Debate Moderator Crowley Admits Post Debate that Romney was Correct about Benghazi


After the debate, debate moderator Candy Crowley said Republican nominee Mitt Romney was “right in the main” but “picked the wrong word” on the Obama administration’s immediate response to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

Crowley interrupted Romney during the debate, insisting that President Obama had in fact called the attack an “act of terror.”

ROMNEY: I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.

OBAMA: Get the transcript.

CROWLEY: It — it — it — he did in fact, sir. So let me — let me call it an act of terror…

OBAMA: Can you say that a little louder, Candy?

CROWLEY: He — he did call it an act of terror. It did as well take — it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. You are correct about that.

In a statement given in the Rose Garden on Sept. 12, Obama emphasized an anti-Islam video, before saying that “no acts of terror would shake the resolve of this great nation.”

The administration’s narrative on the attack over the next two weeks was muddled.

On Sept. 16, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice attributed the attack on the U.S. Consulate to violent protests stemming from a “heinous and offensive” video.

On Sept. 25, the president himself declined to call the attack an act of terrorism during an interview with “The View,” saying that an investigation was still ongoing.

Update (12:22 a.m.): After the debate, “Romney was actually right on Libya” trended on Twitter in the United States:

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  1. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind: Barack Insane Obama is the worst kind of weasel. He has a great career ahead of him in the community organizer business in the south side of Chicago. I hope he enjoys his post-presidency retirement.

  2. Thats funny. Everything I heard after the debate was Romney was wrong. Even the fact check said Romney misspoke on this issues. But we all know this is nothing new. Mitt (The flip flopper)- Abortion, coal mining, contraceptives and the list goes on. It seems to me that Romneys view on issues depends on the crowd he is speaking to. You know, I don’t agree with everything Obama has done, and I definitely think he needs to do more, but at least I know what I am getting with a vote for Obama, with Romney who knows what your getting.

    • That could be because you only really “heard” what you wanted to hear. As the link to the AP’s fact check below points out, there were plenty of falsehoods coming from the mouths of both candidates. They both seem to be equal opportunity flip floppers as well. The one statement in your comment that is quote true is a quote from Romney when he said “you know what you are getting if you vote for the President”. Of course he went on to elaborate on the economic track record of the President with a set of well verified facts on the number of people wishing for a job, the growth of the food stamp program, etc. It is hard to run from those numbers. If you like the condition and direction of the country right now and want some more of it then you should vote for President Obama.–election.html

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