IS IT TRUE January 3, 2014


IS IT TRUE January 3, 2014

IS IT TRUE State Senator Jim Banks weighed in on the State House of Representatives race and formally endorsed Sean Selby to replace Suzanne Crouch recently ascended to the position of State Auditor via the political appointment route?…Ms. Crouch is the second female from Vanderburgh County to be recognized for exemplary service by an appointment by the Governor to a cabinet level position?…the other Vanderburgh County official to have made that jump was former Vanderburgh County Assessor and County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave who served the people of Indiana under the Daniels Administration?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer has been granted formal authority to publish articles from the statewide legal publication called The Indiana Lawyer?…this publication focuses on topics of legal interest on the state level and will add value to the CCO experience for our readers?…Mole 3 tells us that there were some objections registered to this arrangement by some competition that shall remain unnamed?

IS IT TRUE the CCO is confused as to why Evansville has now suffered through its second snow storm of the winter without the benefit of any pretreatment of beet juice being applied to the roads?…there have been no reports of shortages of the pretreatment mix and no news of price escalation?…as pretreatment of roads prior to predicted snow and ice storms is a standard practice we are sort of confused as to why this is not happening?…the roads during the first round of storms were a dangerous mess as they are now?…the people of Evansville deserve an explanation about this mystifying change in service delivery on the part of local government?

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville in yet another silent maneuver has acquired the property at 5 East Riverside Drive and tagged as parcel #82-06-31-022-059.003-029?…this is a lot that sits squarely on Bee Slough and has one storage building but has essentially no commercial value due to its proximity to the Bee Slough where the Combined Sewage Overflows end up right before exiting into the Ohio River?…the City of Evansville must think there is some strategic value to this property because on May 20, 2013 they paid $170,000 to GAGE for this property?…the estimated value of the property on the sales disclosure form filed with the Vanderburgh County Assessor was ZERO?…the previous assessed value was $374,500 raising some eyebrows about the accuracy of the assessment and the wisdom of the purchase?…this is the same month that Global Blade Technology decided Evansville was not the place for them and vacated the space in Park 41 where they had been for 20 months?…you can see the sales disclosure document below?

Sale of 5 East Riverside

IS IT TRUE we reiterate our assertion from yesterday that in view of the latest debacle in the capacity to VET anything the City County Observer would like to call upon the Evansville City Council and particularly Councilman John Friend who has been a vocal nemesis of the poor VETTING done by the City to first FREEZE ALL LOANS AND INCENTIVE PACKAGES IMMEDIATELY and second to ESTABLISH A PROCESS FOR VETTING AND A VETTING COMMISSION MADE UP OF COMPETENT PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY DO KNOW HOW TO VET?…we would also invite a position paper from Councilman Friend on Angel investment and how Evansville could actually participate in such foreign things to the positive benefit of the local economy?


  1. I noted that the personal property value on the purchased property was zero (0) but the assessed value over 374,000. Did I read it wrong?

  2. Speaking of a vetting process for loans using taxpayer money: I thought Burgomaster Winnecke was a big wig at 5/3 bank. Is it true that if he managed bank money the way he manages tax payer money, 5/3 would have been in foreclosure?

    • That is why the bank did not let him manage any money. He was a PR guy and nothing more then, he is a PR guy and nothing more now.

  3. Congrats on the arrangement on the legal articles! They’re appreciated.
    This property purchase is really mystifying. Bee Slough?
    Our current administration is about as transparent as a brick wall. I think its time to make some noise about this.

    • Bee Slough: Where the shit hits the land, Evansville style. So ask yourself, who benefited from this stupid deal?

    • We don’t need to make any noise, the current and past administrations know what’s best for us. It’ll be interesting this year to see which cronies get the block grant money.

  4. What is meant by “John Friend is a vocal NEMESIS of poor vetting”. Do you mean a vocal CRITIC of poor vetting ?

    Councilman Friend did ask for a laundry list of due diligence items for the Hotel. Council even hired a CPA firm to do the work. But the developer balked, the CPA walked, and John Friend lost his squawk !

    Friend seemed to be so happy about bagging a nice reduction in subsidy for the citizens that he forgot that giving away $ 20 Million with NO vetting is still wrong.

    Here’s hoping he and the others can GO ALL THE WAY on vetting next time, and not just accept the deal when you’ve locked in a big savings that also makes City Admin look like fools . . .

    • EKB, after reading the IiT. today thinking (Images),and cognitive mapping,destinations,even discussion of “technophiles”. And, being spatially cognitive to daily pathways,and those conditionals as applied. Evansville”s common Council needs to do this read.

      Article By: Analyses, Andrew Mondschein,Evelyn Blumenberg and Brian Taylor.

      ( )

      Like they say “here be dragons,and job opportunities.”

      “Going mental,everyday travel and the cognitive map.”

        • I am relieved to know there is some method in the madness, but there should have been some information on the deal released. There’s a crony in the feces pool somewhere, I’ll bet.
          Did they spend the beet juice money on this? Things are going to get BAD out there Sunday, and stay that way for awhile.

          • EKB,The pre-treat chemical really doesn’t do well if your having a mixed rain event prior to the quick freeze,from a strong frontal passage.
            The stuff washes away, or dilutes before the cold sets the ice or delivers the snow.
            Using sand or abrasives might help but if those guys applied the stuff before the thermal change,and during rain the time,labor and funding might be wasted.[Thats also poor carbons use]
            I am developing a model to defeat and control the treatment timing aspect involving this. I think it will be a very viable solution for a number of logistics,and transportation problems these systems seem to forefront.
            Better product thermodynamic performance sustainability,means less treatment timing issues/per temperature in affected areas/surfaces,less overall costing.

            Geez, all along I’ve been dragging up climate change action,this winter is just one of the reasons the nation is going to be severely challenged as we adjust to the new normals brought to us “facecially” by planet climate change thermodynamics.

            The whole Nations been impacted social economically once again,and I suspect, as you fear Sunday and early into next week is going to be another demonstration by our planets potent increasing atmospheric,thermodynamically powerful global water vapor levels. Watch the flash freezing again Sunday..eww. ;(
            Moisture in the atmosphere increased by polar and glacial ice melt not only raises sea levels,its like the humidity in the summer,molecularly more conductive to temperature and pressures.

            Means tough weather systems ahead. This is why I’m trying to help find some viable pathways we as the Earths present occupants can identify,isolate,and sustain our environment for sequestered carbon impacting,and thus, global climate change.
            Oceanic resources we all depend on can also see these impacts through the growing web of connections science is diligently working towards for an sequestered human carbon footprint for generations to follow.

            Coastal Sea beds are basically challenged enough from the atmospheric [mean temperature] warming. Chemical discharges and siltation, increased biotoxicity,[algae blooms],just plain pollution incursion from river delta influxes around the globe are extremely serious problems,and,exactly why your ole Evansville and its CSO problems must be turned about,and balanced for elevated environmental sustainability*.

            Build for Global Climate change. Innovation,America and its immense available enterprises and assets in the planet sciences,education,medicine. Biotechnical applicated know how,can do this. Our huge reserves in work force availability for good careers demands it,[unemployment]so does the rest of the planet,as well.

            Show me an region that applies this well,I’ll bet,you’ll see some triple digit social economic growth that as they say,moved forward.

    • EKB, I suppose, if one stays connected and informed with cognitive urban/metro studies in Metro planning,maybe one could devise a decent metro plan forward.
      Look at it like free consulting without somebody else “Banging,around with your buck”..there in Evansville.

      While reading on this CCO site in past articles,it might come to ones attention that,DR.Adams,Or Ms.Brinkerhoff Riley maybe even some other current council members would take in some other nationally significant universities research departments projects ongoing now in the sustainable forward projections of Urban Metro planning.

      Especially while working with IU’s trustees to locate a viable conceptualization in site presentations forward as applied to your metro area as its geographically define today.
      The fuss,today about the CSO control site on riverside (projected) is relative to that directly when the incremental solutions are applied for “approaching compliance” with your federal EPA mandate.
      The medical school location in such a region with CSO non-compliance, should possibly be observed as flat out unacceptable,even with the “historical, lingering toxicities”,and thus completely lacking true viability forward /per site preparation costing verse’s other site multiples that seem to be in the offering for the RFP’s in your metro currently, as seen from outside, thereof to date.

      Combination sewers overflows to the basin control projects should be relative, and viable as development in multiple project focuses.

      In some metros they just won’t consider one without the project layering required to achieve balance and sustainability*,with any other perceived or projected metro planning forward.

      “finis coronat opus”

      “the ending crowns the work” (Ovid)

      • More than likely dealing with people like you might tend to turn good people off on the whole thing!

        • Exactly.,however…

          “omnes una, manet nox”

          “the same night,awaits us all” (Horace)


          primum non nocere

          first do no harm (hippocratic oath)

      • “draco dormiens nunquam titillandus”

        “never tickle a sleeping dragon”

        (motto; Harry Potter’s alma mater) 😉

  5. The purchase of the property at 5 E Riverside Dr most likely will be part of the City’s Integrated Overflow Control Plan that includes improvements to Bee Slough. The EWSU Director is the one who signed it.

  6. I look forward to the new content.

    Congrats to Selby on the Banks endorsement.

    Phillip Schultz of the Citizens Opposed to Wasteful Spending (COWS) did a survey of these candidates asking their position on the recent hotel debacle. The answers are on the COWS Facebook page.

  7. Mayor Heilman was the mayor before Bosse..Bosse won in part due to fraud involved with SEWER the new boss same as the old boss!! Time period of this debacle was around 1915!!

    • Big History*,Things do connect when the dots are observed. (cdad),1915,the year my Evansville Grand Parents married,they went off to New York to Honeymoon,and for the Ole boy to meet his fathers European imports trade connections cool stuff,He went back there again to set up some furniture imports again in 1922,my Mom was a cute little holiday surprise package that year.

      Big history is; Bosses Company and other Evansville mills exported hardwood products overseas as well,and after WWI Grampa met with the furniture exporters from over in Europe during his 1922 late winter 2nd honeymoon trip, a very good deal was struck due to European reconstruction and recovery. This made strong import pathways bringing “exclusive imported” furniture back to Evansville too be sold in downtown Evansville.

      You see,that wood product used in post war Europe actually started out from Evansville’s mills in the first place.

      “Global trade” aye,very cool now, and probably according to the story heard at the “back in my day” family gatherings in your town,
      I probably just might be a second generation global trade product…sorta!

      I have found some of the furniture once,and bought it from a antique shop on 2nd street there. Having the point of manufacture and sale information was great,I did get a good deal on the stuff. The fellow who sold me it had no idea what I examined the backing for (good thing,as He wouldn’t have dealt on the price) It was bought originally by a prominent family that resided on what is southeast first now,thats a historical district home,as well. But that piece of global trade history its in mine now,Grandpas got to be grinning, I’ll bet. 😉

      History. sometimes you have to love it,however making it sounds like more fun.

      • Most people have no idea of the international trade that we used to be involved in; most just think about our manufacturing and blue collar jobs. The fact was that those involved in international trade like this created alot of the capital that drove Evansville’s growth during its Gilded Age. An example of this is McCurdy, who not only made money supplying Sears with propane powered appliances, but sold most of the bodies that converted model T Fords to ambulances or pick ups in WW I. The propoane technology I believe was licensed from Electrolux. This should inspire GAGE instead of chasing Quiote windmils and flux capacitors from Earthscare. Back to the Future would be a good start for GAGE.

        • Cdad: More Big history,the gas absorption refrigeration,Seeger,and Arkla,Franklin,Virginia streets,heck as a kid on visits,I remember going around from Fares(Hwy-41,onto Virginia to go south to division or Walnut,heck that was Hyw-41 south,thousands of people working,people everywhere,bustling around like crazy.
          The passage was a hoot approaching a shift change. My parents always set their timing to try and miss that stuff.
          Thought of that the other day when they had cooling problems with the ISS in orbit,the cooling pump change spacewalks,that system also uses ammonia refrigerant,the suit malfunction dry out that put that off till Christmas,was a goofed accidental switching,on the spacewalkers suit sublimation control,caused excessive suit moisture levels,I guess,moisture is kinda tricky in zero gravity,balls up floats around,gets into everything,fouls up the science and engineering, …….aye! I got it!…Its like political water!!

          Basic thermodynamics in space,wish the kids there could learn the Big History connection to Evansville’s manufacturing past with that. Its the stuff that inspires a thought,and sometimes sticks,creates new a one.

        • Cdad, As the midwest and the country prepares to weather another climate change “wake up call” expected in the coming days the realization that some areas will, again be somewhat, forced off the grid so to speak.
          Your point about the absorption refrigeration is one those such as modern day preppers should consider. The reason for the absorption cycles in the first place was period and era based because of the “lack of the grid” in rural areas.
          Not bad thought for climate change innovation,as some RVs once were built with those as primary refrigeration.
          Thermodynamic solutions have evolved past that fulcrum point in practical applications,however thats given one has an reliable power supply,or charging system,such as a generator or viable solar device.
          Again the innovation of technical blending comes to mind,you see a viable mix would make an market ready product,come monday….or tomorrow in a stadium parking lot…on a tailgate,so to speak.
          Using the other side of the gene pool,my ole Dairy farmer Grandfather,used that stuff on a isolated Indiana farm throughout the twenties and thirties,even had a old Lincoln Engine generator
          for farm power,they said the kitchen lights came on first,then the necessary room,then the milk barn,when all that was sustained,the rest of the house,maybe even the summer porch ceiling fan.

          My Father said “4:15am sharp the engine started,it “was” the alarm clock,20 minutes later,into the chores,those to be completed,and the kid,cleaned up,hot breakfast by 5:30am ,to set forth for the school house.”

          I’m thinking innovation is real good,geez who’s kids still have a morning like that. Myself,while on that farm as a child and teen,man the chore’s didn’t change any,still lots of work,the ways they were completed got better,dang,way better. BTW the Evansville Grandpa had a small summer place(farm) as well,nice place for the kids in the summers heat,and the 1937 flood,he had a business friend from the east who talked him into trying a funny new crop there back in the early days,Grampa imagined great enterprise growing the stuff,however it just didn’t catch on back then,so he looked it by and went on with the profitable unfunny stuff.
          That “amusing stuff” was a funny looking little bean”,said to have some innovative applications by some…..”soybeans” Didn’t have a viable sustained market when he tried’em,blast! (vision)

          This is why,exactly why,climate change today,and forward should be viewed as an opportunity for social economic growth,and invention,enterprise…..(needs)

          When the solution is simple,its God answering. (Albert Einstein)

      • Evansville was the early power base of DC Stephenson. We really haven’t changed much since then. We have a lot of easily-led-astray people here.

  8. Looks like Debbie Dewey of GAGE pulled another fast one on the taxpayers of Evansville.

    I hope the new Mayor send her back to Henderson where she belongs.

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