City-County Observer Announces Soon-To-Be-Held “Home Owned, Home Grown” Awards Luncheon



By: Zach Stuard

The City-County Observer is pleased to announce the addition of an awards ceremony honoring “Home Owned, Home Grown” businesses that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support their communities in ways other than the goods and services offered to the public by their business. This includes such charitable acts that assist non-profits and privately assisting disadvantaged individuals and their families.

In order to launch our first annual City-County Observer “Home Owned, Home Grown” Business Recognition Luncheon members of our staff have compiled a selection of five “Home Owned, Home Grown” businesses that we know to have given back to the community in various ways. We have selected five businesses ourselves in order to expedite this first small business awards luncheon and it is the wishes of the City-County Observer management and staff  that our readership would nominate additional 7 businesses that are “Home Owned, Home Grown” that give back to the community in some form. Next year all twelve nominees for this award will be nominated and selected by our readers.

We are looking to select a total of twelve businesses to honor. Five of these have been selected by our staff and another seven businesses will be chosen from a pool of suggested nominees from you, our readers. Upon finalization of our twelve selections the City-County Observer awards committee will determine the City-County Observer “Home Owned, Home Grown” Business of the Year to receive a “Mole Award” for 2014.

It is important to note that all twelve businesses selected as a “Home Owned, Home Grown” business will receive a plaque recognizing their accomplishments at the very first City-County Observer Home Owned, Home Grown Business Recognition Luncheon to be held this spring. To nominate a business please submit your nominations to Mollie Darke-Schreiber at The deadline to nominate a business ends on Friday, February 28th at noon.  National chains or franchises are not eligible to participate in this awards recognition program.

Beginning next week the City-County Observer will be running a feature on the first five businesses selected as a “Home Owned, Home Grown” Award Winner, and will be featuring the rest of the reader nominated selections as they are finalized. The City-County Observer is both excited and honored to give these businesses the recognition they deserve. We look forward to recognizing the backbone of our local economy ; “Home Owned, Home Grown” businesses.


  1. Very nice move CCO. I shall be sending information on a local small business who I feel should be considered for this honor.

  2. This is a great, positive move, CCO. Keep up the good work of bringing out what is good in our community. Sometimes you have to look for it, but it is still here.

  3. I also agree that this a a great idea. I shall also be submitting a name of a business that should be considered for this award.

  4. A good home grown deserves some recognition. That’s what I always say.

    Nice move on CCO’s part for sponsoring this. Make it mean something, don’t cheapen it until it is just fodder for TV commercials or obnoxious banner hanging. It could catch on and actually help the local economy.

    I now rise to nominate Talk Of The Town Pizza Bar. The work the owner has done in that area has changed the neighborhood and surrounding area considerably for the better.

    • We will be giving the place a try on your say-so. We have business in that area later this week.

      • Really good pizza and a great addition to the neighborhood. Friday especially it is usually jammed.

  5. Now THIS is a great idea. Glad to see the CCO taking the leadership throne once more and moving it down the field.

  6. Please, Please, Puhleeaze make Kunkel one of the nominations. There’s a lot of great buildings still standing because of their hard work.

  7. This article puts the importance of “Home Owned, Home Grown” in whole new light!

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  8. How about the good work of Gurling and Gurling law office for giving out helmets for young bike riders?

  9. I think the Woods and Woods law firm deserves credit for giving cab ride to possible drunks during New Years. They have saved many people from having real problems during that evening.

  10. Do you mean Friday (not Tuesday) Feb. 28 at noon? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

  11. Since Bristol Meyers Squibb mover to Chi-town they’re ineligible.
    I’d like to see Berry Plastics get rewarded for helping to provide decent paying jobs to so many. Seems they always do everything they can for the community & I don’t see a lot of recognition heading their way.

    2nd choice is ONB. Very strong, well respected in the financial world. Sure, many on here hate their fees but the Gov’t made ’em do it.

  12. Many if not most of the truly good deeds done by people in our community are done quietly, anonymously, or with no fan-fair and therefore unless we are close to the doers of these deeds, we don’t know about them. Some of those that I see listed here as examples make sure that their good deeds are publicized so it serves as an advertizement for the business. The good deed is still a good deed. The heart and mind is askew though.

    I did make 3 nominations none of which fall in this trap. They are all three individuals who either have their own businesses or who work for a non-profit (and believe me if you work for a non-profit, you have two jobs–one is to do the work of the nonprofit and the other is to fund- raise for the nonprofit to raise enough to pay your own salary plus more.)

    I will be interested to see the interpretation of the CCO and others as to exactly what kinds of “hero citizens” we are celebrating. I will be happy to applaud and appreciate the good people of Evansville as the city is made better by their actions. I actually think that Evansville has a high concentration of really good people who step up to help their fellow citizen when that person is in need.

    • “Some of those that I see listed here as examples make sure that their good deeds are publicized so it serves as an advertisement for the business.”

      Damnit, can you blame a small business for not pulling out every stop they can in order to survive My Dear Martha?

      • Actually I wasn’t referring to small businesses. I own one. I had places like Vectren and ONB in mind. I am not a fan of either one of these. My experience has been that most small businesses are the backbone of charitable giving in this city and I respect them for it. And most of them are not big on boasting about it either.

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