Summary of Mayor Winnecke’s Political Contributions Report for 2011

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

By: Zachary Stuard

Members of the City-County Observer staff spent hours reviewing the donations to Winnecke for Mayor for 2011 last Sunday. We have highlighted donations that we have found especially interesting. We encourage you to take the time to look into a few of the donations that caught our attention during this initial review of Mayor Winnecke’s financial contributions received for the 2011 year.  We also encourage you to post follow up questions or comments shedding light on any of the information provided in this summary. This is the first installment of the City-County Observer’s dissection and review of Mayor Winnecke’s campaign contributions covering the years of 2011-2013.  We urge you to continue reading the City-County Observer daily as we continue to release additional updates and continue to provide you with the ONLY published analysis of the Mayor’s contributions financial records by a local media source.

To begin this series we would like to point out a particular donation that really caught our interest. The 2013 Mayor’s financial report indicates a political donation given to the Mayor by former Democratic Party Chairman and Union Leader Jack McNeely.  We can’t wait to hear your comments regarding this donation.

For today’s segment we’ll turn our focus to a sampling of Mayor Winnecke’s campaign contributions for 2011. We hopes that you will analyze this data and comment accordingly in the section provided below.  Please keep comments respectful.

The campaign stated with $147,000 cash on hand beginning of reporting period.  The campaign raised about $640,000 during 2011.  The Mayors political war chest for 2011 was about $787,000.


Our first list entails non-union based PACs that donated to the Winnecke campaign in 2011 that we found interesting.  We guarantee that you shall be surprised to read who and how much this group gave his campaign in 2012.

Southern Indiana Home Builders Association – $8,500.00

HG PAC – $995.00

Capital PAC – $1,000.00

OL PAC (Old National Bank) – $13,000.00

CD PAC (Clark Dietz Engineers) – $8,250.00

HNTB PAC (Hunt Construction) – $3,000.00

Integra PAC – $5,500.00 (donated by employees of a now defunct bank)

Realtors PAC (National  Associations of Realtors) – $3,250.00

Our next list contains select Trade Union groups that made campaign contributions to Winnecke in 2011.  Just wait till you read how many Unions and the amount of political contributions they gave to Winnecke For Mayor campaign fund in 2012.  

Millright – $413.31

Laborers International – $500.00

IBEW Educational Committee – $500.00

Teamsters local 215 – $5,000.00

Our final select list of contributors is composed of both corporations and individuals that donated to Winnecke’s Mayoral Campaign in 2011.  You’ll be surprised to read who gave to the Mayor’s campaign fund in 2012.

Ted Ziemer-$17,622.47

Sue and John Helfert-$15,000

James Stevens-$11,600

Robert Kock-$8,500

John Schroeder-$11,000

Brent Beeler-$6,000

Retired Vectren CEO Neil Ellerbrook – $8,200.00

Edmound and Sharon Hafer-$4,025

John Dunn-$5,000

Homemaker -Barbara Keller – $4,100.00

Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke – $12,000.00

Danny Hermann of Ameriqual – $11,000.00

Steven Chancellor-$6,000

Willis Conner with American Structurepoint – $14,000.00

Fred Klipsch, CEO and Chairman of Klipsch Investments & Klipsch Audio – $1,000.00

David Shane, CEO of LDI Engineering Firm – $1,000.00

John Brand-$2,600

Frederick Geissiner-$3,250

William Butterfield-$2,000

Maria Del Rio Hoover-$4,000

Carolyn McClintock-$4,000

Steve Carter foe Attorney General-$5,000

Russell and Susan Woosley–$3,000

Beam, Longest, & Neff Engineering Firm – $3,500.00

Keith Lochmueller of Bernard, Lochmueller, and Associates – $10,600.00

DLZ Engineering Firm (Past architect of the Vanderburgh County jail) – $6,000.00

TKG properties (headquarters address of the Kunkel Group) – $2,000.00.

Todd Ponder with Ice Miller Law Firm – $1,000.00

Lisa Lee with Ice Miller Law Firm – $1,000.00

Brenda Horn with Ice Miller Law Firm – $1,000.00

Philip Genetos with Ice Miller Law Firm – $1,000.00

Thomas Downs with Ice Miller Law Firm – $1,000.00

Barnes & Thornburg Law Firm – $1,000.00

Ersal Ozdemir President and CEO of Keystone Construction Corporation – $1,000.00

David Schroeder-$2.300

The Referral Company LLC (interesting that this office is located at FC Tucker – Emge) – in -kind service for $5,152.25

Micheal Hinton-$11,000

D. Sanjay Patel-$6,000

J P Engelbreckt-$2,200

Burkley and Sharon McCarthy-$10,000

James Wade-$2,500

Steven Jones-$5,100

In addition to the above donations Mayor Winnecke paid out $388,000 to Axiom Advertising firm of Evansville for all of his campaign marketing efforts in 2011.

It is also worth noting that the Indiana Republican State Central Committee donated $100, 540.83 total, 8% of Winnecke’s total campaign contributions for his entire 3 year period as Mayor.  We are puzzled why $65,183 of this donation was returned to the Indiana Republican State Central Committee as in-kind services.

Paid the Kunkel Group Realty $28,000 for rent.

Paid Public Opinion Strategies polls $40,000

Paid Barbender Cox  $31,120 for Media Productions

Paid  $52,000 Limestone Strategies for Political consulting work

This begins our segment looking into some of the campaign contributions and expenditures report for Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s early stint as Mayor of Evansville.  Next week we shall be providing more information concerning the Mayor’s 2011 political fundraising report.

Finally, the CCO shall be doing similar articles on County Commissioner and County Council  members who are running for re-election.


  1. The backroom deals begin to see the light of day! Hey Wayne 18 grand bought you 10-1 cost a little didn’t it. Still under a screen name and loving it!

    • rk812: As usual you are wrong on almost all things you write. “Stand-up” people do not hide behind screen names.

      There were no backroom deals.

      You need professional help. Please go.

      • Wayne you are a buffoon and prove it time and time again! I shook your hand one time and stated my name. You came back by me stated my name incorrectly and acted like you knew me and mine forever! So why do you want it so bad now!

        • rk812: Buffoon definition– usually an ill-educated or stupid person.

          I am neither ill-educated or stupid.
          What engineering college did you gradate from?
          What senior level leadership positions have you held?

          If I misstated your name, you should have told me right then. I do not hear well even though I wear 2 hearing aids.

          I believe if you had to state your full name, you would not write lies or make nasty remarks about people in the CCO.

    • Don’t forget Wayne’s Ameriqual buddies.

      I see a lot of Indy lobbying firms there too.

        • I have friends also , only difference is I don’t have to buy mine ,unlike you

          • Eviltaxpayer: If you are a upfront person that does not hide behind an assume name, you do not have to buy friends. Try it it—you might like it.

    • Only if there is any “influence” to peddle. If HCW doesn’t get their financing and downtown doesn’t rise from the dead with a Medical School located there, the only thing he has left to sell is the sewer project and a few small things on the side.

  2. McNeely needs to resign and apologise for promoting a Union buster. Wienecke donates and supports Pence who would do anything possible to destroy unions in Indiana. All union members should immediately call for their buisness agents to remove him from building trades and AFL CIO.

    • You union idiots endorse those that actually destroy your jobs. Clinton & Obama have cost more coal miners their jobs that quaker’s got oats.
      I’ll never understand how so many can blindly endorse liberals that year after year after year suck their jobs away.
      I know the majority is done by your union bosses who gather YOUR hard earned money but you never complain & continue to apout the liberal party line just as they write it down for you. Ptitful.

      • There wouldn’t be ANY unions if it was up to the Repubs. What are you babbling about?

        • Brains Benton: You are wrong. The workers decide if they want to have a union to represent them or not.

          By the way, I have had both union and union free hourly workers. Most workers a good workers and good citizens.

    • elconquitador: You do not know what you are talking about.

      Mayor Winnecke is not a union buster.

      McNeely is very supportive of his membership. While we are on different political sides and have different view points on certain things, McNeely has always behave in a professional manner towards me.

    • The UMWA members have figured out that their Union leadership supporting Obama and his war on coal was not a good idea.

  3. ahh, so refreshing to watch ‘The Beautiful People’ of EVV paying for ACCESS !

  4. Our local government has sunk to the pits the last ten years , Wayne you and your gooks and cronies are pitiful

      • Speaking of Mark Owen, I saw his name in a sheriff’s sale announcement recently. 5th 3rd Bank was the plaintiff. I guess old Weinzapfel didn’t take care of Owen after he used him up. Sad to read about that, he is a decent human being outside of his past association with usury political sharks.

    • WOW! You are not nice toay.

      I have a great team of people. It is OK that you are not on my team.

      • Because the captain of the team is a cheerleader at best. I mean you Wayne!!! My mommy had me tested and the doctors said he is normal just pessimistic.

        • rk812 says: “Because the captain of the team is a cheerleader at best.”

          “… cheerleader at best” It is very apparent you have not been on a real team for you to make that silly statement.

          Have you been in the military? worked in the police department? how about fireman? been on a basketball or football team? how about being a business leader?

          They all require more than being “a cheerleader at best.”

      • Was that you barking out ‘Omaha’ repeatedly last Sunday? Whatever it takes to motivate a great team is what must be done. With the mayor purportedly polling at 60%+ approval and a great team behind him, his reelection seems assured. (Unless the Democrats run somebody).
        Good article, looking forward to the next installments.

      • With the team of Politicans we have in evansville and in fed gov. We shall be a socialist state in no time
        thanks to greed and wanna be powers in charge

    • Eviltaxpayer: Some City Council people need to do something else, but overall our local government is doing a pretty good job.

      Who are you? Why do you hide behind an assumed name?
      What is your background experience to make such unfounded statements? Why don’t you run for office ?

      • I wouldn’t survive in evansville politics because I was brought up to do the right thing and tell the truth to my fellow man.

        • Eviltaxpayer: “Just” writing in the CCO is not going to change things to make things better.

  5. No wonder why Jack McNeely didn’t do anything to promote City Council members because he was in the Mayors pocket.

    I’m a long time loyal Democrat and would like for the powers that be not only chase him from the Democratic party but also out of town. He is a traitor to our party! McNeely made his living on the backs of hard working labor union workers and turn around and support a Mayor who helped kill the “Right To Work” law. This just shameful.

  6. Look at all the engineering firms lining up with their hands out. Paying their pound of tribute.

    Is anyone still in doubt about public works projects being largely about quid pro quo?

    • LOL…it’s interesting to say the least, that dinky hotel project is part of it but that 1 billion dollar CSO problem is what is feeding the mayors coffers, I wonder just how much money the past mayor and the current one can/has extract from these folks while holding off the EPA mandate?

      And Wayne…really $12k, I wish I had your resources.


      • This is an angle I haven’t really considered, but you’re right. Drawing out this project has the advantage of assuring the engineering hopefuls keep those campaign donations coming.

      • Blanger says: “And Wayne…really $12k, I wish I had your resources.”

        I wish you had resourses as well. You can start by graduating from a good engineering school and working 70 hours per week every week year after year like I did. Having good leadership skils are needed. Go for it. I wish you well.

        • You mean “resources”, Wayne. My father was an engineer, but he could spell, too.
          Good luck with those “leadership skills.”

        • I’m trying Wayne….but you know at my age working 7 days a week is really getting old but I’ve been doing it for so long I wouldn’t know what it was like to have nothing to do and just sit.

          But really what I meant was to have $12k of disposable income or savings that you could spend/donate with no ROI attached seems like frivolous spending to this old German…

          It’s the kind of money most of us use as a investment in our future and expect a reasonable ROI from, but in this context it kinda’ reminds me of the adage about brains, gun powder, and blowing your nose if you follow me.


          • Blanger: I believe in giving back to the community in both time and money. I want to to make our community the best it can be.

            I am concerned why more good people do not get involve in the political process–at least go vote.

          • I have the same concern, but you know folks are really put off by the political process and feel in a lot of ways powerless to change the way things are by a mere vote, yet we (I) do vote and encourage others that I have influence with to do the same.

            The problem is that most common folk want all the necessary services that they pay their taxes to provide, they want to be treated the same as someone who has the means to donate $12k to a politician, and they don’t want their tax money spent on frivolous things like arenas, parks, hotels, etc while allowing basic infrastructure to crumble around them.

            They feel if they can’t donate $12k they have no voice or influence in how things are done, or what things get accomplished, your a smart guy instead of spending your time being a power broker for the political elite or politically connected folks you should take a day and go out to Walmart volunteer to be a greeter and talk to the common folk, ask them what they want from government and from elected officials, ask them what would it take for them to actually get out and vote.

            And before you try to turn this on me I’ll tell you that I talk to common folks everyday along with the elite, the contrast in opinions you get is stark and eye opening, it’s really two totally different worlds these folks live in, and their wants and desires from government are totally different.

            There are many reasons common folk don’t get out and get involved, but the biggest is they feel they have no chance of effecting any meaningful change, that all politicians are corrupt, pandering, and condescending which most are, they see it on the nightly news, read it in the newspaper, and discuss it with family and friends.

            The second biggest reason is time allocation, working a job or two to provide a quality life for their family leaves little time for family much less any community involvement, and frankly leaves people dead tired, quality time with their family trumps all other concerns with the exception of making more money to provide for the family.

            These folk don’t have $12k to donate nor would they throw that money away on a political contribution with no ROI. if they had $12k it would be spent on family to improve their QOL or send a child to collage, or save for retirement, but yet they feel if they can’t donate a large sum of money their voice doesn’t carry any weight and doesn’t get any attention which really is a basic concept of voter apathy.

            Money is what effects change and gets your voice heard, money is what gets a politicians undivided attention, money is what motivates people to listen, $12k to you might be chump change but to common folk it’s a year of collage for a child, it’s a better car for the family, it’s needed improvements to their house or the ability to actually purchase a house…the list is endless as are the reasons people don’t get involved in the messy game call politics.


          • Lets see now: where is our former mayor employed now? My, I believe they are the firm that bills the Water department and the city of Evansville for the legal work involved in the bonding of certain projects.

            Who created the position of “Financial Officer” at the Water Department? Who did he personally select to fill that position?

            Would that same person have been involved in ignoring state statute on financial reporting on the contracts between the City of Evansville and SMG from 2006 to 2011?

            Did the Department of Local Government Finance ever do anything other than report that statute had been ignored concerning independent reviews of these annual contracts for the operation of the city’s entertainment venues?

            Is Mr. Weinzapfel in a position to continue to benefit financially from the Water & Sewer Department’s need to play catch-up on a sewer system that was woefully neglected during his administration and many other administrations prior to his?

            Tune in next week for another episode of “As the stomach turns”.


  7. How many of these contributors donated to the Democratic party, and how much? Unions and large contractors often “hedge” their bets. I’m not making any excuses, what McNeely did is reprehensible, IMO.

    • elkaybee: Start with checking out Democrat Dave Weddings CFA Campaign financial report. It is 69 pages long and has over $80,000 in his “Wedding for Sheriff” account effective 12/31/14.

      • If $80,000 is all he has in the account, and there is more than one donor’s name on a page, he is a pathetic excuse for a fund raiser. So far, he hasn’t impressed me.
        I think you’re a year off on that date, unless you’re psychic.

  8. Can you provide PDFs of the campaign finance reform documents for us to examine ourselves?

  9. The article in the C&P last week on campaign finance reports was for the year 2013.

    Why is this article referencing 2011 & 2012?

  10. I looked at The Courier’s PDF back in 2011. The only thing that caught my eye – because I’m a nobody who doesn’t know more than 1 or 2 of the names you mentioned above – was Carol McClintock was on the “payout” portion. The mayor’s wife was paid $1,000 I think for “good will.” Ha! I thought. She must not be as rich as she makes everyone believe if she had to pay a salary from her husband’s campaign account! I wonder if she claimed that on her irs taxes?

  11. I asked Mr. Parke on here if he could please purchase a $15 wreath for Wreaths Across America to place a wreath around a veteran’s headstone. He ignored it. Now, he’s on Winnecke’s campaign report for 12 grand? I’m glad we see what your real priorities are Wayne.

    This list stinks from top to bottom. And the names on the CCO just scratch the surface. You’ll find a whole lot more when you dig through the 119 pages.

    • You think this list stinks, you should see the list of donors for Jonathan Weinzapfel’s two mayoral campaigns.


      • No kidding, one of them is his current employer and a beneficiary of the patronage of the Winnecke Administration. And how about that well paid speech Weinzapfel made for Johnson Controls in Vancouver? DISGUSTING!! The whole lot of em is DISGUSTING!

  12. Thank you for the info, CCO! My pharmacist thanks you, too. I just ordered the Valium that is reserved for special occasions such as this.

    • It’s often painful to see the curtain pulled back. You cannot be blamed for dealing with it pharmaceutically. When I saw that $8200 by Ellerbrook’s name I thought he’d won another award, so I dropped. After I discovered it wasn’t yet another prize for him, I dropped again. I’ll sleep well tonight.

  13. Let me get this straight the unions donated money to a RIGHT TO WORK MAYOR who in turn donated $5,000.00 to a Republican Govenor (Pence) who supports the RIGHT TO WORK law and worked with Daniels to get the state law passed. I guess as long as there is at least 1 union job left the BA’s will still have their jobs and that is evidently all that they care about not the union members that they are supposed to represent and protect. Welcome to Evansville politics, it is a sad day when the local union BA’s are in bed with the Republicans.

  14. Rumor has it that Jack McNeely contributed $250.00 to Winnecke when McNeely was the Democrat Chairman does anyone have a snake bite kit that I can borrow just in case I get bit by one of these snakes?

  15. It’s a shame the CCO wasn’t around when Mayor Weinzapfel was in office. They could print the donations from Indianapolis that gave us the John, er, Ford Center.

    It’s truly shocking that people contribute to political candidates. SHOCKING!!!

    • Where have you been? CCO and the posters on CCO were the first to point out how Weinzapfel was shoveling local tax dollars to out of town businesses, mostly Indy, in order to create the loyalties Weinzapfel would need to make a statewide run for office. Of course those same out of town firms made generous kickba….. I mean “donations” to his mayoral campaigns.


  16. Didn’t both American Structurepoint and Bernard, Lockmueller and Associates donate to the Rick Davis For Mayor Campaign? If so, what self servicing phonies!

  17. Thanks to Marsha and the Mayor for giving most all the county and city tire business to my competitor. Wonder if any tire company donated to the Mayors or Marsha campaigns?

  18. Wayne Parke – What is your raging hard on to know someones real name when they ask something of you you can not answer or do not like.

    It’s you M.O., like a bitch, to say… ‘you hide behind a screen name’.

    Examples of you being a skipping record in this articles replies alone…

    “I believe if you had to state your full name, you would not write lies or make nasty remarks about people in the CCO.”

    “Eviltaxpayer: If you are a upfront person that does not hide behind an assume name”

    “elkaybee: Are you taking your medicine?” -clearly you know this person or you’d have the same comment about name

    “Eviltaxpayer: Some City Council….
    Who are you? Why do you hide behind an assumed name?”
    Somebody clean that record, the needles hoppin!

    No one owes you their name Wayne. And clearly, based on how highly you regard yourself and your position one, being a standard working po-folk, would be a fool to declare their name to an asshat such as you to be able to find out who/what/when and where they are.

    If I want you to know who I am, I’ll invite you to a lunch somewhere.

    Until then, my comments I’m allowed to share and my privacy I’m allowed to keep. Just as you’re allowed to freely be a douchebag wherever you are or, comment forum you reply to.

    • kar: If want creditability and want to be an upfront person and have your comment taken seriously, you will state your name.

      “standard working po-folk”–I was the last of 13 kids and raised on a farm. I fully understand what it means not to have money .I also know how to work hard and smart and be successful.

      Calling anybody a “douchebag ” tells me a lot about you.

      • And what you just said, says a lot about you.

        We can do your stupid little banter all day long.

        In the end, you’re still a non-answering skipping record. Adhere to your MO.

        Considering your credibility, I don’t need you giving me a lecture on that subject.

        Sleep comfortably tonight, I’m sure you will.

        If me calling you a d-bag tells you that I see you for who you are, then yes, you’re correct. Good insight to realizing what I meant.

        jaa ne

  19. If these are what was given for the year 2011:

    2011 was the city election year.

    2011, he was still a county commissioner.

    2011, he was pushing for the failed merger attempt.

    2011 donations could had gone towards any of the three mention activities.

    $6,400 is only 1% of total donations for your “union bashers” information.

    $637,600 is 99% of total donations that are expecting a huge ROI if he won!

    A portion of this site accuse LW of being a Demo with a Repu. suit attached.

    This Armstrong Township resident still thanks “all” county residents (as defined by “EX” county commissioner president Tornnato”) for the failed merger attempt. They seen that it would not be the golden egg to correct city ran government.

    • This is 2000 and 2002 data. I have not yet researched Weinzapfels donations for his second term as mayor of Evansville.


  20. I’d venture Evansville could be in the running for a spot on the Top Ten list of Professional, Political AK-ers in the State.
    Hindsight,– Evansville should have courted, (and maybe even offered $17.5 Million or so of Taxpayer’s Dollars)to get the Chapstick Company to locate here long ago folks,..and it’s factory workers would be enjoying the benefit of Good job security with NO layoffs.

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