IS IT TRUE January 7, 2015


IS IT TRUE the testy meeting of the Evansville City Council on Monday night has now had an overnight to sink in and there is something first and foremost that is now blatantly obvious?…the Winnecke Administration has withheld material information from the City Council and from the people of Evansville for an extended period of time regarding the complications of the financing?…they have not only withheld material information, but they are now engaged in what some would call a “bait and switch” tactic where a $71.3 Million project that included a high rise hotel, a parking garage, and an apartment complex is devolving into a twin version of Riverhouse style hotel buildings and nothing else?…the Winnecke Administration is pursuing this “bait and switch” in a secret negotiation involving the City, HCW, and Old National Bank?…the source for this information is none other than Mayoral Chief of Staff Steve Schaefer from his testimony before the City Council?…it also seems as though they have every intention of moving forward with some watered down non-expandable deal with the authority to commit the full $20 Million that the City Council approved for a subsidy for A $71.3 MILLION PROJECT?

IS IT TRUE the City Council, or at least all of them who are not named McGinn, Mosby or Weaver, were visibly disturbed by the willful misrepresentation by omission that the Mayor has committed and let Mr. Schaefer know it?…the problem with what happened next is however typical of this Council when it comes to rolling over for the Mayor’s desires?…once again this Council showed lots of bark but no bite?…like an aging toothless dog this City Council erred on the side of giving the Mayor what he wants and failed to even bring Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley’s motion and Connie Robinson’s second rescind the approval for the $20 Million subsidy to a vote?…they barked allot over the Earthcare Energy LLC debacle but rolled over and ratified what could have been a $5 Million waste of the taxpayer’s dollars?…they barked allot over the Johnson Controls space age water meters that Weinzapfel shoved through during his last hours as Mayor, but rolled over for Winnecke who took up Weinzapfel’s cause?…the barked allot over the failure to VET the principals of HCW, but rolled over when the vote was taken?…they just did the same darn thing?…the only member of the Council who has consistently showed some courage in opposing Mayor Winnecke’s hair brained financial schemes has been Councilwoman Riley?…with no consequence to pay for entering into nonsensical agreements without VETTING other than Mr. Schaefer taking a tongue lashing for his boss, there is no reason to expect anything else during 2015?…the modus operandi for this Council is and has always been BARK, BARK, BARK, and then ROLL OVER?

IS IT TRUE there was no mention of one of the most important players in the hotel game by Mr. Schaefer last night?…that would be the actual construction company that would build whatever amended kluge is brought forward?…one would think that the Ford Center “golden child” Hunt Construction would be part of the negotiation as without a firm quote all the words of Mayors, bankers, and developers are about as worthless as the City Councils barking?

IS IT TRUE a member of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission who took to the lectern last night to plead for moving forward so “we don’t lose the $2 Million we have already spent” seems to have forgotten what the money was spent on?…part of the money was spent on a detail design of a high rise hotel, an apartment building, and a parking garage?…it seems to reason that if the design of the hotel is changes dramatically and the other two structures will not be built at all that the $1 Million or so spent on design is ALREADY WASTED WHETHER THE PROJECT MOVES FORWARD OR NOT?…the other part of the money was supposedly spent on core drilling and analysis on the lot?…that constitutes characterizing the GEOLOGY OF THE LOT prior to construction?…that part of the work will not be changing anytime soon unless a John Kish frightening earthquake happens, so that money has not been wasted even if it takes 20 years to start construction?…this has always been the problem with the ERC?…they have exhibited no knowledge of finance, never heard of VETTING, and this guy seems to think that obsolete plans have value and that the geology of the lot changes with the phases of the moon?…it is our hope that newly appointed ERC Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave will bring a large helping of sanity and competence to an appointed commission that has been devoid of such things for at least 10 years?

IS IT TRUE that the City Council can ratify a new bond issue very quickly if the Mayor ever comes back with a plan that will work?…based on that one fact the only reasonable action considering the shameless way that material information has been withheld and theatrics have driven the process is to rescind the prior approval with the option to amend or reinstate should an achievable proposal ever come from the Mayor and his compadres?…one of those compadres in the form of Councilman Jonathan Weaver is reported to have once again requested a police escort to his car after a Monday’s Council meeting?  …it is laughable that a young man in good physical condition like Councilman Weaver should fear a member of the graying Geritol Mafia for him telling what they think of him?


  1. Is it true that Weaver is a chicken? No? or Yes? Maybe the Mayor should let Weaver Move into the Civic Center full time so that he can sleep in the Mayor’s office up on the Third Floor and feel safe being guarded and behind the locked gates of the civic center. It’s time for the voters to throw that man out on the street where he belongs.

    Now that the city council has time to regroup I sure hope they figure out what’s going on and recent the vote to bond 20 million dollars for this hotel deal for now. They can then allow proper vetting of the hotel deal and make sure that all the private financing is locked down and ready to go and can’t be taken away like the Old National Bank Deal was taken back. In fact it might be better to just cancel putting any public tax money into this hotel deal and focus on getting the Medical Center from IU built first. Like President of the City Council Dr. Dan Adams suggested in the last city council meeting, this hotel might just be build by the private sector once the Medical Center is in place. They would be more of a reason for the private sector to invest money in building a hotel downtown if the IU Medical Center People have a need for over night housing in the Downtown Area.

    Or maybe instead of a hotel they might turn that lot into a city parking lot for those that have to do business in the Civic Center downtown. There is always a need for more parking around the Civic Center and the Fraud Center.

    • Could the Mayor’s Meth Tank be repurposed to provide Mr. Weaver safe passage to/from meetings and the Bokeh Lounge ? EVANSVILLE TRANSPARENCY: I see lightbulbs overhead.

      • Have EarthCare and Johnson Controls jointly build a Star Trek transporter system that can beam City Council members safely to and from their meetings.

    • He’ll be ok as long as he continues to keep a stiff upper lip and hang around with Mosby. How much better could it get for that little chicken?

    • According to Buster, this time it was Connie Robinson. It isn’t his first panic attack, though. This was at least the third time he’s felt the need for protection. I do not believe Connie voiced any kind of physical threat to the Beav, but she may well have told him that his “political career” is in danger. So, she probably spoke the truth and it scared him to death.

      • I don’t have a subcription so I can’t read the entire article but even in the two free paragraphs I can already see you’re not telling the whole story. Typical.

      • No one will relocate a business to a place where it will be attacked and destroyed by evil unions. It’s why we can’t bring jobs here. Failing schools and unions it’s a double whammy against Evansville.

      • If that’s the case that RTW is working then when is Whirlpool coming back here to Evansville, IN?

        • Answer: When you build the globally balanced infrastructure to support the investment, They already know the workforce is a plus, plus, They trained a lot of them, 5S, Six Sigma, and production throughput logistics. Even statistical process control per design standards. Which according to our former Whirlpool contacts were always set at a bar, or “water mark” above the sectioned national requirements.
          They, that’s that workforce did that, your former mayors support melted due the bailout of your old downtowns inept real estate dirge . Clearly, then as presented to the astute, and now any morons, duh.
          Both those applied politically pushed patronage systems have squarely failed, dramatically. It is what they (It) planned (is) so, deal with it. One might try advancing some real science per the local revenue solutions. Some stuff just works, always has , always will.

          Its the archaic logistics and totally overboard utility costs that a global manufacturer put the analysis of profitability to. You failed when they left, and you fail now. “Everybody knows that.”

  2. IS IT TRUE- “the testy meeting of the Evansville City Council on Monday night has now had an overnight to sink in and there is something first and foremost that is now blatantly obvious?”

    ~b~ It has become blatantly obvious that Winnecke is both incompetent AND a liar, …
    … not one or the other.

    IS IT TRUE- “they are now engaged in what some would call a “bait and switch” tactic”

    ~b~ Since the project is now undefined … changing and different … a changed and different financial authorization is required. The former 20 million dollar commitment no longer is valid.

    IS IT TRUE- “like an aging toothless dog this City Council erred on the side of giving the Mayor what he wants”

    ~b~ Remember Council, … you are elected and represent the people. Do our business like you know WE would have you do it. You have the authority to say NO. When you use that authority it takes you to the next level.

    I cannot help but wonder … what mantra is repeated over and over in the minds of our representatives as they ascend the marble stepway that delivers them to the Civic Center.

    Could they be chanting:
    “I leave my conscience, my common sense and my very soul behind as I enter into
    The Sacred Palace of Squander. May I not only lick the boot, but may I lick it well.”

    I suggest the mantra should be:
    “I represent the people who sent me here. To these and these alone … I owe my duty and my honor.
    May I follow my best instincts and virtues in every choice.
    And when challenged, may I respond like a man, …
    … not a mouse. …”

    • In this case, they should respond like a woman, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley. Can you imagine how much we could advance with a City Council that had six people with her intelligence and guts?

      • One must agree that Riley has more courage and sense of duty that the rest lumped together. Her service has been exemplary. Her personal struggles are understandable and have not effected my high regard for her. Like cream, she will rise to the top like many others who have transcended the thick greasy mire that is Evansville politics. …

      • They tried to make an example of her. Tried to ruin her. It did succeed in cowing the rest of the council. To do this mayor’s bidding, on anything, is not representing the public. The dishonesty, vacuity and frankly stupidity of the administration is shown by Shaefer everytime he opens his mouth. It is borderline astounding.

        We should consider ourselves fortunate to have seen real representation of the people by SBR. I hope we haven’t seen the last of her in public service. What she did and continues to try to do is very rare. It should be the norm.

        Unfortunately it’s an old story, tinhorn machine politicians will wear even the best down in the long run.

        • “Unfortunately it’s an old story, tinhorn machine politicians will wear even the best down in the long run.”

          ~b~ Sadly so, Bandy. … Sadly so. …

        • Actually she is the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s no more embarresing than No one’s friend anyway. Or Missy. They all drink alcohol at times. Only a moron tea drinker would think that’s a problem. SBR is one of just a few on the city council that I would vote for.

        • Is that you, Lloyd? Carol? Steve? Kelley? There aren’t many people who would post such a statement and expect to be taken seriously, you know.

          • Eh, we know exactly who that continues to be. No surprise there.
            Stay on’em EKB . And start a boycott against those godamned biased mainstreams.
            No view per advertising , Just flip it or push it to the next channel, guess then there is no real sustenance for the BS pushers.
            The “furrier and suppressed” the “tristates gnome page” or the “news double seven machined schmooze.” Does Audra still flop down with the ole dead zones Jabba the cook?

            There you have it, no sand just a Phat value, for nothing.
            Push it,

  3. CCO:

    Can you get your hands on the C&P article–the first one–written immediately after the demise of Hotel Round 4 ?

    John Martin used specific language to state that the valuation was a problem immediately after ONB made the commitment, which I believe was right before the Golden Shovel moment, Feb/March 2014. Compare that to Schaefer’s comments re: December 18th date when he stated problems were first known, and you will have your proof of a coverup, or ‘bait/switch’.

  4. I PROPOSE . . . .

    That there be a Citizens Committee which helps to oversight Public Works projects in this City.

    All volunteer, appointed by City Council to expand its “eyes and ears”. In the three years I have lived here, the Council has done a poor job of keeping tabs on the progress of projects. Recent examples: Johnson Controls, Hotel. This Citizens Committee would cost us nothing, and provide valuable insight into in-process projects.

    • +1. A Citizen Panel for each big Project the City takes on. Let the citizens serve as “Monitors”, checking on progress, problems, expenditures and contractors making political contributions. I am sure the Mayor won’t mind a group of citizens taking a good look at the records . . . .Good idea !

      • I love the use of the word ‘Monitors’. This is the way it should be: the public monitoring its elected officials. Let’s start immediately with this concept.

  5. Did Mr. Weaver really request a police escort to his car after a City Council meeting, repeat a City Council meeting??

    • Yep, he and Connie Robinson had an altercation in the hallway over something he said to her. She got in his face pretty hard. I guess Weaver is afraid a 60 year old woman is gonna whip his ass. It isn’t the first time he has done this either. There are other council members whose words have sent Weaver into the protective arms of the cops too. The bottom line is that Weaver is a big coward except when bullying smaller people.

      • That’s what woman beaters are all about, Buster. I know. I was married to one for fifteen years.

      • This post was taken down because it was not only personal but also threatening.

        Any more similar posts against any person by you shall result in removal from the CCO.


        • You do realize that you are making a threat against a public official, don’t you??

      • Manly Man can put the smack down on a scrawny woman, but pees down his leg when someone looks at him crosseyed. Somebody get Weasel some Midol, and products

  6. Wait…what? Jonathan Weaver asked for a police escort? Did the officer hold Weavers hand as they walked down the hallway? That is rich.

    “Bait and switch” is exactly what this entire hotel debacle is. Steve Davis -who correctly coined the entire project with those two words- was questioning the hotel projects validity a few weeks before it collapsed under the weight of its lies.

    Where was Missy Mosby during all this calamity? She sure wasn’t looking out for her “constituency” as she always claims. Steve Davis isnt even elected yet and is doing a better job of protecting the taxpayers of the 2nd Ward.

    Its very apparent Winnecke &Co. are in lies up to their necks. He is sinking fast and considering Mosby and Weaver are his dependents and tied at the hip they will go down with him. Goodbye.

  7. I doubt there was any hand-holding, as I expect the Police Officer would have refused, but Beav may have liked that idea.
    Missy probably headed immediately to meet with constituents at the Marigold or some other Second Ward watering hole. I’m sure she gets good, representative opinions in the bars around her ward.

    • If Missy er I mean Messy went to her constituents that would be the mayor and her husband lloyd

  8. “the only member of the Council who has consistently showed some courage in opposing Mayor Winnecke’s hair brained financial schemes has been Councilwoman Riley?…”

    Yes, that is very, very true. It makes me heartsick to know she won’t be on City Council after next year. I can only hope she does what she needs to do and comes back to a leadership role in our city very soon. In a more normal place in the universe, SBR’s courage and conscience would bring out the better angels in her peers, but this is Evansville. Now it is going to be up to Gail Riecken and Cheryl Musgrave to stand up for the good and genuine people of this city.

  9. I ask the counsil members. Would you order a new car at an agreed on price, with the assigned options, only to have them call later saying they can’t honor the deal. But they will give you something off the lot with not so many baubbles at the original price. Any change should require a new vote, anything less is negligence on the councils part. Stand up and grow a pair!

  10. EDITOR…

    You must be more fair in presentation of articles. Your integrity is important, IS IT NOT?

    1. The “Keystone Fight Is About Much More” article in the CCO’s front web page this morning does not mention the author. Who is the author? That’s important, right? How can you judge the context of this article w/out knowing that?

    2. What is the source of the article?
    a. Is it coming from the White House?
    b. Is it coming from The Onion?
    c. Is it coming from Politico?
    d. Is it coming from the website of the national Republican Party? Or the Democratic Party?
    All three have wildly different perspectives, right?

    I mean, EDITOR is IN THE BUSINESS. You know this is important.

    It turns out this article is written by Phil Kerpen. Phil is the author of “Democracy Denied: How Obama is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America – and How to Stop Him.” He works for or has worked for 5-6 Tea Party backed organizations in the past four years.

    No problem with that. EDITOR should let the reader know WHERE THE ARTICLE IS COMING FROM. Because the article is filled with, not facts, but all kinds puffery and propaganda….Editor is supposed to have SOME obligation to help the reader with CONTEXT.


      This has been a common problem with the CCO in the past – The CCO posts independently written articles without showing the author or the source. This violates all kinds of journalism rules, and is NOT something you would find at a real news and journalism web site or source.

      This behavior makes the City-County-Observer appropriately vulnerable to accusations the CCO is NOT a news and journalism site like the Courier & Press, but is instead the CCO is a simple OPINON BLOG – dime a dozen stuff.

      That the CCO fails to mention the author or the source of this article, and several other independently written articles in the past, reinforces to the READER and the ADVERTISERS of the CCO…that you are not associating yourself with a news web site the competes with the Courier & Press. You are logging onto a BLOG.

    • Riverfront Shem

      First thing, BRAVO! I agree with you 100%

      I have commented and suggested this before. I do NOT say that as a negative to detract from what you say, but rather to support you and agree with you wholeheartedly on what you ask for and what you are trying to get the CCO Editor to agree to and provide.

      It has been commented to the CCO Editor before about a variety of journalistic issues about integrity and ethics. It has been commented to the CCO Editor on multiple occasions about proper attribution on articles. The list you provide under #2 above is phenomenal. Attribution is a key component of journalism, and the lack of that takes this website and reduces it from being considered as a journalism and media site and rather just an opinion blog.

      I think the aspects of calling the CCO an opinion blog can be debated with two important points that go beyond subjective and over into the objective side of consideration of what category and status the CCO should fall into (blog versus media)

      The first is the ongoing argument between City and County government and the CCO, and the annoyance that the CCO has expressed to the local arms of government (and especially the Mayoral staff) that they are not on the distribution list for “press releases” by local government. Unless something has changed, at last we knew the Mayor, City Council, and County Commission, were all still NOT on the list of automatic “press releases” being sent to the CCO. There is legal code (either State or local) that has a requirement that “local media” have to be sent any and all “press releases”, but I do not think the CCO has been successful in getting on “the list”. Therefore (kinda ipso facto) the CCO is not to be considered “news media”, which would seem to reduce their status from a journalistic endeavor and more of a opinion blog.

      The second aspect I would debate is that the CCO is NOT (unless recently changed) a member of the Hoosier State Press Association, and is not listed in Indiana as a “newspaper” as defined under Indiana statutes in various places. I would again proffer that after the length of time that the CCO has existed locally, lack of membership in the Hoosier State Press Association is a pretty clear indication of whether they should be considered “news media” or are they still an “opinion blog”

      I do not come on here to whack and harass the CCO and the various members of the CCO editorial staff. But like you, I have a critical eye when it comes to how I regard websites online. I think we all know that in 2015 it is fairly easy to go online and setup a website and author pretty much anything and everything that pops into your skull. If you want to program your own website and page, it is not only free on multiple hosts and ISP’s, once done you are absolutely free to write multiple articles per day on any and all topics that you chose to author. There is no restriction that you have to follow any of the principals of journalism that exist.

      Journalism ethics and standards comprise principles of ethics and of good practice as applicable to the specific challenges faced by journalists. There is almost universal agreement that journalistic ethics is to include the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability, as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public. One of the leading voices in America on the subject of Journalistic Standards and Ethics is the Society of Professional Journalists. The Preamble to its Code of Ethics states: “public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility” You can read a huge amount of information on journalistic ethics and standards on Wikipedia at

      Based on the questions that you rightfully raise, and the simple fact that everything you describe is valid from all viewpoints, I think the CCO Editor owes you a proper and reasoned response. I am especially supportive on the questions you point out about the complete and utter lack of proper attribution on “articles” that they post. There have been (and are currently being discussed) a number of investigations on plagiarism by certain right-wing sources (the current one is Dr. Ben Carson, and Rand Paul was also found to have done it), and I offer that by “copying and pasting” an article on the CCO they are attempting to state authorship of the article and as the source. That is not ethical, it is basically stealing the intellectual property of someone.

      I would go further and say that they really should respond to this post regarding press releases being sent to local “media” and whether they have been placed into the category of local “media”, and they should clarify their membership in the Hoosier State Press Association.

      Like you, I will wait to see if our questions and concerns get any sort of response, clarification, or answer from the CCO and/or the CCO Editor.

      Good job, Shem. Keep them honest!

      • Journalism ethics and standards comprise principles of ethics and of good practice as applicable to the specific challenges faced by journalists. There is almost universal agreement that journalistic ethics is to include the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability, as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public

        Is it true that If the above is what it takes to be considered a journalistic newspaper then I fail to see where the Evansville Courier and Press fits into these standards?

      • Y-G-B-K,

        I’ll be honest, I am STUNNED – it is SO unprofessional – absolutely STUNNED, the EDITOR of the City-County-Observer has not addressed this issue (failure to attribute the author and source of an article).

        I can’t BELIEVE it is missing from the end of the article…STILL today.

        These are regular, everyday media (even blog) standards….and by failing to repair and address the problems the EDITOR of the CCO looks silly, insignificant, unprepared and unprofessional.

        Glad to see there are other readers here at the CCO with similar professional expectations.

        • You are still “hitting on all cylinders” on this topic. Right on the money again.

          And you did all the work for them. You did the research and located the exact source of the plagiarized material, you gave the author and the article, and the only thing left would have been the website they stole it from.

          Like you, I am just glad to have a “like minded” reader to request just the basics of journalism on the CCO and from the Editor. And it looks like others have the same comments and thoughts.

          If a website (or blog) wants to be accepted as an accredited member of the “media” and to be classified as a “news organization” rather than just a “blog”, then they are obligated (IMHO) to follow at least to the minimum standards of journalism.

          To do otherwise is not only disingenuous, it exponentially increases the aspect of altering the news to benefit their particular political leanings and rhetoric. It allows the question to be raised that they are not actually “reporting the news”, they are simply prattling in the hopes that someone believes them and expands their falsehoods, myths, mis-directions, and lies.

          You know, like Fox News……

  11. Why would the discovery that Winnecke withheld information vital to the public come as any great revelation? How long did it take before his administration told the public that the financial ledgers for the city were hopelessly out of balance? A year? A year and a half? And of course during that same time period the local yellow rag could not discover and report on the same.

    The May 5th Primary Elections will be here before you know it, and it is time for some serious conservatives, who have a track record of ethical behavior, to consider running for mayor on the republican ticket. Four more years of this is likely to drive a stake through the heart of the local party. Put together a mayoral team that would have the respect of the voters, and steer this ship away from the dark and troubled waters in which it has operated for so long, and into calmer seas where the sun is allowed to shine in.

    • “where the sun is allowed to shine in.” You’ll want to watch that stuff, Press.
      Sunshine’s relativity to illumination also has to do with the darkness as its offered, which in its self is created by the rotation of an bodies positioning. “Spin” so to speak.

      Sol lucet semper, eius in terris neant, quae creat, a tenebris.

      Whew, quit thinking like that ole sol might have heard you –>

      • Quid magis his diebus cogito perspicuitatis dumtaxat momenti, et dicentem se Jeffersoni caes mallem quam sine imperio, sine imperio caes. (Esther Dyson)

        • The overhead doesn’t lie, Just facts as recorded , what the specific is programmed for is universal.
          Never really works for political bullshit rants, its just facts, and recovered without program bias. The facts, nothing less, nothing more.

          “Umbra transit,, autem”

  12. Is it true…that this really happened? Is it true that Missy Mosby is in pure panic mode and posting ridiculous things on her page? Is it true that Missy Mosby works for YOU!?

    Straight from here Facebook page…

    Re-Elect Missy Mosby – Second Ward City Council
    Monday at 10:15am ·
    Was at the store this morning and someone comes up to me and says “I love what you are doing & what you stand for – let me shake your hand” then hands me his contact information and says “let me know how I can help with your bid for re-election”! Now, that my friends, is exactly why……Missy Mosby works for YOU!

    • She made that up. She is a small minded self serving fool and always has been. That is not going to change.

    • It didn’t happen at the store and it wasn’t a “he”. I suspect it’s what Carol McClintock told her when she was giving Missy the regular stipend she depends on.

      • Touché!! The moment Steve Davis came out on the scene her Facebook pages have been flooded with narcissistic posts. She thinks a lot of herself. Have you seen the 3000 selfies she has on there? That’s borderline mental sickness.

        I can picture her adding up her votes inside her head now…”me, myself and I…that’s three votes right there! I’m going to win!”

        • It seems like you have a TON of free time on your hands to go and count 3,000 photos. Maybe you should use that time constructively. How about donating time at a Hospice, Homeless Shelter, or Nursing Home? Maybe even run for office yourself instead of joining the “in” crowd of Missy haters! What’s the old saying…If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem?

          • Considering the tab on Facebook says “3000 photos” I really don’t see your point here. I didn’t have to count them. Facebook already did. I’m glad you are such a concerned person when it comes to my free time. Have you ever thought about becoming a consultant? I hear Winnecke pays top dollar for constantants. Maybe you should apply!

        • Sound bitter el? By suggesting someone help out at a homeless shelter, nursing home, or hospice? God forbid someone do that! Gasp! And as far as counting Facebook pictures Fool, maybe you did or maybe you didn’t count them. I just have better things to do with my time than troll someone’s Facebook page looking for ammo…such as volunteer time at said institutions.

    • Who knows what went on right here in river city from 2006-2011 between SMG and the city executive concerning city contracts for managing the city owned entertainment facilities. Those books never had an audit or an independent review, as required by law.

      After the big plug in, which is another scandal that should have interested the state or the feds if the state played ignorant, which they did, the six years of missing reviews on the SMG contracts just melted away into oblivion.


  13. Looks like “Chief Billy” just got served by a judge for his “Grandma’s hiding a terrorist” flash-bang incident. This one’s going to cost the City and it’s insurance company a pretty penny. Bet “the Poop” is real proud of his appointment now. Maybe his toadie Steve can put some spin on it. Next on the list: fireman on a bike.

        • Interesting that someone on the Chat over at the EC&P is supporting the Police in that case. I’ve got a feeling that the police chief is in trouble and the city will pay for this mistake. But only time will tell. With politics in this town even at the Federal Level it’s hard to tell what will happen in any case.

  14. why mock mr weaver CCO for his request for protection in this day and age……e town has had a drunk death threat by a loony city council member………we still remember Russel G lloyd Sr who was very healthy but was shot by a loony constant complainer mental patient……CCO this is nothing to make fun of……..CCO you are lowering your standards to please the constant complaining activist……..,_Sr.

    • If Weaver didn’t vote the wrong way so much he might be more popular in here. I use to support him years ago but he’s not the same guy anymore IMHO. Did the police follow him home and tuck him into bed too? When you represent the people you better do a good job maybe. When millions of dollars are being wasted like it seems these days it’s no wonder people get upset with their leaders. I think that the CCO like many other’s calls it like it is.

  15. Looks like our local casino has had another epic fail restaurant. The Tropicana has just announced that the Sports Book Bar and Restaurant has closed. Can Boogie Nights and Mama Mia’s be far behind? Seriously, don’t they get it? RiRa’s is great and successful and there’s a reason it’s great and successful. Stop bringing in these wanta’ be restaurants. Bite the bullet and bring in a corporate theme designer restaurant. Shutter Boogie Nights and put in a Carrabba’s or a Joe’s Crab Shack or a Romano’s or a Chuy’s or a Ruby Tuesday. As far as Mama Mia’s goes, rip that sucker out and stick in a Mickey D’s.

      • Heck really those Tropicana marketing people know the tables. You all give them some decent infrastructure, they’ll give you some real TIF numbers.
        You’ve got a butt load of machine sported boneheads working that balance right now. Those boneheads come in all sizes shapes and gender forms. The majority is squarely planted in that stinking infrastructures real estate marketers. Note: “stinking”.

        Example: Drive Riverside drive in Evansville. That’ll beat the available shocks off anyone’s off road vehicle. Patches, for garbage utilities accesses, chuck holes, and a ride the chop assed roadway surface.
        Are you serious? These guys float your cities TiF bullshit straight up, and that’s the best access given, Hell, Mt Vernon Indiana, would pave the way for them, so far, we’d guess its a mercy deal, we cannot figure why the Tropicana hasn’t drove the boat down river by now.
        Go ahead build that “doubled footprint lego tree high inn”, however you might consider what would happen next. ………
        We absolutely know what, as a global social economic environmental organization we would do. Let your stupid assed two party machine politicos fill that gap from they’re own pockets !

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