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Evansville, Jan. 3 – Earlier this week Sean Selby officially announced his candidacy for State Representative. He brings almost two decades of political experience to the race for the 78 th House District seat which will be vacated soon by Suzanne Crouch. She recently accepted a position to be the next Auditor of the State of Indiana. The special election to replace her will take place on Saturday, January 4 th . An entrepreneur and small business owner in the technology field for nearly a decade and a half, Selby has been involved politically for more than half his life. He has held numerous positions including elective and representative roles and helped in more than 15 political campaigns in nearly as many years. Available for comment, he stated about the race:

“I am simply overwhelmed with support we’ve received thus far from fellow precinct committeemen, on social media, with endorsements from a candidate who exited the race gracefully, a former state convention delegate, and a sitting state senator thus far. It has far surpassed my expectations and I believe it is an indication of the type of leadership people want at the statehouse.”

Earlier today, it was announced that Chris Politano, a candidate and precinct committeeman, officially dropped out of the race and endorsed Selby. Politano had previously indicated his intention to file, saying:

”Sean has more experience than any other candidate having served on multiple election and re-election campaigns at local, state and federal levels. He is well acquainted with fundraising as well as campaign strategy. He has been involved extensively with the party since childhood and has nearly 20 years of experience. Sean also has lived and done business in both Warrick and Vanderburgh county giving him a distinct advantage over the other candidates in term of getting re-elected. His entering the race was one of the key reasons I decided not to run. Lastly, he already has realtionships formed with Indiana state senators, Representatives and other key figures in the Party. This will allow him to be immediately effective.”

Following that endorsement, it was Tammi Mitchell, who has served with distinction as a Republican Party Precinct Committeeman and 2012 State Convention Delegate who endorsed Selby along with Chris Albertson from Scott County who is serving as a Precinct Committeeman and also attended the Republican State Convention as a Delegate in 2012.

Then, it was reported that Indiana State Senator Jim Banks sent an email to local Precinct Committeemen endorsing Selby in his bid to fulfill the remainder of Suzanne Crouch’s term. Sen. Banks had worked on political campaigns in Evansville nearly a decade ago and has known Selby for that period. Selby said:

”I am thrilled that Sen. Banks endorsed the campaign and appreciate his tireless efforts to be a leading conservative voice in the State Senate for the people of his 17 th Senate District and for all Hoosiers. His willingness to stand for what he believes in is inspiring and it is the type of leadership that our state needs more of. If elected, I plan to provide similar leadership.”

Banks said in his letter to local Republican leaders:

“I wanted to take a few minutes to lend my support for my long-time friend Sean Selby. I know some of you personally from my time living in Evansville over a decade ago. It was during that time Sean became a great friend and over the time since we’ve collaborated on numerous conservative causes and campaigns. I know he would make a strong and consistent advocate for conservative principles and I know he will work tirelessly to support southwest Indiana and your values. As a small business owner he knows intimately the issues facing job creators throughout our state. More than anything I know Sean will do what’s right rather than what he’s told to do which is an important quality I know you appreciate in many of your independent minded legislators currently serving your region. I am a big fan of Sean’s as he’s been very helpful to me over the years and has remained a loyal friend.”

Media Contact:

Sean Selby

Candidate for State Representative (HD78) 812-480-0542


  1. Looks like the GOP finally has a qualified candidate for State Representative. Outstanding person with impressive resume. I hear he isn’t a member of the back room political fat cats club which is a major plus in times like these.

  2. Hear that Wayne Parke, Vectren people and 8th District Congressmen are quietly lobbing against Mr. Selby because they can’t control him. Looks like that Sullivan lady is being supported by the back room GOP fat cats.

    Give them hell Mr. Selby tomorrow because our party needs intelligent, independent and young conservative leaders on the State level.

    • Ralph Edwards: I am remaining neutral in this HD 78 race. We got 5 good candidates running for the HD 78 position.

      Anne Rust Aurand
      Jed Hutson
      Michelle Mercer
      Sean Selby
      Holli Sullivan

    • Get real, he’ll be bought off just like the rest of the good ole boys.

  3. Wayne. you, the Congressmen and your back room Vectren power brokers buddies shall reap what you’ll sow. Look like we have a knock down drag out Republican primary looming. All thanks to you and your back room power politics.

    • Ralph Edwards: You need to get some help.

      All candidates have been very thankful for my help and assistance in helping them get prepared for this very important caucus.

      AS Republican Party Chairman, I am remaining neutral in this HD 78 race.

      • So is it just with Congressional seats that you get involved and push Precinct Committeemen around?

        I am glad you’ve finally understood this aspect of your role as Chairman. It’s a refreshing about-face.

  4. Sean is the first choice for those who want to see a return to first principles of more freedom, less government intrusion into our personal and business lives, and a higher standard of accountability in public affairs. There may be other good candidates, but Mr. Selby has the built in support and fresh vision to win in the fall.

    I am pleased to hear Mr. Parke is remaining neutral in this race. It means he won’t be tarring some poor candidate with his endorsement.

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