IS IT TRUE? June 29, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? June 29, 2011

IS IT TRUE that in 36 hours we will all know whether or not the new Downtown Convention Hotel project will be funded according to the terms of the existing agreement between Woodruff Hospitality LLC and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission or NOT?…that according to the last meeting of the ERC that there will be a new RFP issued in the near future for a downtown Convention Hotel if there is no satisfactory financial resolution presented by the end of June?…that the response date for this RFP is planned to be July 19, 2011?…that for all practical purposes that only provided enough time for parties that are already prepared to make a presentation and have knowledge of the project to put together a proposal?…that this really does exclude any possibility for a WHITE KNIGHT to come to the picnic and save the day?…that issuance of a new RFP under the same terms of the old RFP is a de-facto way to extend the date that already involved parties can search for funding?

IS IT TRUE that this whole issue of the City Council finally standing in solidarity in support of acknowledging that the RFP and VETTING system that has been used by the Evansville Redevelopment Commission is ineffective has been a long time coming?…that it may be true that some of the members of the City Council had reservations all along but sat in tortured silence?…that it may be true that some of these City Council members have enough financial savvy to have predicted VETTING problems as much as a couple of years ago?…that the ILLUSION OF MANDATE kept many an informed tongue silent at a time when the people of Evansville needed at least FIVE INFORMED VOICES with the courage to oppose on the City Council?…that refreshingly after years of silence that some wisdom seems to be stepping forward?

IS IT TRUE that the seeds for the destruction that can only come from a system without adequate CHECKS AND BALANCES were planted back in August of 2009?…that the City County Observer published a scathing editorial warning of the consequences of what can happen when the FISCAL BODY OF THE COMMUNITY delegates is FISCAL POWERS and OBLIGATIONS to an entity of appointed officials and the person who appoints them?…that on August 13, 2009 that the CCO warned against and urged the Evansville City Council to vote against Resolution #C-2009-20 that granted such FISCAL POWER that should forever be vested in the elected CITY COUNCIL to the Mayor, the City Controller, and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission?…that Resolution #C-2009-20 was a 3 page resolution?…that the ERC passed a sister Resolution 09-ERC-40 that is 23 pages long that contained all of the meat and potatoes about just how the FISCAL POWER would be wielded?

IS IT TRUE that if the Evansville City Council would have followed the admonition of the City County Observer in August of 2009 and rejected the ILLUSION OF MANDATE that was pushing for this transfer of FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY that the whole indignant theatre of having information withheld would have and could have been avoided?…that a Resolution passed can be rescinded?…that if the Evansville City Council wishes to eliminate the possibility for a future City Council to be treated as an irrelevant assembly of rubber stamps that the Resolution #C-2009-20 should be rescinded immediately and a new resolution forbidding the abdication of FISCAL RESPONSBILITY to any non-elected entity should be adopted?

IS IT TRUE that in the spirit of the late great Johnny Cochran and our friend the Reverend Adrian Brooks that the mantra of taking back FISCAL RESPOSIBILITY should be and could be:

“Start a Revolution, Rescind the Resolution”