DCS Releases Second Evaluation Progress Report

 We`re getting a better look into the problems plaguing the Indiana Department of Child Services. The group tasked with doing a full assessment of the agency came out with a list of challenges this Thursday morning.

One top concern the number of attorneys DCS has on staff to deal with thousands of open cases.

The assessment teams suggest having DCS attorneys spread out over too many jurisdictions can block kids from getting permanent stability in their lives.

The consultants are also looking into whether the people charged with protecting the state`s most at-risk children (e.g. the caseworkers and supervisors) have the right qualifications.

Consultant Sue Steib says, “We are just hearing some early input that people question whether that`s sufficient preparations for the nature of the work. We`ll be looking in more detail at the training they`re providing once they`re hired.”

The assessment group still needs to talk to former Director Mary Beth Bonaventura, whose scathing resignation letter about the agency led Governor Holcomb to call for this assessment.

The full report is due to the governor`s office in June.

Tyrone Morris

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