IS IT TRUE JULY 25, 2019


We hope that today’s “READERS FORUM” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Commissioners passed a ordinance on first reading to allow businesses to determine the number of of-street parking lot spaces needed for developments in Vanderburgh County? …this  proposed ordinance now has to pass Area Plan Commission before it goes back to the Vanderburgh County Commission for final reading and approval? …this ordinance only affects areas outside city limits in Vanderburgh County and not the City of Evansville or in the Town of Darmstadt?
IS IT TRUE that 75% of the things we worry about never happen? …that 10% of the things we worry about aren’t important?  …we should focus on the remaining 15% that effect us?
IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer is honored that local business icon Mike O’Daniel has taken time from his busy schedule to be today’s “Living Outside The Box” guest speaker?  …that a large gathering looks forward to his sharing his business experiences with them?
IS IT TRUE last Monday evening the Evansville City Council approved an ordinance that regulated the placement of unsolicited materials on private property?  …starting soon unsolicited materials must be left in a newspaper distribution box or between a storm door? …it now looks like the Evansville Courier and Press “Extra Savings” free but unsolicited publication can no longer can be tossed on people driveways because it will be in violation of the newly passed City Of Evansville ordinance?
IS IT TRUE governmental officials feel that they have the solutions to fix a problem facing small business owners but they are really the problem?
IS IT TRUE that small business owners work extremely hard to make a profit but they also have to work twice as hard to keep it?
IS IT TRUE that AssuredPartners-Evansville is todays CCO “Living Outside The Box” corporate luncheon underwriter? …that AssuredPartners-Evansville has a unique philosophy when it comes to growth thru acquisition?  …that AssuredPartners provides their Associates with the financial resources to let them do what they have always done, make independent decisions at the local level as to what is best for Evansville and Vanderburgh County?
IS IT TRUE that some Federal Government agencies are most effective when they are shut down?
IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County EMA Director Cliff Weaver  and his staff are doing an outstanding job protecting the citizens of our community?
IS IT TRUE that the only way to promote the best in an election are by candidates and their sponsors being straightforward, open, and clear in their communication to voters?
IS IT TRUE that the four Democrat City Council candidates under 40 years old are hosting a joint fundraising event at Kevin’s Backstage called “4 Under 40” on August 8th? …Ben Trockman, Alex Burton, Kaitlin Moore Morley and Zach Heronemus are the four candidates?
IS IT TRUE we hope one day that our home owned and home grown business owners will realize that they don’t have problems but only challenges?
IS IT TRUE we have been informed that Democratic Vanderburgh County Commissioners Jeff Hatfield and Ben Shoulders are co-hosting a golf outing this fall?… we are that this golf outing will contain morning and afternoon flights and will be sold out? …this event will be hosted at one of the public courses in Evansville? …we are  also told that this event is projected to raise $100,000? …we hear that this event is will attract Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike?
IS IT TRUE we have been told by reliable sources within the Republican party that Wayne Parke continued personal attacks against the At-Large Evansville City Council candidate Alex Schmitt (R) has all but guaranteed him a seat on Council?
IS IT TRUE we people fear the government we have tyranny but when government fear the people we have liberty?
Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Who was the most or is the most effective “First Lady” of Evansville?
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  1. IS IT TRUE we have been told by reliable sources within the Republican party that Wayne Parke continued personal attacks against the At-Large Evansville City Council candidate Alex Schmitt (R) has all but guaranteed him a seat on Council?
    Response by Wayne Parke: No– it is not true. Alex Schmiitt was fined by the Elation Board in a 3-0 vote for gross improper campaign finance reporting. This action is the first time this has ever happen. Repeat–First ever! Alex Schmitt has no one to blame– except himself. Not one person has told me Alex has been treated unfairly.

  2. Since the CCO makes a habit of copying and pasting Courier & Press content without attribution (two examples today!) I feel compelled to let you know I made a slight error the other night that you have repeated here. Regarding the city’s unsolicited materials ordinance, items may be left in a newspaper distribution box, not a mailbox. Obviously these are two different things. I have corrected this error for our readers. Thought you might also want to correct it for yours. Have a nice day.

    • thanks for your input. So noted and has been corrected.

      Thanks for reading the City-County Observer.

      Have a nice day


    • i just felt the urged to repost the following comment concerning John Martins recent pity insults towards the City-County Observer.

      I have been reading your words for several years and am very surprised to see that someone with such a terrible record of accuracy is playing 2nd grade teacher with the CCO. The editor can be reached privately but that isn’t your style because you deprive yourself of the feeling of superiority that comes from public condescension. Your words are in a glass house John. You should have he good sense not to throw rocks. The CP has ripped off CCO stories more than the opposite.

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