the Benghazi murders as the work of terrorists has set himself and his team up in a classic prisoner’s dilemma?…if this were a game of chess President Obama would be in a state of checkmate?…if last night’s assertions are true and the President knew and accepted on September 12th that the Benghazi murders were the work of terrorists then the White House Press Secretary, the Ambassador to the United Nations, President Obama himself, Vice President Biden in last week’s debate, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have all been engaged in a campaign of deception for over a month?…in this case the purpose for the deception was political spin that the President explicitly stated to Mr. Romney last night was offensive?

IS IT TRUE that if the words of the President from last night regarding his intentions and beliefs that he stated in the White House rose garden are false whether by design or lack of knowledge then the White House was oblivious to the now established fact that the Benghazi murders were the work of terrorists until last night’s debate?…in this particular situation the President has created a can of worms that leads to the conclusion of intentional deception in one interpretation and a conclusion of not being in the loop in the other interpretation?…the mitigation of this prisoner’s dilemma that he President has painted himself into a corner with will in all likelihood determine this election?

IS IT TRUE that both candidates were assertive to the point of borderline rudeness last night?…that both made assertions that were not true?…that in the case of the pissing contest over the Obama record on energy production and leases that fact checkers sided with Mitt Romney’s numbers before the candidates left the stage last night?…the assertions by Governor Romney about job creation that will occur as a result of his “5 point plan” are not possible to verify but have been both supported and refuted by outside sources?…it was indeed frustrating to have answers not available about what deductions will be limited to offset Mr. Romney’s proposed tax rate reductions?…it is desirable to see those details?…on the other hand the only details that President Obama has out there regarding taxation is the roll back of the so called “Bush tax cuts” that are called the “fiscal cliff” in many circles?

IS IT TRUE that we should all be reminded no matter what the candidates say about General Motors that in the summer of 2009 they did indeed enter into a prepackaged bankruptcy arranged by the Obama Administration?…the rules of American bankruptcy were turned upside down in favor of groups that voted for the President in that bankruptcy?…the American people through the federal government became both shareholders and bankers for GM when the company emerged from bankruptcy?…if Mitt Romney would have had his way in the GM bankruptcy proceeding the only possible differences in outcome would have been that the traditional bankruptcy laws would have been used and some outside money would have come into the picture?…that may have been government money and it may have been Toyota but the assets of GM would have continued to be put to good use anyway?

IS IT TRUE that most opinions were that last night’s debate was close with Obama fans giving the nod to Obama and Romney fans giving the nod to Romney?…the number of true undecided people is down to low to mid single digits?…most of them were probably not helped much last night?…it will be the way that President Obama’s Prisoner’s Dilemma plays out in the next week and the last debate that will determine who will be the next President of the United States?

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  1. Hope and Change I vote for change!!!! I think someone with real job experence might have a whole lot better chance to help America than a person who has lived off others for too long!!!!!!!

  2. Obama debating Romney on foreign policy should be hilarious.

    Obama: I believe we need to expand the wars and be tough on terorists…

    Romney: I believe we should be tough on terrorists through the process of expanding the wars…

    Obama: Mr. Romney is clearly mistaken about our priorities…ummm…ummm…

    Yeah, that should be a revelatory experience. I’m sure minds will explode after that “debate”. Can we at least get Gary Johnson on the stage for that one? He won’t even have to say anything, we could just let him stand off to the side in a clown suit with a set of tom toms and a cymbal, so after every exchange he could go “da dum *crash*” followed by canned laughter.

  3. We have had the Democrats and Republicans for over 100 years controlling the White House. Where has that gotten us? Johnson is the only candidate that would effect real change. Otherwise we will continue this course.

    Ask yourself, why do people vote for the same two parties and expect different results?!?

    • agreed. Wasn’t it Will Rogers who said “advertising is what makes us buy something we don’t need with money we don’t have”? That applies doubly to political candidates. Ballot access and expensive campaigns are why we have a two party system that gets away with whatever they wish.

      • The Libertarian Party is the only other Party that has access in almost all 50 States.

        If a revolution of a third party is to occur, it has to occur, at least at this juncture in US history, through the LP.

        Don’t forget, when you vote, if you vote for no other Libertarian, vote for the Libertarian in the Secretary of State race. The LP must secure a certain percentage in that race, I believe 5%, to maintain Indiana ballot access.

        Also, I did not see the recent Indiana Senator’s debate, but all indications are Andrew Horning put up a hell of a fight and won that debate. Anyone agree or disagree?

  4. Bravo to the editor for including the phrase ‘pissing contest’ in this edition of Is It True. Perfect description of about 95% of what passes for political dialogue in this country.

    Well played, sir!

  5. Mitt Romney showed up Tuesday night talking about “binders full of women” being brought to him when he was governor. Sounds kind of kinky and certainly not something you want to be touting.

    • “binders full of women” is just the latest racist dog whistle blown at the white guy. You are no better for saying that than Biden was with his “gonna put ya’ll in chains” shtick. I am sure there will be some other racist comment coming from the Obama operatives soon. Why can’t you tout Obama’s record and vision? His record is terrible and he is all out of ideas.

      “Soak the Rich, Soak the Rich, Fair Share, Fair Share, Brawk who who”

      • Yeah, lets talk vision. Romneys stance on issues depends on who he is talking to. I’m not saying I agree with everything Obama has done and I do think he needs to improve in certain area, but at least I know what I am getting with a vote for Obama, with Romney, I guess it depends which way the winds blowing. I just hope your not in that 47% of people Romney has just wrote off.

        • He hasn’t written off any 47% of people. That was turned into another racist dog whistle for the rich white man. do believe in fairies and unicorns? Obama’s results are all fairies and unicorns.

          • You need to open your eyes and quit pushing what you don’t want to hear under the rug. REALLY!!! Your joking, right? I mean the man said it on tape to a bunch of big donors!!! Its quite obvious you hear and see what you want. I guess you would say that Romney hasn’t change his stance on abortion, coal and many more. And drop the word racist.

    • He was talking about candidates for cabinet positions in Massachusetts when he was governor. It seems as though the binder was full of names of women with the qualifications to serve and that Governor Romney was committed to breaking the glass ceiling and creating a family friendly workplace.

    • The Mid-East is burning, the debt is skyrocketing, highest welfare and food stamp roles in our history and the left wants to discuss “binders”. Scary to think these people vote, let alone raise children!

  6. to HandsDown: I drop the word racist when you stop acting like one. Have you heard of A123 Systems that just filed bankruptcy after Obama gave them $250 Million? Here is what the Pres said about them in 2010.

    “A123 was one of the 48 companies to win a recovery act grant for advanced battery technology. That grant helped A123 hire 44 new workers. and that grant is supporting the construction of 3 new plants in the state of Michigan, which A123 expects will allow it to hire more than 120 workers by the end of this year, more than 1000 by the end of next year and more than 3,000 by the end of 2012. Today’s news is another sign that we are on the right track” Barack Obama

    Where are them jobs and that money now? Vote for the same you are gonna get the same.

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