This Week in Indiana History


December 31 – January 6


December 31, 1938 Rolla N. Harger, Indiana University Professor of biochemistry and toxicology, introduced the “Drunkometer.” This was the first tool used to determine blood alcohol levels by using an individual’s breath.

January 3, 1825 Robert Owen, a Scottish factory owner purchased 30,000 acres of land in Southern Indiana. The land was used for New Harmony utopian community.

New Harmony

January 3, 1805  The representative stage of government began in the Indiana Territory with the election of nine members to the lower house of the General Assembly..

January 4, 1916  The Indiana State Board of Agriculture met at the State House to plan the 1916 State Fair, which would include an exposition commemorating the state’s centennial.

Our Where in Indiana? from last week was taken of the Boone County courthouse in Lebanon.

Boone c h

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Dec 31

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Indiana Quick Quiz

1. Where was the first gymnasium built specifically for basketball?

2. Who was the first person to play on an Indiana state high school championship team and coach an Indiana State high school championship team?

3.Who is the Hoosier who invented cruise control?

4. Who invented the all-metal clarinet?

Answers Below

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             in IN


1. Newberry in Greene County

2. Burl Friddle of Greenwood

3. Ralph Teetor of Hagerstown.

4. Charles Gerard Conn of Elkhart