A successful 2014 legislative session


The 2014 legislative session has come to a successful close with many notable accomplishments to mention.  When Speaker Brian Bosma and the rest of our caucus announced our 2014 legislative agenda, Working on Progress, we set our sights on five priorities: preparing kids for their careers, equipping our workforce, connecting crossroads to communities, stopping burdensome regulations, and cutting taxes. I am proud that within ten weeks we were able to achieve our goals.

My focus continues to be on jobs, education and addressing the skills gap facing Hoosiers. It is no secret that students in Indiana are expecting to enter the workforce after graduation. However, students will have trouble finding rewarding careers if they do not have the necessary skills to enter competitive job markets.

Through House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1003 , we further incentivized schools and businesses to collaborate through select educational partnerships, which in turn, will increase potential earnings of Hoosier workers. Additionally, tax credits will be offered to businesses that hire students who have successfully completed cooperative programs. This will help Hoosier students gain real-world experiences while also helping Indiana businesses that need specific skill sets to fill open positions.

Another agenda bill that spurs commerce, economic development and employs thousands of Hoosiers is HEA 1002 . This legislation frees up more funding, upwards of $400M from the state, to build and maintain the state’s highway system by transferring a portion of the funds allocated in the 2013 budget to be used now. By investing this money now, the federal government will chip in close to $1.6B throughout the life of the projects. Indiana’s fiscal integrity over the past few years has positioned us to be able to make these prudent investments, which will greatly benefit our state.

During session fellow legislators and I were able to address many different types of legislation. However, we were able to do this while looking to trim the size of government and address outdated and unnecessary laws and regulations that make government inefficient. HEA 1005 was a direct effort to bring a more efficient government to Indiana, and we were able to cut red tape that ties the hands of businesses that are looking to expand in Indiana. The private sector is always striving to be more efficient, and the public sector can certainly follow that lead – not to mention Washington D.C. Moving forward, we must continue to allow the free market to function, and look for ways to trim the government.

The measures took in the 2014 agenda will bring economic growth and push our state forward. We were able to accomplish so much while still concentrating on other issues and keeping in mind the overall goal, to make Indiana the best state to live, work and raise a family.



  1. The non-partisan Brian Howey from “Howey Politics” had article on this in Sunday’s C&P Sunday. Appeared he was not “cheerleading” this years session with his collected stats.

  2. Lots of flowery language:

    “Stopping burdensome regulations”
    “incentivizing schools”
    “Skills gap”
    “Spurs commerce”
    “real world experience”(Is there any other kind?)
    “increase potential earnings”
    “Allow the free market to function”
    Oh the horror of not allowing our paymasters to pollute lie, cheat and steal.
    “efficienct government” (Mom apple pie, baseball, the flag)

    Where is the evidence? Where are the facts?

    I see ZERO.

  3. Then change your name to Nobrains Benton because she illustrates specific HEA #’s & everything.

  4. “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.”
    Daniel Webster

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