IS IT TRUE: November 4, 2010


IS IT TRUE that the Roberts Stadium ball fields project has more lives than a cat and changes colors quicker than a chameleon?….that Mr. Dunn has finally seen the light and decided to forego an attempt to declare a decent neighborhood to be a Recovery Zone?….that the 100,000 visitor per year projection has now been reduced to 1,000 teams?…..that the CVB has even come to admit that only 26 weeks per year are possible to host softball tournaments?….that the City County Observer analyzed the potential based on other cities results last month and concluded that 40,000 visitors per year is more realistic?….that 1,000 teams (where did that number come from) with 13 players per team and 2 parents per player will result in 39,000 (sound familiar) visitors per year? …..that the voters of Evansville and Vanderburgh County voted this project down Tuesday when the elected Marsha Abell to replace Troy Tornatta as County Commissioner?

IS IT TRUE that the latest life that this cat called “The Park” has shown us is a life that just has to borrow $17.5 Million before December 1, 2010?….that borrowing cheap money quickly to take advantage of a low interest rate to do a project that the public clearly does not want is not good public policy?…..that there is no such thing as a project that is so hot that the financing has to be done faster than used car salesman can get you qualified?….that Commissioners Winnecke, Melcher, and Tornatta need to reflect some about the message that was sent in the 2010 elections?….that a lame duck vote by the Vanderburgh County Commissioners or the Vanderburgh County Council may very well be the end of some more promising political careers?…..that the financial reality of this $4.9 Million ball field project with a $12.6 Million BAILOUT OF THE CITY OF EVANSVILLE riding shotgun is that is not wanted nor can it be justified to the people of Evansville?….that the people of Vanderburgh County have spoken their mind on this issue?…..that this cat is on its last life and this chameleon is on its last color?

IS IT TRUE that the challenge of the vote count by Wendy McNamara in the District 76 Indiana House of Representatives race against Bob Deig has resulted in the voting machines being held under guard by the authorities?….that at last count McNamara and Deig were less than 10 votes apart?…..that provisional ballots are not yet counted?…..that a potential malfunction of a voting machine has the election for Knight Township Trustee between Jim Braker and Kathryn Martin in a state of uncertainty?….that Jim Braker is also raising the flag of voter fraud?….that the provisional ballots for Knight Township Trustee and the District 76 House of Representatives races have the potential to change the apparent outcomes?

IS IT TRUE that every legitimate vote should be counted and counted correctly?….that election fraud, electioneering, and tampering with provisional or absentee ballots are serious crimes that undermine our form of government?…..that making such an allegation without something to back it up also undermines our elected form of government?……that the City County Observer truly hopes that every election was fair, that fraud and voter intimidation did not occur, and that the real winners are seated in their positions and do a good job for their entire term of office?


    • Mole #3 the winner with 1 wrong, Mole #69 next with 3 wrong. The rest of the Moles were 4+ wrong. See related story. Mole #3 is king of the molehill.

  1. so basically they haven’t been able to count the votes on the machine from the first ward yet?

  2. Is there really any legitimate objection to green-design recreational uses for a antiquated facility that soon will be an under utilized hulk surrounded by unnecessary pavement? I mean any objection besides the amount of money proposed to be spent? And that can be down scaled to a reasonable budget line, can’t it?

    • The main objections to most that we know is about the price. If the proposal was to spend $5M on 8 ballfields there would not be any economic objection. The insult is that the City of Evansville has not done their job with maintenance and should have budgeted for the demolition of Roberts as part of the Arena project. The $12.6M would not even be necessary if the City of Evansville had planned correctly and done maintenance when it was needed.

  3. I find it very hard to read the City County Observer with its black print and dark background. Could you do something to make it easier to read?

    Recently I have been trying to locate a story you printed within the last two weeks. I have been unable to do so. How do I retrieve past stories?

    • Roger, this happens from time to time on only a few computers including my own. We are trying to figure out exactly what does it but since it is only occurring occasionally it is difficult to isolate. It seems to correct itself for me when the polls change. Please lets us know if the next poll that we put up corrects it for you.

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