IS IT TRUE February 21, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE of the group of Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the spending of the City of Evansville on legal services all but one of the offices that received these requests from the City County Observer have responded promptly and positively to comply with the law and make those documents available within the time provided by the law?…the good news is that somewhere around the middle of March we will have this information for our readers to peruse and analyze?…the one office that has not yet responded within the 72 hours they legally have to respond is the EVANSVILLE WATER AND SEWER UTILITY?…perhaps they are too busy patching up broken water pipes to dash off a letter to the CCO and we will cut them a short break for that but if we do not get a response they should be aware that the law is on our side in this matter? …that we have learned to expect very little follow through from the City of Evansville Water and Sewer department because of the many political patronage employees they have working for them?

IS IT TRUE the EVANSVILLE WATER AND SEWER UTILITY is the one entity that the people of Evansville need to have staffed with super talented individuals going forward as the lion’s share of future spending mandated by the EPA and otherwise is going to be managed by that department?…we are all familiar with the EPA mandate to repair the sewers at a cost of at least $540 Million and possibly closing in on a Billion dollars if the delays continue?…the other problem that should be obvious after this winter is that there are approximately 1300 miles of cast iron water lines that are already past the expiration date that need to be scheduled for repair?…like many peoples’ arteries, the aged water mains in Evansville are in need of balloon surgery, stints, or outright replacement?…one CCO Mole tells us that Director Allen Mounts says that the fix is estimated at 200 million?…other’s knowledgeable in such things puts the repair price tag at closer to $500 Million?…with perhaps $1.5 Billion in maintenance and replacement work on the horizon Evansville cannot afford to have good old boys (or girls) in the power positions in the EVANSVILLE WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT?…what will be needed is the sharpest minds with the sharpest pencils who have a track record of execution and auditable financial performance?

IS IT TRUE that recently the Mayor of Owensboro made a few heads explode at the Civic Center by floating a trial balloon to shift I-69 to cross the Ohio River at the new bridge just east of Owensboro?…while Owensboro has been kicking Evansville’s backside with well planned and executed downtown improvements, this idea of moving I-69 ranks right up there with putting new water meters on dilapidated water pipes?…I-69 has been on the drawing board for over 50 years and billions of dollars have already been spent on the first half of the project?…while it is true that a new bridge to span the Ohio River between Evansville and Henderson will be expensive, it will not be so expensive that abandoning a route chosen in the 1950’s is even feasible?…the CCO suggests that the Mayor of Owensboro climb down off of the delusional ledge he walked out on and concentrate on getting a spur that may be called I-269 to assure a north-south interstate with access to Owensboro is on a drawing board somewhere?…Mayor Payne knows better than to expect this and we suspect he was just seeing if he could get Mayor Winnecke to spontaneously erupt into a chicken fat dance?…Mole #23 tell us he sort of did?

IS IT TRUE that former member of the Soviet Union known as the Ukraine has joined the United States among nations that have had their credit rating downgraded?…from a financial perspective this is not good company to keep in the credit ratings contest?…while we wish the people and the Ukraine well and hope to see them depart from a path to civil unrest or even war, we think giving pause to the thought that the credit of the United States preceded the Ukraine with a credit downgrade?…that is what happens when government is seen as ineffective and when the printing press is used to debase the currency?…deposits are fleeing the Ukraine for safer and more stable banks as well?…we trust that the flight of capital as has happened in Greece, Spain, and now the Ukraine sounds familiar as the calls for the heads of companies who offshore capital has been sounded right here in the good old USA recently too?


  1. The key will be to COMBINE the CSO costs; the water mains costs; and the Johnson Controls meters costs. Then fold in multiple bank accounts. Make the appropriations vague. This way, by combining everything, no one is accountable. We just have a larg, large pile of spending which will take decades to unravel.

    Not to mention a treasure trove of contributions from vendors.

        • Sure why not, the 20,000 page ACA was passed without reading it, something as paltry this should do just fine.

  2. RE: Ukraine instability…the US has an interest here, but this is primarily an EU and Ukraine/Russia issue. Perhaps it’s good/populist “copy” for the CCO to talk about credit downgrades, and good politics to sloth about whining about another foreign government crisis the US has failed to control (like we even WANT to…give me a break.) This is about Westernization of Ukraine or attempts to preserve the Russian sphere of influence – a sphere that is dying.

    • I didn’t take the intent of CCO comments about the matter in that way. I read it as CCO main gist of our current administration coupled with the Federal Reserve to be as feckless as Ukraine at managing their money. CCO is absolutely right the downgrading of our countries credit rating is something that in the past happened to other countries.

      And like Ukraine we are experiencing the same issue that happens anytime credit ratings are dropped; investors go elsewhere or sit on the sidelines until the government gets their crap together. I fear in our case that may never happen.

  3. Outside our borders we are not thought of in as high regard as many people would like to believe. We have been on a steady decline & will remain on that slippery slope until Obama is out of office & his replacements use the next decade – 15 years to rebuild what he has dismantled.
    Heaven help us if Hillary succeeds him.
    God bless the people of Ukraine as they fight for their beliefs.

    • ….Heis, you would have more credibility w/ such egregious Obama/Clinton comments if you at least acknowledged that 8yrs of a GOP Bush White House preceded the most significant and swiftest loss of American assets since the Great Depression.

      I’m a GOP’r, but even I can’t deny that Bill Clinton’s 8 years in office were every bit peace and prosperity compared to today’s USA.

      You’re gonna have a problem defending Hilary making that claim…cause it’s coming.

      • Sounds like Heis would have rather had “boots on the ground” in Iran, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, (still) Iraq, Howell (Mud center) and parts of Occupied Manchuria by electing McCain.

        Maybe Heis wasn’t the least bit concerned about the “one heartbeat ” away from the presidency person whose brain had froze at least 3 times destroying this 6,000 year old earth she proclaimed to know so much about.

        I’m going to have to disagree with Heis on this one.

      • The bottom line is that the US cannot and MUST not continue in role of policing the world. Those who expect this country to continue minding the business of the rest of the world are living in the past.
        Snap out of it, Heis. Being angry will gain you nothing. Obama won the presidency TWICE, and Hillary will win if she runs.

        • Your second sentence has nothing to do with the first. It came from the soapbox.

          With respect to policing the world from an American perspective we would certainly save lots of borrowed money if we ceased that practice. The real question is who will step up and want to be king. Today that would be the most powerful man in the world according to Time Magazine, Vladimir Putin. The socialists in Europe have the most to lose by us backing out of our policing role. I expect you would hear wailing and knashing of unemployed people with free healthcare if the USA put the word out that we are disarming and will not be able to honor our mutual protection treaties. You see, the socialists Europeans are freeloading off of us too Komrad Linda.

        • I never even implied we should intervine at this point. I simply pray for those people.
          Yes, Obama won twice & I won’t expect anyone except a democrat to win anytime soon w/ all the illegals & non working voting to keep their free ride coming at the working person’s expense.
          That will have to stop at some point-even the most liberal liberal has to admit that- at least to themselves.

      • Westisbest:
        I’ll concede that many disliked Bush but at least he had the respect of most of the world leaders. They knew where he stood & that we wouldn’t let crap like has happened recently happen w/o repercussions.
        Bengasi alone should ruin Hillary’s chances.
        And shame on Obama for letting it come & go w/o settling the score. We lost a lot of face over that & other fiasco’s these idiots have overseen.
        I won’t be surprised if another dempcrat wins. They are stacking the deck with illegal immigrants every day in their favor.
        We’re in a heck of a mess but hardly anyone seems to care about doing what is right. It’s much easier to follow & support whatever their party says.
        Sad to think what kind of a world our grandkids will inherit because it isn’t looking good in my eyes.

    • From first hand experience, I can testify to our diminished regard. Lets hope that gets better soon; but probably not until 2016.

  4. Ummmm do you realize most of the democratic developed world is liberal??? Very Liberal.

    In GENERAL most countries in the developed world have have strong gun control, universal health care, high budgets for education,strong unions, strong social safety net and higher taxes.They practice capitalism, but capitalism that is highly regulated.

    Do you understand that W was probably the most hated and despised man in the world during his term?

    I often wonder how many of the RWer’s in SW Indiana have ever traveled outside of the tri-state for more than a few days.

    • Capitalism that is “highly regulated” is not capitalism in the purest sense, in your sentence it should read “crony capitalism”.

    • You are correct. The results are however much different than what the US is accustomed to.

      If we are ready to accept double digit unemployment forever due to lack of opportunity we should follow the EU. The high degree of regulations lead to desirable things like long vacations, free healthcare, and a fat social safety net but undesirable things like brain drain, capital flight, a weak military, and a docile population (except at soccer matches).

      The US has benefited from the EU by attracting their best and brightest to our shores to do everything from entrepreneurship to teaching in our schools. The list of foreign born American Nobel Prize winners is a long one. The downside is that we have had to become the police force of the western world. Our place in the world has been defined by our differences from the EU. If we abdicate that place there will be unintended consequences.

      Perhaps that is the best way to go for our very diverse country. It has worked okay for the EU but they are no where near as diverse as the US. Sweden, Denmark, etc, have great track records and are admired but they are smaller than most of our states and forgive me but “the pretty much all look alike”. Would they be so generous with an influx of people of different races that rely on their safety net heavily. The EU is full of prejudice. I highly doubt that Sweden would be so tolerant of masses of immigrants with different customs and appearance taking some of their cheese.

      As for GWB being hated, here at home he has enjoyed higher and lower approval ratings than our current President. At this point in the two presidencies they are both bouncing around a paltry 40%. The USSR hated Reagan but much of EU liked him. How did that work out for the USSR?

      Who will contain the ambitions of Putin if the US demilitarizes? It surely won’t be the EU. We enabled them to expand social services by assuming the role of protector. That freed up their resources by allowing them to maintain smaller armies. I suspect some of their distaste for GWB is tied to calling in favors by supporting the war effort with money and soldiers. I can’t much blame them. If the oil to the EU had been shut off and they felt physically threatened by a foreign power their affection for whomever occupies the White House would increase. It would be to save their own softened backsides though. A world with a weak United States would be a very different world indeed.

      • I am not ready to accept double digit unemployment and its depressing there are far to many Americans thinking that is the way it will or should be when the historical numbers show the most significant amount of unemployment were from 1932 to 1940 with the lowest being 14% ( ).

        Understandable given the market crash of that time and the interfering policies of FDR acerbating the recovery. We are in a similar situation now with the current administration, with the added burden of quantitative easing skewing the markets (Wall Street).

        I always have to giggle when the free health care, free this and that is provided by the government as though there is some magical pot of money their governments from which they can dip. Well, I suppose it is magical in a sense as its their population being heavily taxed for all those supposed freebies, good thing there are “breeders” in their societies or the pot would run dry.

        After all who knows better how you should spend your money than a government and having a “docile” population makes them easy to rule, good or not so good. That’s all fine if you are convinced the top down approach always makes the best decision. Just ask all those people losing their medical insurance because of the ACA. Yes, its all a bed of roses because its “free”.

        In the end our ancestors and others left Europe for very good reasons and I think they would be appalled at the notion that we should become like Europe. Like you say, over decades they had the luxury of our protection so they could scamper off to dabble in the myriad forms of socialism, without that protection Europe of today would be a very different place.

    • And Obama is the most laughed at President by the world we have had, except for maybe Carter. I would rather have a President hated by the world than loved. But then it would depend on who is doing the hating.

      • This focus on Obama is not only inaccurate, it’s pure “I’m still mad cause he beat us twice.”

        You need to move on.

        (Oh, BTW, the 2012 Presidential Election was LOST while trying to make the losing argument and claim that Obama wasn’t any good. Who agreed with that? He won.)

        Hilary is coming. Hilary Clinton’s gonna say the Clinton years, where the Tea Party idiot people want to talk about Lewinsky stuff…were EIGHT YEARS of peace and prosperity compared to today’s USA.

        Talking about Obama ain’t gonna do nothing. Neither will Lewinsky. Both lead to a Hilary win.

        • I’m anxious to hear Rand Paul explain his parenting philosophy. The best I recall, there has been some embarrassing behavior in his family, too. Hillary bears no responsibility for Bill’s behavior, but parental influence comes into play when drunken minors assault flight attendants. Then there is the plagarism, the Southern Avenger, and dear old dad’s racist newsletters for Rand to justify.

          • Let me get this straight, Hilary can’t control her whore mongering husband, but Rand Paul is supposed to be able to control his family members, his father even??? Seems to me the ole Liberal double standard is hard at work here. Exactly why no one takes anything you say seriously on here or anywhere else. Your ignorance and refusal to even consider anything but your liberal POV is so evident and pretty pathetic

            Hilary bears no responsibility, but she is guilty of allowing it to happen and then watching it being swept under the rug and treated as if there was no problem with it. Only because she is a power hungry woman. She didn’t want him impeached and then out of office. That would ruin her own world domination plans.

            But its the Right that is waging war on women, right? Hitting on young women, coercing them to perform oral sex and who knows what else; Having affairs? cheating on his wife, etc…That is all ok if done by the left. But you cry its the right who hates women.

          • …Brandon…when I read your stuff, including your post here….I laugh.

            You actually wrote: “power hungry woman”…?

            Politics aside…Hilary Clinton forgot more than you know.

          • @Weinzswestside;

            Correction; Hillary and whoring husband has hidden more skeletons than Brandon, or for that matter all of us knows. And I’m not even considering her shameful actions over Benghazi.

          • @ Brandon M: Quit spinning before you hurt yourself. A parent does bear more responsibility for the behavior of a minor child than a spouse does for his/her mate. My point about the senior Dr. Paul’s newsletters is that maybe the younger Dr. Paul needs to look around in his own family’s closets before he decides to clean the Clinton family’s closets. Absolutely no one is responsible for the hiring of the Southern Avenger or the plagarism other than Rand Paul himself.
            If you want to ride the “using women” high-horse, take a good look at Ted Nugent. Do you think that all of those righties that love to campaign with him should give back the money he helped them raise? Nugent is an admitted pedophile, you know.
            My guess is if Rand Paul had a moment of honesty, he would admit he hopes Alison Grimes beats the Turtle. Afterall, if she isn’t already in the Senate, she’ll be a formidable opponent for him when he runs for a second term there, as he is NOT going to win the presidency.

          • @elkaybee;

            Really? A spouse isn’t responsible for the actions of their spouse? Please tell me another tall tail when your spouse passes away and the creditors come after you for payment (just one example). The inequities you are trying to pass off is the typical mindset of a liberal; not responsible for much of anything.

            As for Mr. Nugent, he is not an elected official so your argument falls flat. Has any official charges been brought against him for child molestation? None that I could find. Yes there were accusations by Cortney Love and if they were true why no legal action? Sure he has admitted to the very same things your “liberal” musicians have done and where is your faux outrage over them? Bringing up Nugent is a typical defection-ary liberal tactic; nothing to do with Hilliary, Paul or the discussion at hand.

          • Weinzwestside: “Brandon…when I read your stuff, including your post here….I laugh.

            You actually wrote: “power hungry woman”…?

            Politics aside…Hilary Clinton forgot more than you know.”

            You laugh because you have no clear sane response to what I stated. You couldn’t come up with a reply that had any truth or fact so you had to chuckle to yourself….”Damn, he got us there…”

            ……and Hilari-ous has conveniently forgotten more about Benghazi than anyone would know, to save her skin and that of the dictator in chief.

          • @LKB: Oh my you throw out a “spinning of info claim” and then what do you do? You try to clarify (spin) what you initially stated so you can diffuse my being correct and proving you wrong.

            And then right off page 57 of the liberal handbook, comes the ole “change the topic being discussed” scenario. As usual you and the whine -z got schooled and can’t stand that you were proven wrong…again.

        • Really? Anger? No. Disappointed at his continued lawlessness and the lack of any balls by Republicans or Democrats to set him straight. He is our President and the executive branch does not have the power to indiscriminately decide what laws will or will not be enforced, or his continued actions to modify the ACA. The ACA is a law and only Congress can make such modifications.

          But I know you could careless about the Constitution, that much is evident.

  5. Lets see. Ziemer, Collins, Duckworth and a past clerk in the past Mayors office now working at the Water and Sewer department. Political patronage at its best.

    • Maybe that “past clerk” has been too busy trying to rewri….., er, resurrect the financial history of 6 years worth of contracts between the City of Evansville and SMG for the management of the city’s publicly owned entertainment facilities (2006-2011).

      According to City Controller Russell Lloyd, a firm has been hired to supply this information, which should have been published annually, to the Indiana State Board of Accounts in order to satisfy an audit exception and their questions on the issue.


      • Pressany,

        When did Controller Lloyd make this statement ? Recommend you submit a FOIA and ask for a copy of the Contract or PO for the firm which will supply this information. That will tell you if the statement is real or false.

        High Five to you, the SMG deals all need a whole lot of sunshine on them !


        • Harold M:

          The statement is in black and white on city letterhead from the city controller to the sboa. It is the city’s response to the audit exceptions found by the sboa during the city of evansville’s 2011 financial compliance audit.

          You can find a copy at sboa website.


  6. You are going to be limited as to how much can be borrowed to fund capital replacements. Fortunately we have local expertise to map and inspect our sewers and water pipelines. It will be a 30 year fix so spending and funding can be phased in as the economics allows. It is what it is and this is a workable problem. Our cost of water is relatively reasonable, even with the recent increases factored in, when compared to other similair sized cities. Evansville enjoyed lower than necessary water bills for years and now it is time to pay for that. Everyone better hope that downtown TIF works out.

    And by the way, how is that hotel funding doing; less than 40 days until when the funding was supposed to be done. Maybe they have change the new location of the hotel to fantasy land.

    • Earthcare Energy loan comes due next Friday. Any bets on collection actions being pursued by the numbskulls in the Civic Center?

      • Yoda,

        Yes, I have it on good authority that the City has engaged the firm Dewey, Cheatem & Howe to collect the money due from Earthcare Energy.

        I wonder if this firm could also collect the $ 800,000 due from City Centre Properties (Indy) on the McCurdy ?

      • Would not surprise me if Earthcare sued Evansville. After all, didn’t Evansville change the conditions of the deal they should have never made? Earthcare can show a working model of their step-down generator.

        The lawyer wins. I would rather see the city walk away from the $200,000 and learn a lesson. 50/50 chance of that happening.

  7. Looks like one day we’re broke, the next we have money. That’s always my favorite thing about these so called Libertarians. Let’s check a few things here…

    – The I-69 route was not on Eisenhower’s list. The route was 1 of 5 choices (the 2nd worst as well) and it was chosen during the O’Bannon admin. The route was only chosen because a few select power elites had land right outside of Washington. And why hasn’t the CCO EVER reported the Troy Woodruff story?

    – Billions have not been spent on the current path. The initial first segment, which was completely redundant to 41, was $700 million. The route north of Bloomington is where the price tag will balloon the total project up to $3 billion.

    – The estimate for the bridge is $1.2-1.4 billion. Ignoring the glaring fact that this was in yesterday figures and doesn’t even come close to the price tag on any of the Louisville bridges, in no way, shape, or form would an Owensboro route cost that. Let’s just be honest here, the people pushing this are either 1. Too scared of being labeled negative to publicly admit this or 2. Just looking at life through Evansville tinted shades.

    Here’s the problem I’m seeing

    – We supposedly can’t afford water meters, sewers, water mains/pipes, cemetery repairs, etc, etc but we can afford this bridge that costs more than those COMBINED? And for what? Just to shift more business away from not one but two city cores?

    – We need to scrutinize the new hotel with a fine tooth comb but say nothing about a $15.5 million ball fields project in the boondocks but just happens to be next to the untouchable Dunn Hospitality?

    – Building a med school downtown would be showing regional favoritism but building it out in the far tips of the city boundaries requiring more infrastructure and gov’t services would an idea we should all support?

    It seems to me like everything on the east side gets a free pass while everything downtown is heavily scrutinized here. If you support a multi billion bridge, I really fail to see how you can ever claim to be for controlling spending. Sure, it’s different accounts but from the 30,000 foot view it can all be shifted.

    • As seen from a non-biased,view from above,the clear pathways to apply the I-69 bridge development to would be where you don’t have to cross the Green river with a new bridge,or use an existing road way improvement for the actual interstate traffic throughput. I heard of the Diamond Island routing thing before,you dealt that out now though.

      I could clearly see the Owensboro corridor is off plan definition for straight shot throughput routing,however,if one looks at a regional overlook to the west or east the addition bridge location would also cast the thing outside Vanderburgh. To bad back in the day they didn’t think Islands as a center bridge pylon point,gees the one between The newburgh lock and dam,and The Alcoa operations,the KY.Hwy. 60 corridor bumped over Ky 811 across to Scenic river passage Ind.Hyw. 66 east to west and to the junction at crosspoint.

      Meh, 😉 Cheaper interstate bridge build, same road timing less stop light blockage with a more useful bypass,to “actual interstate transportation carbon signaturing”. Gives the tall card deck cut,to Warrick,however,has,good draw cards for Vanderburgh and Davies and Henderson. Wouldn’t have had as much work along the Green river crossing.
      The span over to 66 “on the Warrick side” would be a bunny,set up for Alcoa would be more logistically advanced ,as well.

      Flak,expected,but voiced anyway….meah. Its kinda cool if Googled shows some of the backwater incursions,as seen,also.

  8. Not to get too picky, but it should be Ukraine not “the Ukraine.” We don’t say “the Poland.”

  9. Also, the Virgin Islands, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, the Lesser Antilles, the Phillipines.

    What about these ?

  10. Brandon M says:

    February 21, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Let me get this straight, Hilary can’t control her whore mongering husband, but Rand Paul is supposed to be able to control his family members, his father even??? Seems to me the ole Liberal double standard is hard at work here. Exactly why no one takes anything you say seriously on here or anywhere else. Your ignorance and refusal to even consider anything but your liberal POV is so evident and pretty pathetic

    Hilary bears no responsibility, but she is guilty of allowing it to happen and then watching it being swept under the rug and treated as if there was no problem with it. Only because she is a power hungry woman. She didn’t want him impeached and then out of office. That would ruin her own world domination plans.

    But its the Right that is waging war on women, right? Hitting on young women, coercing them to perform oral sex and who knows what else; Having affairs? cheating on his wife, etc…That is all ok if done by the left. But you cry its the right who hates women.

    A) Neither Hillary nor Rand are competely responsible for the actions of their family members

    B) Coerced?? Really? I doubt it? Bill’s silver tongue? Perhaps. Sleazy Yes, Shameful Yes.

    C) Conflating Bill’s sleazy affair and Hillary’s very tough private decision to stay vs the republicans malacious deliberate institutionalized predjudice and discrimination against 10’s of millions of American women is not only absurd it is disgusting beyond belief.

    However, if you chauvanist pigs want to keep trying prepare to continue to get your heads handed to you at the ballot box in swing/purple state go ahead.

    VA Governmor Terry McAuliffe won single women by 43 points. And Hillary and or Elizabeth will bring even more of them out in droves

    Bray all you want about religious freedom and how bad Hobby Lobby and the church’s have it for having to provide birth control to women and how horrible and injust it is that the mean Obama is making them do that. Most women, ESPECIALLY YOUNG WOMEN, see and watch that and want to vomit.

    BTW Georgia has more African Americans under 7 RIGHT NOW than whites. Obama came close in GA in 2012 without ever sitting foot in the state.

    Hillary is running close in KY, TX, and LA too.

    So go ahead keep yapping about all the “illegals” and all the “free stuff” Dems give away and buying votes etc. You’re digging your own political grave.

  11. BTW if Democrats are trying to buy votes with food stamps, welfare and other government programs it sure doesn’t seem like it is working.

    Compare this list..

    To this list

    Click on the state to drill down to each county.

    Most of the poorest counties in the US, with high rates of the population on government assisstance are ruby red.

  12. I’m kind of curious why we haven’t heard who
    the engineering outfit is for the upcoming
    sewer project. I believe outstanding engineering
    firms are known for their ability to help
    secure grants (such as shovel ready money) and
    the ability to work with the EPA to get projects
    approved and swiftly completed.

    • This is an interesting question especially if what you say is true about such firms helping to secure grants. Could you list some such firms? I have a feeling that Evansville will use local firms who may not have the reach to which you refer.

      • HNTB and Commonwealth are the first two that spring
        to mind that are Indiana based, but there are
        numerous others that are also Indiana based.
        What would be needed would be a vetting process
        to study their track records.
        Or go to an event like the recent WEFTEC conference
        held last fall in Chicago to meet with national
        firms and see what the newest stormwater solutions

  13. Brandon M says:

    February 24, 2014 at 9:50 am

    Weinzwestside: “Brandon…when I read your stuff, including your post here….I laugh.

    You actually wrote: “power hungry woman”…?

    Politics aside…Hilary Clinton forgot more than you know.”

    You laugh because you have no clear sane response to what I stated. You couldn’t come up with a reply that had any truth or fact so you had to chuckle to yourself….”Damn, he got us there…”

    ……and Hilari-ous has conveniently forgotten more about Benghazi than anyone would know, to save her skin and that of the dictator in chief.

    And if O and Hillary had both had given to orders to “get jets” and save the lives of everyone at Benghazi you Brandon and the RW would be signing their praises just like you did after O gave the orders to get OBL….

    Oh wait….. Never mind.

    Hillary could cure cancer and you would still vote for Louie Gohmert over her. Once again RW seletive outrage.

    Same as it ever was.

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