Councilman Dan Adams Speaks out on the Tennis Courts


Dr. H. Dan Adams

Calls for a Moratorium on Frivolous Spending until Downtown Issue are Settled

“Dan McGinn and I sponsored a resolution, which passed at City Council some weeks ago. It stated that we felt strongly that no frivolous spending of money should be considered until the downtown Arena was up and fully functional, that the problem of the downtown bridging hotel between the Centre and the Arena was solved and done, and that first Roberts Stadium had to have a new identity. I continue to stand by these ideas. Additionally, I believe that the concept of Public Value must be discussed completely; i.e., how many Evansville people will benefit from the spending of a public dollar and what will be the resultant increase of overall health for the entire City….not a benefit for a selective, tiny minority.”

H. Dan Adams, MD MBA, Evansville City Councilman At-Large


  1. This resolution makes sense. Those who sponsored it are to be respected for their courage and independent thought.

  2. We need more elected officials like Mr. McGinn and Dr. Adams, they each have a backbone, common sense and are servants of the public (not just favored friends and pet projects). Gentlemen, keep up the good work!

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