IS IT TRUE March 21, 2013


The Mole #??
The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE March 21, 2013

IS IT TRUE the University of Evansville Aces are getting another game in Evansville in the CIT tournament that they advanced to the second round of with a victory?…this second round game will be at the PAC Center on the USI Campus as opposed to the Ford Center where the Aces drew only 2,300 ticket sales the other night?…people in attendance have estimated that the actual number of butts in seats was less than half of the official attendance?…the seating capacity of the PAC Center being 2,278 plus pull out end seats is about the right size venue for this game against the Eastern Kentucky Colonels and is little enough to give the home team a crowd noise advantage along with the look of a capacity crowd that Ford Center only sees with IU or Butler comes to town?…the game will be at 12:30 Saturday and that the City County Observer encourages our readers to check it out and root for the Purple Aces and their hot shooting leader Colt Ryan who is on the doorstep of setting the all time scoring record for the University of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #34 tells us that the spending total for accounting services paid to two accounting firms by the City of Evansville for the years 2011 & 2012 has increased by roughly $26,000 overnight?

IS IT TRUE that true to their independent nature the people of Cyprus through their governing unit have advised the European Union to stick their bailout plan where the sun does not shine?…the reason for rejecting the bailout of the banks was the provision that private deposits in banks in Cyprus would be taxed at roughly 10% of what was on deposit to help fund the bailout?…the Cypriots responded by taking to the streets and calling the Germans who as always are the biggest contributor to bailing out Euro Banana Republics ugly names they have not been called since the Third Reich was defeated?…while the independent nature of the Cypriots is to be admired, screaming in the streets and calling people names will not solve their collapsing economy?…departing from their entitlement based ways and getting down to real work that is marketable abroad is what will save the economy of Cyprus and other countries with a legacy of rewarding unproductive living?…it is also possible that what the EU is trying to accomplish is to get the Russians out of the Cypriot banking system?

IS IT TRUE in a case of government gone mad right here in the United States, a family in New Jersey had to endure an invasion of privacy and a violation of the 2nd amendment on a scale that no one would imagine?…it all started when an elementary school boy from a family that hunts posed proudly with his 22 rifle for a picture?…a 22 rifle is often a future hunters first rifle and is quite useful for shooting varmints like rats, snakes, and snapping turtles?…the picture was posted on Facebook and the New Jersey Child Protective Services Department went loco?…NJCPS went to the home of the boy and threatened to remove him from the house just based on a Facebook picture and an anonymous phone call from some gun hater wanting to exercise some authority?…in the end this all worked out but the fact that a group of storm-troopers from the government could act with such callous authority on the basis of an innocent picture and an anonymous story is not only terrifying but it is enraging?…this sort of bull#$%^ must stop?

IS IT TRUE we wish all of our readers one prosperous and enjoyable Thursday?


  1. Could you possibly make your stories harder to read? The background on your webpages is terrible. Not to mention the stories are one-sided. I really enjoy the leading questions and tone used in your so-called “surveys.” This website is a real rag.

    • I don’t think he’s claiming they are scientific polls. It’s true they are “push polls.”

  2. Crazy Stan if you don’t like the CCO go read the c&p , only difference is CCO will tell the truth . The c&p only says what city government tells them to say , CCO investigates ,,,, c&p doesn’t

    • I heard the C& P just changed its name !

      New name: City Administration News (CAN)

      Now you can tell everybody ” I read it in the CAN ” !!

  3. TEAR DOWN PAC! This is solid evidence that it’s competing with the Ford Center. How will they make it downtown without this major postseason tournament event?

    And of course, it just isn’t possible to say that PAC is complimenting not competing with the Ford Center.

    • Just in case Rector and Winnecke are surfing this site- I’m completely joking about tearing down PAC so don’t get any more ideas.

      Maybe the sports corp can do a “Party at PAC” event. It would remind me of the Super Bowl events put on by the Indy sports corp.

  4. The Icemen have a game Saturday night. That could be the reason why the game is not being held at the Ford Center? If not, I think they’d be stupid enought to have the game at TFC even if they only expected 10 people to show up.

    • Doesn’t UE pay something like $12,000 per game to play at Ford? Maybe the move to PAC is more about not being penalized with losses for making it into post season play. I mean come on, renting the Ford Center for only 1,000 butts in the seats would be as stupid as renting all of Le Merigot to have 10 rooms of your friends come over. UE isn’t even drawing friends and family to Ford Center nowadays. Only 25+ wins and being a contender for something will ever change that.

  5. On Cyprus… The bank deposit confiscation scheme – just the fact that it was devised as a serious plan in Europe at all – is enough to ensure the Cyprus economy will not recover for a long time. Why would anyone invest in a place where the confiscation of 10% of your wealth, even when you’ve done nothing with it, is a real possibility? These should be real fears throughout the Eurozone if people had any sense about them.

    This should cause people around the world serious pause when considering sinking their savings into their country’s banking system.

    We should see gold and, illogically enough, the dollar gain against the Euro short term. Long term, I don’t see where the Euro or the EU can survive without outside help, i.e. more international bailouts.

    The cracks are deepening in the facade of the world’s fiat banking system. Governments can only frantically plaster over them. They cannot and will not fix the root of the problem, which is the foundation is caving in.

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