IS IT TRUE November 14, 2014


IS IT TRUE that Labor Unions are required to have audits performed concerning aspects of their operations … that the local Labor Unions promote that all jobs need to be done by local work force? …Labor Unions leadership also promotes that we should buy our goods and services locally?

IS IT TRUE that the Ford Center and Johnson Control projects labor needs were and are now supplied by local Labor Unions?… our Local Unions recently dismissed the hiring of local Auditors and now utilize the accounting services of an out of town Auditing firm? ….we hear that this Auditing firm is located in St. Louis, MO? …all we can say about this is “WOW”?

IS IT TRUE last night this writer had the privilege of becoming aquatinted with Mr. Forrest Lucas?…that last name should be familiar to Hoosiers as he was the founder and still serves as the President and CEO of Lucas Oil that named the billion dollar stadium in Indianapolis and employs hundreds of Hoosiers in Corydon?…he is a most interesting man who started out in life as a minimum wage worker and eventually became a truck driver?…that lead to starting a trucking company that became quite successful before Mr. Lucas sold that business to start making lubricants for trucks?…the rest is of course an American success story that resulted in Mr. Lucas’s business becoming an international conglomerate?…this is truly a man of the people who was born without privilege and rose to the top of most everything he has done?…one of his proudest achievements that he shared amusingly is “selling oil to the Arabs” which happened through innovation and running a good business?…we could use more people like Forrest Lucas?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is pleased to share with our readers that the response to our new website has been extremely positive and that our traffic has nearly recovered completely from the cyber attack on our business?…we thank each and every one of our readers and advertisers for their support and hope to continue to advocate for good public policy by exposing those who undermine or abuse good policy by good old boy self serving activities?…the best is yet to come?

IS IT TRUE this writer would like to take this opportunity to apologize for being a little late with today’s IS IT TRUE?…last night was a very special but long night that kept me away from a computer and out of town until well after midnight PST?…the occasion that kept me away was to accept the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award for 2014 in the Supporter of Entrepreneurship Category for Southern California’s Inland Empire?…this is the 3rd time in the 12 year history of this award ceremony that a winner was named in this category?…that the last winner was Mike Napoli who is the founder of the Tech Coast Angels that is the largest Angel Investment group in the world?…it was Mr. Napoli who nominated me for this award for the work done at the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub to further entrepreneurship?

IS IT TRUE in such events the awardees often express thanks for God, family, friends, etc.?…the element that is often excluded that deserves praise and thanks for entrepreneurship is the miracle of modern governance known as the United States of America?…the founding fathers of this nation were wise is forming a republic that operates by the rule of law and defends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all?…in other parts of the world the freedoms we have that have enabled us to become a great country that was and still is a magnet for entrepreneurs is why last nights ceremony was held?…without the United States the building, the roads to it, the companies honored, and perhaps even the State of California would be dramatically different if not gone?…on this week in which our veterans were honored it is important not to forget just how well we have it because of the collective efforts of our founding fathers to overthrow King George and establish a free republic that somehow survives in spite of what or who tries to tear in down?…the Spirit of Entrepreneurship is truly the Spirit of the United States?


  1. All I can say about what there is of this ‘Is It True’ at 8:45 a.m. (two short union-ragging paragraphs) is WOW. It’ll serve its purpose, any mention of unions will get ’em going. Nobody ever accused the local Baggerhood of being smart.

      • Is it true that it appears that the editor is fishing for a issue?

        Is it true that the editor “thinks” a firm 150 miles away becomes a point???

        Would it be true if/had the “target union” outsourced the audit to a third world country just as business/corporations do with their operations, the editor would be pleased?

        Is it true that a few think it is perfectly alright to belong to a political party, chamber of commerce, ect. to promote their interest, but a few workers in a organization and these same few think that is the root of all their problems!

        • Perhaps….this had been an issue, just not with Unions, but, the fact that, historically, this town spends way too much out of town…..for instances, the Winnecke Adm since it has been in office sent 1.7 million to Indy for Umbaugh & Assoc CPA’s services while, surely, the expertise could be found in this city…of course, we have the BIG CITY lawyers as well….and, of course, here comes Hunt Construction once again…can’t wait until John Kish shows up….in the end, the profits go out of town and our people are left the fact that we, on average make approx 10k per year then the rest of the State….just the facts! Regardless, it you are a union, business, professional, or whatnot, when ever possible and practical, please buy LOCAL, our jobs and fortunes are at stake!!!

          • Perhaps the Editor needs to be “transparent” on what allege union that hired the allege firm that’s headquarters is out of town ( without the facts, this might as well be a C&P article). I would like to look into it myself. Track record for unions is normally about being locally, not outsourcing. Business on the other hand has no conscious, even though the judges otherwise claim that they are people too!

            While this is local thinking. Looking at the national scene, I wish the editor would worry about the outsourcing of this nation, a trade deficit to a tune of $500 billion a year for the past upteen years! The “business card” always gets play to justify their outsourcing!

      • ‘Newer versions of the technology can be programmed to do more than suck in data: They can also jam signals and retrieve data from a target phone such as texts or photos. It isn’t clear if this domestic program has ever used those features.’

        Sure they have.

        ‘People familiar with the program say they do get court orders to search for phones, but it isn’t clear if those orders describe the methods used because the orders are sealed.’

        An affidavit that can’t be challenged might as well not exist.
        No one should assume any privacy whatsoever. Anyone remaining oblivious to the data collection methods available to the government have only themselves to blame. By God, we’ve gotta catch those drug dealers, killers and terrorists.

        • Served on a jury for a meth cook trial. I was amazed to learn what info the police/prosecutor’s office can recover from a cellphone (text messages) with a properly authorized search warrant. Text presented to jury in written form (and not read as oral testimony) and heavily edited by the judge after hearing arguments (with jury out of courtroom) between the defendant’s lawyer and the prosecutor regarding admissible evidence. Even in edited form it was strong evidence.
          Moral: Be careful what you text, be careful what you post. It never goes away. And you don’t own it.

          • Software apps and hardware (equipment) available to extract/recover information and data from even heavily damaged cellphones. And it can be done locally by our local law enforcement personnel. (Remember that data can even be recovered from airplane black boxes after heavy damage and immersion in saltwater for many months.)

          • Thanx for the heads up! My business will continue to grow!!!! Makin sure i now only use throw away phones!!!!!

  2. Going to report/comment on Wedding’s predictable post-election retaliation against Byram?

    • Maybe today should just be considered the beginning of the Open Forum for the weekend. Would you enlighten us on the subject? I don’t bother reading the Courier-rag.

      • I’m not a big fan of the Courier & Pravda and I dropped my subscription several years ago when it really deteriorated and became a self-serving yellow journalism rag (Award Winning Silver, Gold, and Platinum Readers Choice Awards!) but I’ll look at their website and read some of their “reporting” (the stories that they’ll let you read without a subscription) just to get a take on their thought process. Plus I need to check the obits on a daily basis to make sure I’m still alive and kicking. If I really need to read or follow a story I’ll pop by the local library and peruse the daily (and recent) issues of the C&P without directly contributing to their financial bottom line. Plus, then I can work the crossword puzzles and Scramlets to hone my mind. I don’t even look at the want ads any more as there are better ways to find bargains and rummage sales and garage sales and merchandise on the Facebook buy/sell/trade/barter/swap/in-search-of pages.
        Besides, it’s always better to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

    • Wedding’s comments after the election sounded as if he was a sore winner. He will go the way of his predecessors into obscurity.

      • I think we had a sorry pair to choose from for Sheriff. I think Byram’s seniority should count for a lot on the subject of shift assignments, and don’t know if Sheriff Wedding did that or not. I voted for Wedding because of the Facebook tantrum Byram used to shoot himself in the foot, but I wish we’d had better choices.
        I’m afraid we’re going to have even sorrier candidates to choose from in the Mayoral race next year. If it is Winnecke v. Friend, we’re goners!

        • The reasons Sheriff Wedding gave for consigning Byram to 2nd shift jail commander was that he made damning statements about the Sherrif’s Department during the election and had lost the respect of many commanding officers and his peers. He should be commended for also adding that calling him the ‘Sheriff of Sleaze’ and saying that he (Wedding) tipped the C/P to his (Byram’s) personal problems had a bearing on his decision. A lot of people never would have admitted some of that.

          • How about Winnecke v. Musgrave, or worse of all, let’s give W…four more years of the local crony capitalism…so ya better become a FOW (Friend of Winnecke) or is it FOM? (Friend of McClintoch?)

    • That is really stupid, Ellen. The President’s comment was taken out of context by the truth-twisting righties, and he WON the election. As most of us know, the President was saying that business people did not build the roads and power grids that made their success possible. Government did that. Do you understand now?

      • Were Hillary and Elizabeth Warren taken out of context too?

        Please tell me how government obtains the funds to build the roads? It’s only sources of income is through taxation and fines, including Mr. Lucas’s tax dollars. The government creates nothing on it’s own except laws and regulations.

        In order for the government to give anything to anyone it must take something from someone else.

        Do you understand now?

        • I have no idea what comment from Senator Warren you are talking about. Hillary’s comment was a stupid misspeak on her part and makes me wonder if she should run in 2016. Everyone knows that businesses create jobs. But government makes a lot of that job creation possible.
          The government builds roads, provides education, provides infrastructure, and a whole lot more. I’ve understood all along, but you clearly refuse to or are so brainwashed you’re incapable.

          • Again, where does the government get the money to do anything? Anything the government does it does with the peoples’ money. Period. If you think the government is acting independently of our money then it is abundantly clear that you don’t have a grasp of how it works. Other than perhaps our military, anything the government does, the private sector can do better, i.e. the USPS versus UPS or FedEx. The education provided by government schools is clearly sub-par.

          • LKB: The government builds roads, provides education, provides infrastructure, and a whole lot more. I’ve understood all along, but you clearly refuse to or are so brainwashed you’re incapable.”

            You supposedly understand, but you still don’t acknowledge where the money comes from that the government uses to create these things, Instead you try to change the discussion to something else and then call the lady names.

            You cannot emotional , nor mentally bring yourself to actually understand the truth. You are a shriveled up liberal who has been brainwashed all her life. All you are programmed to express are lies, pseudo victimhood and negativity.

        • Ellen. Allow me to add to your list of the few things government creates on it’s own. Debt.

        • Not one of those companies would still be here and running if it were not for the US Government and our military. Most all the roads (Interstate Highway System) was built for our military to help get troops from one area of the Country to another.

          • All done by Ike, a republican and last great president this country had. He was loved by the world. The military is the only part of our government that is functional and trusted. Our roads are in disrepair and the only way to fix this is too let contracts to non union construction companies who can be held accountable. It can only be fixed with republicans, because democrats need the union vote. Unions have become unnecessary and only benefit the few and the union bosses.

      • Also, do you really want to talk about truth in politics? The ACA has been riddled with lies from the get-go and the hits just keep on coming, crashed hard drives at the IRS, a spontaneous demonstration about an anti-Muslim video in Benghazi, Fast & Furious and on and on. Of course the president, like Sgt. Schultz, knows nothing and nothing, absolutely nothing is his fault.

      • That is really stupid, LKB. Watching the speech where Obama mouthed the words is not taking them out of context. It’s understanding the real Obama. We do. If you choose to defend him, you would do well to try to also.

        • LKB bristles and lashes out at the truth. Insults and disparaging remarks are just part of the playbook. When your premises are faulty to begin with, insolent remarks are your only recourse. Grade school revisited.

        • Still insulting the ladies, Mr. Horsey? Put’s your famed lonely Altar-stand in perspective. Ho ho ho.

          • Ho ho ho. Typical of commonsense/Mr. Horsey to call someone a woman, to him the worst insult he can hurl.

          • Insulting? Ladies? I simply started my post with lkb’s words. I don’t know the race or sex of any poster on here unless they themselves have made it known. Nor do I care. Guess what. You don’t know either. Your worn out dem charge of sexism/racism only exposes a lack of meaningful conversation.
            But I am delighted that something about me causes you to chuckle. Ho ho.

          • I know quite a bit about several people who post here. Sexism and racism both apply in spades, ho ho ho, to you. I could mention a couple of things about you that would astound you, you invisible bully. You’d get a headache trying to figure out how I came into such information. Stop picking on the ladies.

      • May be more should read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations….it is production that does this, production at the private levels, if this would not be the case the Soviet Union would have survived, Much like my dear Uncle would say, “Take from the needy and give to the Greedy” How do you take from someone who has very little? Wealth building must be encouraged, acceptable levels of taxation in place and equal opportunity available and societies will benefit to the fullest.

  3. Byram thinks he has earned the right to name his shift. Heavy reliance on his kid’s sports, etc.
    ‘ … the worst shift imaginable for a father and husband who coaches sports teams involving his two sons …’ .

      • Thanks! Family clearly means everything to Deputy Byram…oh, wait… Maybe he should tell his mother how badly he’s being treated.


    How about using one of those Road Kill T-Shirts which says ‘I’m Here To Lay Pipe’ to further the debate about who will pay for ‘the pipe’ on the Smart City fiasco. Trying to imagine who’s wearing the T–and I’m laughing already !

      • Wonder how the ol’ union locals would feel if a bus load of Mex showed up on some construction job!!!

  5. Indiana HB 1020

    Indiana General Assembly
    2014 Session
    Latest version

    Page content
    House Bill 1020

    Enrolled House Bill (H)
    Authored by: Rep. Eric Allan Koch
    Co-Authors: Rep. Sheila Klinker, Rep. Kathleen Heuer, Rep. Terri Jo Austin, Rep. Jack Lutz
    Sponsors: Sen. Brandt Hershman, Sen. Ronald Grooms

    Authors / Sponsors / Conferees / Advisors

    Rep. Eric Allan Koch

    Rep. Sheila Klinker

    Rep. Kathleen Heuer

    Rep. Terri Jo Austin

    Rep. Jack Lutz

    Sen. Brandt Hershman

    Sen. Ronald Grooms

    Sen. Lonnie Randolph

    Sen. Michael Delph

    Rep. Eric Allan Koch

    Rep. Terri Jo Austin

    Sen. Brandt Hershman

    Sen. John Broden

    Rep. Kathleen Heuer

    Rep. David Ober

    Rep. Christina Hale

    Rep. Sheila Klinker

    Sen. Pete Miller

    Sen. Jean Breaux

    Sen. Michael Crider


    pdf document viewer; if the document cannot be read in your browser, the same can be downloaded using the download document button



    Page: of 6

    3 carried forward for the next five (5) state fiscal years. (6) An estimate of the economic impact of the tax incentive, including the following: (A) A return on investment calculation for the tax incentive. For purposes of this clause, “return on investment calculation” means analyzing the cost to the state or political subdivision of providing the tax incentive, analyzing the benefits realized by the state or political subdivision from providing the tax incentive.

    (B) A cost benefit comparison of the state and local revenue foregone and property taxes shifted to other taxpayers as a result of allowing the tax incentive, compared to tax revenue generated by the taxpayer receiving the incentive, including direct taxes applied to the taxpayer and taxes applied to the taxpayer’s employees.

    (C) An estimate of the number of jobs that were the direct result of the tax incentive.

    (D) For any tax incentive that is reviewed or approved by the Indiana economic development corporation, a statement by the chief executive officer of the Indiana economic development corporation as to whether the statutory and programmatic goals of the tax incentive are being met, with obstacles to these goals identified, if possible. (7) The methodology and assumptions used in carrying out the reviews, analyses, and evaluations required under this subsection. (8) The estimated cost to the state to administer the tax incentive. (9) An estimate of the extent to which benefits of the tax incentive remained in Indiana or flowed outside Indiana. (10) Whether the effectiveness of the tax incentive could be determined more definitively if the general assembly were to clarify or modify the tax incentive’s goals and intended purpose. (11) Whether measuring the economic impact is significantly limited due to data constraints and whether any changes in statute would facilitate data collection in a way that would allow for better review, analysis, or evaluation. (12) Any additional review, analysis, or evaluation the commission considers advisable.


    Section: B, above is interesting, as any fair evaluation of a proposed tax incentive under that section, when applied to many of the local government projects we have seen in the City of Evansville, would fail under this section. In other words, there was no economic benefit to the community, and the cost of the incentive was simply passed along to local taxpayers.

  6. We are very fortunate to share in the valuable time and attention of Mr Wallace.
    He is thousands of miles away, engaged in activities, critical to the well being of our Country and indeed every one of us. Compare his daily contribution to the relatively insignificant burgh of Evansville, to the remarks we, as readers, post on these boards.
    All I can say is, …Thank you Joe! …

  7. Congratulations Mr Wallace for your Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award and kudos for recognizing The United States of America for making it possible.

    Its sad to see so many on this forum try to pervert Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness to Life, Liberty and the RIGHT of Happiness.

    Thanks for your Efforts.

  8. Congratulations to Mr. Wallace. Good job in record time.

    Regarding the POLL Question: Is the process by the Dynomax/JC/EW&S conglomeration, actually new water meter INSULATNG? Is this a test of our reading and comprehension abilities or our ability to perceive writers intents and benignly interject corrections so as to comment on what may or may not be what we believe we read?

  9. Since we have nothing but peace and love in today’s comments, thought I would throw this in: “without the United States the building, the roads to it, the companies honored, and perhaps even the State of California would be dramatically different if not gone?” In regard to the State of California, you say that like it’s a bad thing! Sorry, Joe, just kidding.

  10. Re: Out of town auditing firm for local unions. That’s not as uncommon as you might think. Many firms, business’, and organizations are required to utilize the services of a non-local (i.e., out of town) auditing/CPA firm to assure that the process is independent and not compromised. Also some “local” firms, business’, and organizations affiliated with national business’ and companies may be required to utilize the services of the “headquarter’s” auditing/CPA to conform with a standard auditing process throughout all entities.

  11. Relative to the comments regarding LKB and her ideological thoughts. First, I don’t always agree with LKB, I don’t always disagree with LKB. I wouldn’t call LKB a liberal; I’d call her a left-winger. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Rooseveldt, Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan were great liberals. Franklin Rooseveldt, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Baxter, Barbra Streisand, Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, New York City mayors, Detroit mayors, and all Chicago politicians are/were left-wingers. (Yes, that’s an indictment!)
    That said, she’s is entitled to her opinion and a right to express it. That’a right, not a privilege, endowed to us by the U.S. Constitution and the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. So knock it off with the slanderous comments, the personal attacks, and the name-calling. And that goes to all who comment including LKB. (Including me because I know I’ve done it too – no, I don’t think calling some one a left-winger is name calling, it’s ideology defining).

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