IS IT TRUE January 23, 2014


IS IT TRUE January 23, 2014

IS IT TRUE there are times when politicians on the stump or at a breakfast allow things to slip from their mouths that turn out to be politically incorrect and cause them grief from their own kind?…it seems as though Marsha Abell is trying hard to “clarify” her position on using public dollars to attract the IU Medical School to Vanderburgh County?…there have been so many people tell us that Marsha was clearly against using a red cent of TIF money to help attract the IU Medical School to the privately owned site on the Eastside called the Promenade?…it was also clear according to numerous people who attended the breakfast that Marsha did not want to use public funds to invest in sewers and water to attract the medical school and that she thinks that Warrick County can make those investments and east Evansville will still prosper?…Abell was supposedly mute on the USI proposal and only gave passing lip service to the fact that downtown Evansville is a different case?…this seems pretty easy to understand to the City County Observer?…our translation of this is that Marsha is not interested in putting county money that she has some control over into either the Promenade or USI proposals because both are essentially the same in the big picture from a county perspective?…Marsha did indeed leave the door open for the County to funnel money into the City of Evansville’s forthcoming proposal to entice the IU Medical School to downtown Evansville?…we welcome a position paper on the IU Medical School attraction package from Commissioner Abell and will publish it without edit, opinion, or bias?…if Commissioner Abell is really interested in putting her position out there she should take us up on this opportunity to control her own position so her surrogates don’t have to walk things back for her?

IS IT TRUE for a brief amount of time yesterday the Courier and Press was free to read with the little blue logos that indicate you must pay to read this all gone?…the CCO got several emails and calls to tell us that the CP had knuckled under the loss of traffic and changed their policy?…they have not and the little blue logos are back this morning?…it must have been a lapse of the webmaster?

IS IT TRUE the CCO inadvertently published the wrong date for the UE vs. Wichita State game yesterday?…the real date is February 16th as opposed to the 19th and we still hope to see the Shockers come to town ranked #1 in the nation and that the Aces shock their world?

IS IT TRUE this writer was invited to give a speech on the establishment and operation of Innovation Hubs yesterday in Lancaster, CA?…since last Tuesday when President Obama announced a national Innovation Hub initiative the invitations are flowing in because the California Innovation Hub initiative that inspired the national initiative was written in Palm Springs in 2010 with one of the principle authors moving on to the Obama Administration as the Chief Operating Officer of the United States EDA?…that is where President Obama got the idea so the eyes of the nation are now on Palm Springs and the other California iHubs?…that is all a bit thrilling but all of our funding is still local so there are no federal strings on me?

IS IT TRUE there was an employee of the City of Lancaster in the discussion of what the State of California provided that confessed to political correctness gone mad?…my answer to the question was that “all I got was a Christmas card from Governor Brown and it really said Merry Christmas and I appreciated that the Governor was secure enough in who he was to say Merry Christmas instead of some mindless substitute to avoid using the words Merry Christmas?”…this employee then stated that in the name of political correctness that his city council had just changed the name of Easter to “Spring Day”?…there was a gasp of disbelief in the room and several comments that were really unflattering?…even the employee in the building where he was employed stated that this move was seen by most as crossing the line with politically correct craziness?…the CCO agrees that political correctness has gone beyond the point of sanity and needs to just back off?…if this keeps up in the not too distant future Americans may need a communications chip embedded into their brains to avoid the thousands of phrases that will have been banned to pander to every whining individual who registers a complaint of any kind?…PC is BS?

IS IT TRUE that yesterday District 78 State Rep Holli Sullivan voted to send the same sex marriage legislation to the full house for a vote? …we reported for a week that Mrs Sullivan was indeed going to vote to send this issue to the full house for a vote and indeed she did?


  1. The best way to deal with political correctness is to give it the same consideration you’d give any kind of correctness. Often that will be proceeding as if it doesn’t exist. After a while it won’t.

    • Bandana; Hehhe,That PC issue I thought of this morning as I observed some of my locals out fighting the winter blast with their pooches.
      Kinda brought back,how,when you yourself related to dog parks and such with an older comment,as well.

      Pooch Correctness,so to speak.

      While the trip outside is definite challenge when the wind chills are howling,having a structured place for the canine relief mechanism sometime does work against the Pooches Correctness(PC)aspect,somewhat.

      Having had very useful and respectable Retriever Phooche’s myself,and aware that such needs must be satisfied someplace “like my own controlled space” becomes the as beforementioned PC. Thereas as applied to DS,or DC or CD and DP,including DU.
      The situations of the weather related conditionals sometimes brings another CCO generated acronym [“snegal”] (Sneaky Neighbors Etiquette Going At Lawns.) I would also like to introduce another acronym in referencing the aspect of the thereof,above [“O’Beagle”] which becomes Overt Boundary’s Etiquettes,And Graceful Legal Equalities.

      Dumping,or pissing upon someones elses “post” or an communities social dumping ground problems,as of,so ingeniously solved with the creation of municipally funded great lawns,and,other so specified legal etiquette applied “Pooches Correct”,Dumping Compounds….thereas..PC for DC.

      • A buddy wrote me this morning about how cold it was walking his dog, managing to include a little known story about Hubert Cokes in his message. His plaints gave rise to an acronym that I expect will be acknowledged by Oxford before long, soon to be known as DUMPS EASE. Dogs Under Miserable Pissing Situations/Essential Activity Scooper Enterprise.

        If they don’t put a Thornton’s on The Lawn soon they’ll need to heat it or risk canine litigation. There’s none worse, especially if the hounds are ably and aptly represented by Greta Van Susteren.

        • It has been a long time since I heard Hubert Cokes’ name!
          As for the dog-peeing situation, I may sue the city on behalf of Thane, the Beagle. They should heat the fire hydrants, as he nearly froze to the one on the corner this morning. Thank goodness he didn’t suffer any penile injuries this time!

          • Thane could have easily attained a 4 hourer in which case a trip to the vet for an unfreeze would be indicated.

            He would be in great demand on the Roberts site after dark but I’d advise against it. Vets currently have no way to treat some of the things good Evansville dogs are bringing home from that spot (Spot?).

          • My furry children do not associate with riff-raff of the sort that frequent the place after dark. Unlike their mother, they know nothing of the joys of going “slumming” on occasion!

          • EKB: 🙂 Thane, The Prince,of O’Beagle love it. Keep us informed in concernn to the royal pooch adventures forward.

            Bandana; Use this one (Spot’s) Sign Police Of Town’ Sequestered…….

            Every “Plug” as a new “horizon”……as well.

      • Millie, my Goldendoodle, is older, so out of concern for her arthritis I just let her make a quick trip onto the patio. I had to grab the “Poop-sicle” immediately, before it froze to the ground!

  2. It’s hard to tell what Marsha’s position is on the medschool, but it sounds like she and I agree that no money should be given to incentivize a build on Promenade land. It’s a private venture. They should be offered the same tax phase-ins any downtown business will be getting, but they shouldn’t get subsidies. Any subsidies offered by the city or county, which are separately debatable, should be earmarked to IU DIRECTLY to use as they wish to build where they wish within city or county limits.

    Government’s role should be one of aid and equal encouragement to all proposals. That’s not anything like the setup we have now.

    • “Government’s role should be one of aid and equal encouragement to all proposals.”

      Bing-O!! I think that won’t happen as long as we have the self-serving people running things that we have now. With only a very few exceptions, I think we need to buy a new broom from the Blind Association, and go sweep the Civic Center clean with it.

      • We probably need some disinfectant and rat traps, too, if we really want to do the job right.

        • EKB,

          To be a successful politician you have to raise a lot of money.

          To raise a lot of money you have to go where the money is.

          If you go to where the money is, the check writers want something in return, quid pro quo, back scratching, backroom deals, pinky shakes put whatever label you want on it does it really matter?

          If you agree to give something back votes/favor/contracts whatever, you compromise yourself from being a servant of the people to a servant of the money makers and influence peddlers.

          This is why third parties and voting the in’s out and the out’s in is futile.

          Anybody got any suggestions?

          • Ever think where all the money they need goes? Media advertising. The same media that “report” the news. What a rigged game we play. Civic election advertising should be provided as a public service in equal proportions at no cost. That would end that money game.

    • So Brad, how do you propose spending Burkhardt Road TIF District funds? The TIF district is set up. TIF funds are collected at time passes. What do we do with them?

      TIF funds are supposed to build infrastructure to drive more development. The new development incentivized by infrastructure improvements in a TIF district creates even more TIF funds. What would you do with the Burkhardt Road TIF District funds if you were county commissioner? Try to be specific.

      • If I were County Commissioner? That’s a big question. Ill just offer a frw thoughts. I wouldn’t have power to unilaterally create the conditions I’d like to see, and i dont know all the specifics of the TIF in question, but generally speaking, one thing I would not do is promote the overuse of TIFs in the future, which is borrowing against an uncertain future, and ideally would end the practice of creating new TIFs. They are not a sustainable way to encourage development. I would use funds generated from the TIF to pay down and retire bonds from any projects.

        The kinds of incentives I would favor would be those where the outcome was more predictable and free market oriented, and could be implemented equally without favoritism. I would favor lower taxes across the board, less unnecessary spending, less restrictive zoning, and an active recruitment of jobs-providing businesses from outside as well as a promotion of home-grown businesses that might be based here.

        I would focus on paying off current TIFs rather than exposing future citizens to more risk and burdening other areas to pick up the slack from TIF Districts not paying money toward government services.

        I believe in the power of a free market. TIFs don’t necessarily drive development. They may speed it along, with associated risks, but a TIF alone can’t drive growth. The USI TIF shows that. The Burkhardt TIF was probably not necessary, and in a lot of ways it limits flexibility.

        • Brush up on how and why TIF districts are created, how the funds are generated, how the tax increment financing works, and what the overall purpose is. Then get back with me.

          Meanwhile, go out and take a drive down TIF-built Crosspointe Boulevard and get an idea what the Burkhardt Road TIF District has done and can do for that area.

          • I dont claim to be an expert, but I know what they are. TIFs use the ‘tax increment’ of projected tax increases for an area as security for municipal bonds for more projects in the area.

            Their use creates more public debt and often benefit landowning developers in the TIF more than anyone else. In the case of the Burkhardt area, they may not have been necessary to create the growth we’ve seen there.

            My guess is you are from Martin and you’d like to see TIF funds put toward subsidizing the IU project. That’s an understandable position, and you have an argument considering the money has to used for something, but considering you would be the primary beneficiaries of such a move and taxpayers would shoulder the debt, its an inappropriate arrangement I couldn’t support. I could, however, support infrastructure improvements like roads and sewer, if that helps.

            For what it’s worth, I’m rooting for you, and I hope you can pull it off privately.

          • I have no ties or interests in Martin Development and have not and will not benefit from anything they have done or will do. Let me make that clear up front.

            What happens is taxes continue to be collected on the land within the TIF District at the rate applicable prior the creation of the district, and deposited in the general fund for the county. Only the increased taxes applicable to the commercial property improvements after the creation of the TIF district are captured and applied to capital improvements within the TIF district.

            So it would seem to me that since taxes on the commercial improvements are captured, banked, assigned, and spent on improving infrastructure within the same taxing district as that from which the taxes are collected, you as a “true conservative” should fully approve of such a process.

            By comparison, taxes collected from commercial improvements in a non-TIF area can be collected, banked, assigned and spent on projects completely unrelated to the needs of the taxing district in which they are collected. For example, taxes collected on Eastland Mall (which went from a $2,000 annual prop. tax as a soybean field to a $1 million in taxes per year commercial mall) can be spent on any pet project concocted by the pols against whom you so vehemently rant.

            So which is it, Brad? Do you think taxes on land improvements by private developers should be spent to promote growth in the same area from which the taxes are collected? Or do you think those taxes should be taken to a pet project somewhere else?

  3. Abell should MOST DEFINITELY clarify her comments with an article to the CCO. There’s been two conflicting reports coming from her. One of them is the correct view, the other is not. The correct solution is that neither the city nor the county should even consider expanding its infrastructure, much less its carbon footprint, into the far eastern or western sides of Vanderburgh County. Abell needs to come on here with a strong pro-downtown opinion.

    Abell also needs to be a leader and come out with an opinion on which lot specifically the city/county should be pursuing downtown. With the old central lot being 1/2 owned by the county, why isn’t Commissioner Abell pushing hard for that lot (that is just one of many advantages to the site).

    We need to hear from Abell and we need some leadership badly on this. This decision, like all the others, is not something to take lightly. It will affect the city for well over a century.

    Lastly, puh-leaze on the Aces. It’s gotten so bad they’re advertising five buck ticket coupons “courtesy of the Courier & Press” in that other newspaper. Even the Ford Center is having to throw in dollar hot dogs, pop corn, and drinks. The FC is much better off scheduling 18 or < less concerts.

  4. Good points R&R but what about Kiefer and Melcher?

    Are they able to speak or write clearly? Or are they led around by the nose by Marsha?

    • I’d be nice if they would be leaders and make the right decisions on the things that have come before them, but every time I’ve followed an issue dealing with the commission, they’ve just sat there and followed Abell’s lead. And now, we’ve got a terrible ball field plan, an out of control sprawl on the west side AND east side, and a mess on Felstead.

      As of right now, it seems like the commission needs a fresh start.

    • The med school next to the gym would do wonders for it not hurt it. The gym is run by the YMCA which has aquatics. exercise areas, and the gym itself in the building. All of which compliments a neighbor med school. There is plenty of empty space for expansion to the north and some to the south around the mets terminal.

      Demolishing the gym would only be a fraction of the mega lot it sits on.

      The YMCA has part of the old central lot as well. That’s who we should be giving cash for land to.

    • Bandana: I’ve seen the Evansville family pictures showing the “37” floods depredation to the town,actually,some that are not commonly seen.
      One showing some young uncles,in a watercraft delivering groceries and staples to residents whom they said stayed in town in the upstairs of the homes in the Historical district to try to minimize the damage due to the freezing temperatures.
      My Grandpa had a summer place out in the county,small hobby farm,the women and children went out there during the flood,my oldest uncles stayed in town with the men and helped as they could,those two had plenty of interesting stories. The fact that the power plant continued to function is testament to the determination of that generation,the plants basement was below the water level,yet some fellas kept the place up for electrical supplies needed. Wow! Hero’s,street lights on,while the roadways were well under water. Got a picture of 3rd and Main street with that conditional all the way down the street,from a boat…again,WOW!
      One was a real hoot,it was about some local political type that stepped outta of a coast guard crewed boat for a newspaper photo opportunity at the intersection of Washington and Kentucky avenues in an overcoat and a three piece suit. The boys had warned him the side walk was not where he thought it was,and the water there was pretty deep. They said the street sign on the corner only had about 4’feet sticking up,the guy stepped over the side,into about three feet of water,and in his rush to return into the dry hull,slipped and left only a nice derby hat afloat for a second,they said all the high school boys nearly cried from laughing so hard,one uncle the oldest looked at the others said aloud…shoot!”warned’em. oh my….said the papers photographer never published the picture of the political dunce flopping around in the water with all the half frozen turds and trash washing and bobbing around in the boats wake. [Some things,never change]
      They always got a big laugh outta the story,good thing too, for both of those young guys ended up freezing their butts off flying long missions while AAF aviators in WWII,real tough times for them. After the war one stayed there,one didn’t.

      Knowing the base construction of the older combined sewers infrastructure as installed then,and the current CSO events. Still today,the non focus to industrial environmental issues of the period,one must assume,that of the entire time,the whole place was submerged by some really nasty Ohio river valley industrial drainage basin wide with the events, CSO,

      Its wonder disease didn’t run rampant,having been at an conditional low freezing ambient temperature could have been a hidden environmental asset then.
      Trouble is,the really nasty carcinogenic chemicals,and toxins have some notable half / lives of lingering endocrinological affected genetic problems we probably still don’t understand fully to date.

      With the proper ongoing research, testing,and todays applied science and technology,with the applications required per/standards,one can detect that “watermark” where ever it remains,night or day,any time of year.

      “Thank goodness and those whom had plied those said water long past,for that “observable aspect.”

      “few are those who see with their own eyes,and feel with their own,hearts.” (Albert Einstein / circa 1947 AD.)

      • Very interesting stuff. I had never thought much about the possible disease aspect of the flood. You are right, that is a testament to what people were made of then, keeping things going as much as possible in nearly impossible conditions. I don’t think anybody died in Evansville from drowning because of the flood.

        That politican got his photo op. ‘…and this is your uncle Nabob, or his derby anyway. He dove under to save a kid from the drain. His heroism landed him in the mayor’s office (where he stole a pen and pencil set)’.

        I’ve seen ’37 flood pictures of older guys in nice heavy overcoats and hats trying to stand in row boats long enough for a photographer to snap.

        • All that mess and Grandpa kept the family store open for business,sure had a mess to clean up though,He told me one employee actually volunteered and stayed down there through the whole time the flood water was in town.
          Grandpa,fixed him a really nice apartment type place so he was real comfortable while serving as a district watchman during the flood,they were told they’re could be looting,never happened. The guy normally was the front door assistant,ladies coat man,men’s hat guy and full time elevator operator.
          Grandpa said the guy was the best employee he ever had,never missed a hours work,they paid him well,and the customers tipped him accordingly,all the customers loved the guy,and his hometown conversations,said he knew the all people,all the other business men. They all knew him, He knew their families,even the all kids. Grandpa said the fellow knew where everything downtown was offered,if somebody was looking for an item the family store didn’t have the guy would send them to the place that did. Grandpa said He would’a had to have another warehouse two more locations and fifty more employees to stock everything the fellow had inventoried in his mind. ..Good stuff.
          To bad progress and downtown redevelopment “killed the place” and those like it “clear off” by the time I was in grade school.
          He said the overall businessmen’s opinion was that of the place had a access problem because of the modernizing society,and what they needed was more access to convenient parking without the old parking meters,parking garages like the adapting larger metros up north.
          His words here,”those enlightened ones now think these malls are the answer to commerce,betcha in 25 years half of’em will be kaput,and we will have allot of concrete and asphalt,maybe if everyone bought a whirlybird helicopter,we could kept moving those things clear to the Yankeetown bottoms,might work.”
          “Then we could reopen the store,put a landing pad on the roof. Make the penthouse fan room the front door,customers could come in and say “going down”,sure so is my business,with no traffic through main,street parking,worth a nickle down there.

          He donated to plant some landscape trees around your civic center,said him and some others made sure certain ones were Ginko trees,that way when the time for harvest came in the fall if you walked in the place in the future, the fruit that dropped smells like a “dog kennel” or a “zoo”,before you clean it for the days business…. 🙂

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