IS IT TRUE March 24, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE there has been a pretty big dust up over emails sent by Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke to a certain Precinct Committee person who is openly supportive of Bruce Ungenthiem’s campaign to become the Republican candidate for Vanderburgh County Commissioner in the fall general election? …Mr. Parke has openly supported incumbent Marsha Abell and has refused to provide any information concerning the Vanderburgh County mailing list for the Republican party to Mr. Ungenthiem? … a search of the rules of the Indiana Republican Party clearly states when a Precinct Committee Person can be removed for supporting an opposing candidate and it is not something that is even possible before the primary? …the actual words in Rule 1-6 that clearly put Mr. Parke’s oppressive actions against Mr. Ungenthiem’s candidacy totally out of line?

“Rule 1-6. Each and every member and officer of any Party Committee or Subcommittee shall be a true representative Republican, in good standing in the Party. If an individual openly supports a candidate after the Primary Election, who is opposing a Republican Candidate, they are not in good standing in the Party and may be removed for cause under Rules 3-22 and 3-23. (See Rule 1-8)”

IS IT TRUE that Mr. Parke’s assertions that his personal support of Commissioner Abell constitutes an official State Party endorsement is unraveling as completely untrue? …his further assertions that Abell and her husband’s contributions to the party are deterministic in which primary candidate is the best candidate is also a crock of bull? …while Mr. Parke seems to be exercise some imaginary authority with the audacity of a southern sheriff who says “I am the law around here”, the reality of the situation is that the Republican primary for the candidacy has turned from a routine campaign to a bully fest to rival anything the Vanderburgh County Democrats did in the 2011 Mayoral election in their PINKY SHAKE meeting that gave the election to current Mayor Lloyd Winnecke?

IS IT TRUE that The Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke has also endorsed County Council member Pete Swaim over his GOP challenger John Montrastelle in the upcoming GOP primary?                … don’t be surprised after the primary that supporters of  both Bruce Ungethiem and John Montrastelle make a public call for Wayne Parke to resign as party Chairman?

IS IT TRUE it is now the two week anniversary of the night that the Evansville City Council failed to start the process to rescind the $4.8 Million loan to Earthcare Energy LLC that they were tricked and intimidated into passing two years ago?…it was a mistake and a monument to complacency that the City Council was silent on this subject just days after the Loan Administration Board extended the $200,000 loan to Earthcare on no basis at all except that Earthcare has no money?…every day that this loan approval is not rescinded is a day that the Winnecke Administration has the full authority to write a check to these guys?…we encourage the City Council to wear their big boy pants to next Monday night’s meeting (March 31) so as to avoid being fools for the 3rd Fool’s Day in a row?

IS IT TRUE that the round of 64 in the NCAA basketball tournament has come to an end with ZERO of the 10 division 1 teams in Indiana getting into the tourney and certainly none joining the sweet 16?…the announcers for the game between Kentucky and Kansas State rubbed salt in that wound by reminding us that Kansas only has 3 D-1 teams and all three are in the tournament and that 3 of Kentucky’s six D-1 teams made the tournament?…we hope that the state of basketball affairs in Indiana is not an indicator of things like the economy and the education system?…all three of these could use some serious improvement?

IS IT TRUE there are a couple of Indiana artifacts in the NCAA tournament with IU star Steve Alford coaching the resurgent UCLA Bruins and former University of Evansville coach Jim Crews who led the St. Louis Billikens into the round of 32 before falling to the Louisville Cardinals?…that some say that both Crews and Alford were shunned by Evansville and IU?…these are just two more local people who for some reason could not crack the old boys networks and have taken their brilliance elsewhere?…the last NCAA appearance by the Purple Aces was during the end of Jim Crews tenure as coach?


  1. Let us hope that Wayne Parke has given the kiss of defeat to those he supported! Abell has lived off the public teat for too long! Swaim was appointed and never elected!

  2. Is it true that this morning seems to be a rather slow “regurgitated” info morning?

    Is it true we have beaten the horse (Parks) with this old information already?

    It “is” true that the city council should be called out to correct the wrong at this March 31’s meeting.

    Is it true that the civil borders that we call state lines don’t mean squat in recruiting coaches and the basketball players? That the revenue produced from these school’s home games buys the talent the school feels they needed?

    It “is” true that we had a very well liked “by all” former Aces player that spend many years as a coach with the Utah Jazz?

    Is it true that we had a former USI/ISUE coach that led many teams in the March madness as well? That NCAA violations has done some damage to his resume though.

    • I prefer to think of the regurgitated information to be a recap of the weekends thoughts. Saves others the trouble of plowing through the threads.

      Yes the Parke horse has been beaten but some twitching is left in the ol’ nag and can bear some more on-the-hoof tenderizing.

      If the council hasn’t corrected their wrong by now, its likely in my view they ever will.

  3. Is it true that the “US News” ranking of best colleges has #68 IU, #75 Purdue, #119 UK, #161 U of L, #181 Ball St, ISU and U-Indy were mention, with Spalding being the last?

    • More important: Check out the top cities on Forbes new list of affordable metros.
      Thinking, of a different kind of “bracket” projection. It looks like some fortune has dropped all around your Midwestern area,and,your metro still misses the score as to being the least bit progressive in an appearance of this conditional.

      Like the sport everyone is focused on right now, you might look for a new coaching crew,with a realistic and viable game plan. One,the local squad might be capable of sustaining for a positive balance at the buzzer. How deeps the bench?

      Median income vs the cost of living,looks like your region missed that “dance”, as well. Now why is that?

      “Talent wins games,but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. “Just play,have fun,enjoy the game.” (Micheal Jordan)

  4. Giving some thought to Waynes actions in attempting to crush Bruces candidacy. Wayne is even breaking Repub party rules to do it, i’d say this borders on obsession and fear.


    I’d say Wayne is afraid that Bruce is a real threat to his “party machine” position. I’m not saying that is Bruces plan, I don’t know Bruce, but one can sense fear in Waynes irrational obsessive actions.

  5. Wonder why the Courier and Press isn’t reporting anything about Wayne’s behavior? I get it the Courier was for Unify Government and Bruce Ungethiem wasn’t. Looks like Courier and Press is postured to endorse Abell for re-election because she supported Unity Gov.

    • May require “letter to the editor”, or a Community Comment to get that rolling in that publication.

      Is it true that C&P may be posed for another set back if they endorse Abell over Ungetheim? Bruce batting a 1000 against C&P endorsement?

  6. Don’t forget Abell voted to give $14 million dollars that Old National Bank gave the county for the naming rights for the Centre to the City of Evansville. In essence, Marsha gave $14 Million dollars that belong to the taxpayers of the rural area to build a hotel that finanicially benefits the taxpayers of Evansville and not the rural taxpayers.

      • Do we really want to open up the discussion on the “Top 10 reasons” why yes is best?

        The vote was 2 to 1 defeat.

        This remind me of the sequel to the movie “Jesse James” when Frank James was in court trial with a judge and jury that was all southern sympathizers. The railroad (yankee) lawyer ask if the have to relive the civil war (southern rebellion).

    • The city government of Evansville has it’s city residents (117,000 and declining) believing that city government “is” their only government by some of their duplicating services that county government has available to “all” 180,000+ residents.

      The $14 million (if they actually will live up to it) is all Vanderburgh county residents, not just the 63,000 out side city limits.

  7. If you’re not sick and tired of the results of the single “good ole boy party” you’ve either not observed, OR you are part of the problem. For decades there has been one power broker group who decide who we get to pick from on election day. Time to end this farce and take our city/county/district/ state back. I left out counry for the fact it will take a concerted effort of all states, but it has to start somewhere.

    • Absolutely! The road to better governance is greater informed voter participation, and that is a big mountain to climb, especially the “informed” part of it.

      • EKB: Today’s communication levels are well defined as never before,use it,social networks for better social economic communities forward. “Post’em too pieces,”communicate beyond the realm of the past practices and those limitations as set by the system as of to date. Make your fair balance known,simple.
        Keep it real,just point out the unbelievable,incredulous and obnoxious nature of the inner workings of the rotting down political systems of today. Show the obsolescence of the ole boy machine political systems of the past.

        “That “hangar queen” won’t fly today “unless” one lets it taxi.” This is apparent world wide,globally,as well as in your metro,and state.

        “I am a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in term of how people can learn from each other,and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.” (Bill Gates)

        • Social media helps, but when it comes to politics, the most effective way to get a message out is to talk to people face-to-face and keep reminding them that it’s important for them to vote, especially in local elections.

  8. Good find dveatch. Noticed that Mayor Winnenke and Marsha Abell both signed the document for Unify Government but Commissioner Steve Melecher didn’t.

    As a resident of the county I can guarantee that Marsha is going to pay for her Unity Gov vote big time. Vote for Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner of Vanderburgh in the upcoming GOP primary election in May.

  9. When is the deadline for the City’s 2012 Audit Report ? How about the Utilities’ 2012 Audit Report ?

    Hasn’t it already been > 10 days since Exit Conference ?

  10. Dr. Wu you need to ask John Friend about the audits because City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. isn’t going to give you a straight answer.

    • Ralph, I won’t waste my time. There will be “spin” from both City Administration + City Council. A ‘straight answer’ will only be gotten by reading the entire report (and that assumes that State did good work).

  11. Wonder if Russ Lloyd is still moonlighting at his old job while he is gainfully employed by the city? If so, how can he do both? Is so, maybe this is one of the reasons why the city books have’t been balanced for last 2 years.

  12. This whole affair serves to diagram the very process by which an establishment politician is retained in office. It is disgusting, and it is the reason people do not go to the polls in the general elections.

    I repeat: You can not vote them out until you vote them out! Stop talking about it, and DO something about it.

    Wayne Parke has directly challenged you to DO something about his assertion that the republican party can only accept Marsha Abell as its candidate for County Commissioner in the coming primary election.

    The lines have been drawn, and we will see, come the primary, whether the republican voters still have a voice in the party, or if the party has devolved into a one man dictatorship.


    • Press ,our Federal government has already turned into a dictatorship . Is it not socialism when a President gets elected by electoral vote(congress) and not by popular vote (we the people). I can’t remember which Bush got in office that way ,please correct me if I’m mistaken….

      • I have always thought the Electoral College should have been done away with, it may have had a valid reason for its existence at one time but not now.

      • Obama was elected by the popular vote of those WHO VOTED.

        He was actually elected by those who did not vote.

        If you review the popular vs electoral votes, you wlll find that this has happened four or five times in our history, so it was not breaking precedent.

        You are just angry that Bush won. Sore loser.

    • While Mr. Parke seems to have an outsized ego, perhaps we can take some consolation in the fact the he has not asked for an audience with the Pope, presumably so he can use the media surrounding such an event to hype his soon to be released movie.


      • I dunno. With his pontifications of superioress in all things Abell commands over Bruce I suspect Wayne in his own way has visions of Popedom.


      • That guys the best thing your local Democrats in the county have seen since sliced bread.
        When my older relatives there say that,then its pretty straight forward.

        They’ve have been Republican for a long time,Press.



        • Further; The fact is more and more people who used to give yearly political donations as a personal support feature are now so disillusioned by the situations drivers they are now flat out refusing to show monetary support of any party as well as some causes of focus of those said parties. Some are even changing they’re daily banking and finance providers as we communicate this.

          Some now take extra time to find the ownership base of legacy type daily business features as to whether to actively support continuance of a dirge political situation, or not.

          I personally know I’ve rethought my projections due any innovation driven commerce benefits per some regional’s,as concerned. That alone is going to be quite allot of community progress for those in the focused model project areas to be chosen forward.
          Your area probably seriously needs some Federal intervention to get things back where they should be. No reason to let things continue declining at the rates some places are,anywhere in the country.

          The United States needs some real time point contact on Climate Change policies,that would be the step We would recommend Indiana and your metro focus on,as well.
          Just look at your own losses,and expenditures per “Changed Climate” issues on logistics,Education,drought,flood control,and Clean water supplies,some thing the whole world needs to focus on real quickly.

          “Facit intensionem”

          “intensity creates”*

    • The thought of the Republican Party of Vanderburgh County being a dictatorship run by Wayne Parke might be comical if it weren’t so apparently true.

      His iron-fisted approach to leadership is a turnoff. He is damaging the Party. His actions have made it clear he is not interested in a big tent Party. He is only interested in USING the efforts of grassroots supporters to further the political agenda of the elitist machine.

      The only way to combat it is for good people to file candidacy papers to become duly elected PCs and take over. File paperwork to become candidates to run for State Delegates. Stop the Wayne Parkes of the world from stacking the deck. RUN!

  13. “we hope that the state of basketball affairs in Indiana is not an indicator of things like the economy and the education system?…all three of these could use some serious improvement?” With all do respect, bad statement. Maybe Indiana’s D-1 b-ball programs just did not cut the mustard this year? Economy? System? Here come the rumor mongers.

  14. I saw Russ and State Board auditor Sheldon Cooper speaking to each other in Klingon a few months ago. Bazinga!

    • awnay…We’ve thought that was pig Latin, “igpay atinlay ….”antisMay”….

      “plausus sequitar”

      “the beat goes on”

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