We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that City Council At-Large member Dr. Dan Adams (D) and 4th Ward Council member Connie Robinson will be presenting a city ordinance creating additional regulations for noise control within the city limits at the March 12, 2018, City Council meeting? …at first glance, this proposed City ordinance seems not only to be overreaching but unnecessary?  … we wonder who encouraged the sponsor’s to draw this proposed ordinance up in the first place? …this proposed ordinance addresses “Decibels” in detail by stating that the magnitude of the change in the sound intensity or sound pressure level is twenty times the logarithm of their ratio.  …the sponsors also want the term “decibel” to be consistent with the definition and use by the American National Standards Institute?

IS IT TRUE, to be honest, City Council would be better served if they would spend their time in looking for ways to aggressively fight crime and our out of control drugs problems in Evansville?  …or discussing ways to find creative and affordable ways to reduce the out of control city employee health care costs?

IS IT TRUE maybe City Council would be more productive if they would look for ways to stop political pork barrel projects or political patronage hiring practices in city government?

IS IT TRUE it wouldn’t hurt if City Council would focus on correcting the major pothole problems currently looming over the City of Evansville or ways to correct the poor maintenance problems at our city parks?  … or maybe City Council time would be better spent if they would look for ways to make our Zoo more profitable?

IS IT TRUE we predict when the sponsors of this proposed noise ordinance present their proposal to the full council we shall see a lively debate among council members?  …we also expect this proposed ordinance will be vigorously opposed by the people in the food and entertainment business? …it looks like someone in local government is about ready to open a can of political worms?

IS IT TRUE we certainly didn’t expect members of Council to style a city ordinance addressing “Decibels” during the economically challenging times like these?

IS IT TRUE that the first day of games in both the men’s and women’s OVC basketball tournament at Ford Center is in the history books and the attendance was lackluster?…in the men’s opening bracket with two games played a whopping 654 people showed up to watch?…if they count players, coaches, cheerleaders, and arena workers, the paid attendance numbers would barely be high enough to say that the players families actually showed up to watch?…in the girls session where local favorite Murray State lost to Belmont, even fewer people showed up to watch?…only 587 people officially attended the first girls session that included two games?…being a hometown favorite with a decent alumni base didn’t help a bit?…if the attendance doesn’t greatly improve by the weekend this may be the first and last time for this tournament to be held in Evansville if attendance is a primary goal of the sponsors of this event?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that City Council has more pressing issues than worrying about amending the current noise ordinance?

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  1. This noise ordinance is another of the many that are on the books but never enforced.

  2. Great IIT on noise control ordinance. Even if passed who will enforce it and how?
    You predict a lively debate when presented to full council. Hope it doesn’t get too loud.

  3. Again, who thought bringing out of town basketball would draw a crowd. U E can’t even draw a crowd that fills the Fraud Center 1/3 of the way up. Pie in the sky estimates of all this revenue coming into downtown have went up in flames.
    Noise enforcement cannot be done. This is pure BS and like everyone, we wish the leaders would solve real problems like insurance, crime, pot holes, water pipes, sewers etc. etc. etc.

    • I think the Ford Center probably already made money for the people it was meant to make money for. So in that regard, it’s been a rousing success.

  4. Question for the old timers. Didn’t the city, some 30-40 years ago have a noise enforcement guy that ran around town on a motorcycle giving out noise violation tickets? I don’t recall that it was effective but it was humorous.

  5. While other school districts are taking proactive action to protect students with trained volunteer teachers able to defend themselves and their students, what is the EVSC doing??? [Crickets chirping] Next we will read from the usual hysterical left-wing posters that somehow it is too expensive to use volunteers (first time liberals ever cared about cost) or somehow these teachers will be incompetent to protect their students. Face it, liberals want a massive governmental TSA like program when the smartest response if for those responsible and trained adults at the school to be able to protect themselves. Liberals, ask your self this: Why are there fire extinguishers at the school if we already have a professionally trained fire department nearby??

    Preventing trained teachers from being able to defend their lives and their students has proven to be a bad idea. We don’t prevent executives, lawyers, politicians, doctors, business owners or stockbrokers from defending their lives. A child’s life is just as important. Allowing trained staff to be armed and carry concealed weapons on campus is the best short-term solution.

    Those who volunteer, he said, would be given extensive background checks, psychological testing, and drug testing. Those who successfully pass the barrage of testing would also be put through a tactical active shooter course that Whidden said is more intense than required for active law enforcement personnel.

    After passing all the testing requirements, Whidden said the volunteers, who would be kept anonymous, would be sworn in as special deputies only on school grounds.

    “The more armed personnel we can put into each school, the faster they can react to a shooter situation and the faster we react means the more lives can be saved,” Whidden said.

    And if parents are against the program, they can put the issue to a voter referendum. So far, there have been no complaints.

    “I trust that the teachers and the faculty there all have our children’s best interest at heart. They’re from the community and the surrounding community and it doesn’t concern me at all,” Kevin Hansen, whose three children go to the Tri-Valley School District — about 25 miles northwest of Sioux Falls — told KELO.

    In Texas, students in the Callisburg Independent School District say they feel safer knowing their teachers can protect them if the unthinkable happens.

    • But Joe. Communist Van Jones, Obama’s former “green czar” and current CNN commentator (appropriate, eh) says we can’t arm whites in school because they will just shoot innocent black students.
      If asked, and he’s honest, I think Obama would agree.

      • DC, here is a liberal public school teacher’s reason for not volunteering to be armed to protect herself of students. This flawed thinking likely represents the EVSC position. Very, very sad when making a political statement is far more important to school teachers and administrators than protecting their students (and themselves):
        “But legal liability isn’t the reason I will never carry a firearm into a classroom. If it’s my responsibility to shoot someone to protect 25 others, I will have been drafted unwillingly into an ideological army to protect the rights of some civilians to own and operate military-style weapons. And I will not be conscripted.”

        • By the way, here is the failed liberal social engineering policy that allowed the Florida shooter to buy his gun. Don’t wait for this to be reported in the Courier and Press:
          “Despite committing a string of arrestable offenses on campus before the Florida school shooting, Nikolas Cruz was able to escape the attention of law enforcement, pass a background check and purchase the weapon he used to slaughter three staff members and 14 fellow students because of Obama administration efforts to make school discipline more lenient. …..

          Broward school Superintendent Robert W. Runcie – a Chicagoan and Harvard graduate with close ties to President Obama and his Education Department – signed an agreement with the county sheriff and other local jurisdictions to trade cops for counseling. Students charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, would now be disciplined through participation in “healing circles,” obstacle courses and other “self-esteem building” exercises…..

          “He had a clean record, so alarm bells didn’t go off when they looked him up in the system,” veteran FBI agent Michael Biasello told RCI. “He probably wouldn’t have been able to buy the murder weapon if the school had referred him to law enforcement.”

          Disclosures about the strategy add a central new element to the Parkland shooting story: It’s not just one of official failings at many levels and of America’s deep divide over guns, but also one of deliberate federal policy gone awry.

    • Teachers dont fight fires. Trained experts, EPD, do. Common sense – neither Rep or Dem or conservative or liberal. Teachers are better trained to corral and get students to safety.

  6. Beg to differ with CCO. Not every neighborhood has a crime and/or drug problem. Some have noise problems. Some areas have homes very close together and noise can penetrate the walls. Rude neighbors can cause there to be a crime problem. Lets not forget apartment dwellers. A simpe inexpensive devise can read decible levels. Enjoying ones home is the simplest of pleasures and qualityof life is important to many. So lets make this happen. Maybe a form of “WE TIP” would work. Not evryone likes the money and time the cops and others have to spend saving dopers, reviving them to dope another day. There are pot holes to fill, right?

  7. Yes we did have a noise cop back in the day. Any pre-law student could have gotten you out of a ticket. Noise is not enforceable.

  8. We definitely have much larger issues that need to be addressed! I do not even read the news anymore. Henderson county alone had several threats made in a week in their school system! It is out of control in this world anymore and people want to complain about noise? Seriously? People are being shot! Use your heads!

  9. Maybe the noise cop will stop the school shootings because guns are too loud, right? Think outside the box, kids!

  10. I am planning a move back to Evansville in the near future and I certainly hope the city council is focusing on much more important issues than noise!

  11. Wow….Evansville still never ceases to amaze me! Much more serious issues going on to be worried about someone being to loud. Ridiculous

  12. It IS possible for the City Council to deal with more than one issue, I agree. If you would take the time to do the research, one can easily find the serious multiple effects (including early onset of Alzheimer’s) that REM sleep interruption does to one’s overall health. Before you pass judgement on how superficial this ordinance may seem to you, you might read the book, Why We Sleep. The EPD gets over 1900 calls a year of “Too Much Noise” complaints and have no real way of telling if it is too loud. This ordinance allows them to precisely use a decibel measurement device *($15/) to make the judgement. Its is fair to the noise maker and the noise offended. Sleep health IS important. Doc Adams

    • Come on Doc. This is legislative overreach. What really is too much noise. One persons noise is another ones music. What’s next? Fart detectors for noise pollution and methane emission. Evansville is not a people’s republic like Boston or Berkeley. The cops won’t even bother to enforce this nonsense here. You and Connie both know that but those elitist genes are compelling you to pass dumb laws that aren’t needed.

  13. How far away from the noise source will they be required to measure the decibel level? Does the proposed ordinance even prescribe that a measurement shall be taken to determine the decibel level, or will we be stuck with enforcement officers issuing citations based on inverse square law estimates?

  14. “Sound” pressure levels, not “some” pressure levels. Had to laugh at the CCO’s typo.

    And, yes, a sound ordinance is needed because the crackers driving around with tbeir car windows down and their amps jacked up won’t police themselves.

    And the OVC tournament may not be a financial success for the Ford Center but it sure is for the local casino! Out-of-town fans, coaches, managers, b’ball players, and school administrators down there every night hitting those tables, feeding those machines, and tossin’ dem bones! A good enough turnout for the casino that they’ve raised the minimum bet on some of the blackjack tables to $20 and one roulette table to $50.

    Of course it has been rumored that the casino management has been doing that and cutting back comps and perks to make the bottom line look good in anticipation of selling thr casino.

  15. “if it is too loud. This ordinance allows them to precisely use a decibel measurement device *($15/) ” That is what I would do if I wanted to measure sound. But this is the government. That devise will cost $150 x the number of officers. Plus training. What happened to our previous sound ordnance. There used to be signs all around all the parks letting people know about the ordinance. I suppose they will have to be put back up. This could be a real job and patronage producing thing.

  16. Thanks for the heads up on the typo mistake. It’s been corrected.

    Thanks for reading the CCO and your input.


  17. Any device must be certified and calibrated. Any employee using said device would have to be trained and maintain proficiency. Doubt any proficiency test exists anywhere in the country. As I said, any pre-law student could defeat the challenge in a court.

    • While I agree with your post realistically, I disagree regarding your statement about proficiency. This equipment is used extensively in industrial hygiene assessments, and is easily documented for calibration and operator proficiency.

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