IS IT TRUE? November 4, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? November 4, 2011

IS IT TRUE that neither rain can nor elections slow down the size and content of the daily Evansville Police Department activity reports that the City County Observer posts each day?…that even on a day like yesterday when mother nature sent us all a clear message to stay inside our fair city racked up 13 pages of crimes?…that it was for the most part the usual crimes of theft and drugs in the all too familiar locations in the 3rd and 4th Wards in which the bulk of our police efforts are being spent?…that we are beginning to wonder if there is something in the water that makes so many people in Evansville think it is just fine to steal?

IS IT TRUE that speaking of stealing that the picture of Brent Grafton that was mailed out to people in the 5th Ward yesterday under the authority and paid for by the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party is not the property of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party and that the Party did not receive permission to use the picture in the mailer from the person who took the picture? ?…that this picture was taken by none other than Mr. Joe Wallace in the Civic Center at the press conference called by Mr. Grafton to announce his candidacy for Evansville City Council?…that Mr. Grafton paid the City County Observer for the right to use the picture and that Mr. Joe Wallace was paid a fair sum of money for the use of that image?…that the unauthorized use of intellectual property is indeed considered to be theft?…that maybe our police are so busy with stealing because in some circles living outside the bounds of law is a way of life?…that people learn from their leaders?

IS IT TRUE that many of you will be puzzled to see an ad in the CCO for Vectren’s rebate program to promote energy efficiency?…that we have been pretty rough on Vectren for having the highest electricity rates in Indiana and triple what the rates are across the money saving bridge?…that this program is one that anyone who wishes can get a rebate for doing something that will save them money?…that before someone screams an obscenity we would like to advise you that we do have some ads available for public service announcements at no charge and that THE CCO PROVIDED THIS SPACE TO VECTREN FOR FREE?

IS IT TRUE that the other part of the Campaign Finance Report filed by the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party on 10/21 and AMENDED yesterday to reflect the debts that they knew they had that sticks out like a sore thumb has to do with a number of recurring checks classified as “Salary” that were written to Justin A. Jarvis?…that unlike the report filed by the Winnecke campaign which has multiple entries for expenses classified as “payroll taxes” with checks made out on a regular basis to the Indiana Department of Revenue and the IRS, the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party had no such expenses in their report?…that having some experience with such things and knowing what legally constitutes an “employee” vs. a “contractor” that the “employee” classification for the staff of Winnecke for Mayor campaign seems to be correct and the campaign has clearly reported the expenses of “payroll taxes” in the appropriate manner?…that while it is possible that Mr. Jarvis truly fits the IRS description of “contractor” that we find it strange that the checks would be classified as “Salary”.

IS IT TRUE that this writer is clearly a consultant in that I am not expected to keep any hours at any location period?…that my fees are determined by an open negotiation with each and every job and that sitting on my rear for 8 hours in any designated location will result in exactly no earnings?…that I have on my left a check that was handed to me yesterday that is based on a performance contract that states on the memo line “Fall 2011 Consulting”?…that I have never ever had a situation as a consultant where any check came with the word “Salary” on it?…that it may be worth reviewing if the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party has the correct classification for Mr. Jarvis with respect to his employment status?…that as a consultant that there are reporting and filing requirements that are very different than what is applied when an employer-employee relationship is the proper IRS determination of status?

IS IT TRUE that there has been plenty of scurrying around and finger pointing coming from the ranks of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party people about who is to blame for the filing of the false campaign finance report and the accumulation of debt?…that the accumulation of debt is not really an issue outside of those who are due to be paid and the Party?…that the person responsible for the accuracy of the Campaign Finance Report is the Party Treasurer whose signature is on both the false and the amended returns?…that this signature is at-large candidate for Evansville City Council, Mr. Conor O’Daniel?…that we will grant the possibility that Mr. O’Daniel like many others this election cycle got “snookered” or “bamboozled” by some other insider and was just handed the forms to sign?…that we would welcome a statement by Mr. O’Daniel regarding the whole set of conditions that led to his signature being affixed to a false official document?


  1. It’s time for the Dems who have pondered to Owens to cut the cord. You only have a few days to cleanse yourself of the machines dirt.
    Get Right or get Left.

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