IS IT TRUE…….February 10, 2014…..Part 2

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE a regular CCO Blogger posted this comment in yesterdays IIT post?  …that Mr. Biden post really caught our attention since we made reference in yesterday IIT about City Councilman Jonathan Weaver attending Republican Mayor Winnecke  “GALA” fundraiser last Friday at the Centre?  … after looking at Joe Biden’s post we are extremely puzzled why the State Democratic Party Chairmen John Zody, 8th District Democratic Chairmen Tony Long and Vanderburgh County Chairmen Rob Faulkner  hasn’t conducted a formal investigation on possible party disloyalty issues concerning City Councilmen Weaver’s and other precinct and ward leaders actions during the course 2 years?  …attached below is an extremely interesting article for your review and comments?

 JoeBiden says:

February 10, 2014

Press, apparently that rule only applies in Vanderburgh County;

January 31, 2009

State Democratic Central Committee removes Henry County Chair
Unanimous vote comes after investigation, finding of party disloyalty

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party State Central Committee met today and unanimously voted to remove Henry County Chair Steve Clark from his position as a result of failed leadership that included multiple violations of party rules.

Clark was barred from holding any party office sanctioned by the Indiana Democratic Party for a term of five years. The Henry County Vice Chair will assume the Chair’s responsibilities until the party reorganization meeting on March 7.

Clark was removed from office following a formal investigation into allegations that he allowed Democratic party officials to openly support the Republican mayoral candidate in New Castle in 2007, leading to the election of the first Republican mayor there in 56 years.

A Jan. 19 report summarizing the investigation found that “[t]he Hearing Officer came away from the hearing with the clear but sad conviction that the Henry County Party is in disarray. Individuals on both sides of the controversy are good and sincere people, but the hostility between factions in the County Party is extensive and alarming.”

Party rules allow for the removal of a party officer for neglect of duty; willful violation of the party rules; conviction of a felony; disloyalty to the party; or any other course of conduct that does not promote the best interests of the party or creates dissension within the party.



  1. Now is the perfect time for them to tell Weaver to take a hike. What are they waiting on?

  2. Looks like the CCO is light years beyond the local media concerning this issue.

  3. Can’t wait to see if the Democratic leadership are going to do the responsible thing and stripe Mr. Weaver right to run as a Democrat in his re-election bid?

    • It’s unfortunate that there are so many folks like you who have no idea how politics works here in Evansville and the State of Indiana. However, it is fortunate that none of you are in positions of power, because it’s obvious we then would suffer under a crushing dictatorship.

  4. That rule only applies to “party positions” like precinct committeeman, ward leader, central committee officer, etc.
    The Democrat party cannot prevent a person from running in the Democrat primary if that person’s voting record shows that the last time the person voted in a primary election, he voted in the Democrat primary election. That’s state election law, which overrules Democrat party rules.

    • You’re right, but the Central Committee is not obligated to spend one thin dime on the “traitor’s” election in the primary. All it takes is a well-funded, credible candidate in a primary.
      I don’t usually recommend “in-fighting”, but this is an exception. The sooner the Democrats “smoke out the vermin”, the sooner they can clean up their house and get it in order.

      • How do you “smoke out” the vermin when most of the Dem leadership was in on the “pinky shake”!!!!

        Jonathan Weaver
        Missy Mosby
        Connie Robinson
        John Friend
        Stephanie Brinkherhoff Riley
        Connor O’Daniel
        Mike Goebel
        Eric Williams
        Stephanie Terry
        Troy Tornatta
        Jonathan Weinzapfel
        Bill Jeffers
        Z Tuley
        Annie Groves
        Rob Faulkner
        Mark Owen

        Then there were the Dem ward leaders and precinct committemen and women including Curt John, Chris Cooke, Aaron Calbert, Louise Williams and others who weren’t in on the pinky shake but went to the C&P and endorsed Winnecke!!!!!!!

        They never even got a slap on the wrist from the party.

        To be fair, Stephanie, Conner, and John Friend later sorta kinda reversed course but Rick Davis’ yard sign NEVER showed up in front of Friend’s Tax shopt.

        • Old news and water under the bridge, but while your rubbing salt into old wounds and licking your own, you might spend a bit of time digging up facts on how Mr. Davis backstabbed every one of those people before they finally banded together to cut that cancer out of the party.

          • I don’t know the background, but I found it odd that so many established people in their party joined together against one of their own. The easy answer is some weird indictment against Winnecke.

            • Winnecke sold his soul to the unions and his cajones to Weinzapfel to seal that deal. He wanted to be Mayor so much that he abandoned every shred of Republican thinking to sit in the office as a puppet of the previous regime. Otherwise he is a likable guy who dresses well and knows little. Born to hold office he was.

          • As I said in another post, stick around a while and dig into local political history. The answers are there. You just need to get away from all these armchair conspiratorists and unearth the real facts. Simple minds have simple theories. The truth is way more byzantine than you can imagine.

          • Why don’t you enlighten us all then with you knowledge of Dem party history?

            I didn’t realize that bruising Weinzapful’s massive ego was stabbing party members in the back.

          • None of that “cancer” is attending R Fundraisers and Rick Davis isn’t around anymore for you to blame it on.

          • Brains, no one including Weinzapfel had an ego larger than Rick’s, mostly due to his susceptibility when listening to his pigeon breasted mentors and advisors.

          • Davis is gone and the Weinzapfel-Winnecke alliance is alive and well with most of the pinky shakers are collaborating with Winnecke night and day.

            They will be out campaining for Winnecke in 2015 too. Completely blows your narrative out of the water.

          • How so exactly, Brains? My narrative, I mean. Where is the contradiction or inconsistency?

        • I get what you’re saying, BB. It isn’t an easy job, and it can’t be done in one election.
          I know, I’m an idealist. My ex-husband always said that the fact I couldn’t “let go” of political ideals was the only thing standing in my way. My point is if we don’t start to change, we’re going to be sucked down the drain.
          I think of the local politcal scene as a rose garden that is packed with weeds. The thorns will scratch, and even cut, those who see fit to “weed the garden”, but if we don’t do it soon, the garden is going to be nothing put a weed patch. We need volunteers to “weed the garden” who have no agenda to line their own pockets. I don’t know if there are any of those around, who will work at it. I hope so, but I’m not sure.

        • Actually…. there was a Rick Davis sign up at Friends tax shop for a few hours, I happen to know the people who put it up, it was taken down the same day and when asked Mr Friend said one of his customers took it down, funny thing like a lot of other Davis signs it disappeared into the sign void (another dimension ala Twilight Zone ) that so many political signs seem to migrate to never to be seen again.


      • “In-fighting” is the way of life for the local Democrat party. There’s way too many egos and no one has shown the leadership to wrangle everyone in. The local Democrats are a circular firing squad. Like it or not, the local Chairman has to be the driving force that keeps the local people in line with the objectives that move the party forward. Unfortunately, people are villified when they do the ugly work of “keeping the party together”.

        • There’s a long history of infighting in the local Republican party as well, and it continues to this day. It’s just that the Democrats are honest and out front with their infighting.

          • I have not witnessed infighting in the local GOP. I have seen isssues come up and I have seen them dealt with by the local leadership. That’s what needs to happen for the health and solidarity of the party. If there were a deep divide, I believe that it would have shown up in the caucus to elect the officers, much like the caucus between Faulkner & Danks. Also, I’ve been told of some tense situations between the different groups at the Democrat Club.

          • You apparently have not been around long enough or have not been let into the inner sanctum. Stick around a while, and dig into local political history a bit.

          • You’re right about the “infighting”. I doubt Phyllip will ever have the trust of powers that be, because of his love of the limelight. Loose lips and sinking ships, you know!

          • I may be outspoken, but you will never hear me divulge sensitive information. In fact, I’ve been called out on here for not betraying the trust of someone else and telling something that i was told in confidence. I have no desire for any spotlight, I was forced out of the hotel issue becuase other people involved were unavailable. I post using my name because I grew tired of people making disparaging remarks about others behind the anonymity of the internet. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and face the repercussions.

          • Philip, are you working on a merit badge, or holding out for an appointment to sainthood?

      • The local Democrat party doesn’t have one thin dime to spend on individual candidate’s campaigns, and for a long while levied a healthy assessment on each candidate to support the central committee’s headquarters and election day expenses. So it’s not like Jonathan Weaver or any other local candidate has to bow and scrape to receive one thin dime from the Democrat party’s local, state, or national committees.

        • And they’re still spending money on fancy HQ’s that don’t benefit anybody. You can have phone bank from just about anywhere these days.

          They want to be like Marion or Lake county!
          Champaign taste on a beer budget!!!

          • I “phone bank” from the comfort of my own home for candidates that I really like, in whatever state they are running in. I had to get some tech training of the “monkey-see-monkey do” variety from my grandsons, but I learned how. All you need is a phone plan with no-charge domestic long distance calling.

          • Does anyone know how much the Democrat HQ will have to pay for their water damage to Kunkle’s Walker Building? Hearsay it could be north of $20,000.00.

          • Did the Kunkels have the heat turned on for the vacant suites on the floor above Dem. headquarters? The answer may affect any potential settlement.

        • Maybe the Party should levy another “tax” on candidates and give the proceeds to the owner of the building where the Democrat Party Headquarters is located so that individual can get current on the property taxes for the building. Just a suggestion. It would look better for the Party.


  5. I also heard that other Democratic Ward leaders attended the Mayors political fundraiser at the Centre. They also need to be reported to the Democratic leadership. I do agree that Mr.Weaver should be taken to task because this isn’t the first time he has done similar when it comes to attending the Mayors fund raising functions.

    • You can “hear” anything, especially in Evansville. If you can verify it, I, for one would LOVE to know who they were.

  6. What’s the big deal with Weaver attending the event? We are suppose to find ways to work together and his attendance could be his attempt to continue a positive dialog with the Mayor.

    • B.S. Total B.S. This guy and Missy Mosbey are blights on local politics much like Wayne Parke!!

    • BS is agreed. If Weaver wants to find ways to work together there are plenty of ways to do that.

      This is NOT the format for that.

      Weaver needs to make up his mind whether he is an R or a D. Pick one.

  7. Now is the time for the Democrat party to do something. And Mr. Weaver is not the only one! Until this happens, I feel our Democratic Party will never stand has one again!

    • Exactly, and many of the wrecking party that refused to endorse the winner of the Dem. primary signed the “paper. A lot of them were pc, and are on the list above that should be ousted from those positions. I don’t care how they vote, but they should have honored the voters choice, I will never donate to a party again, the candidate I believe in will get it directly.

      • Al Lindsey fully supported Rick Davis. There were a few loyal and faithful Democrats that did not back stab their own candidates.

        • I had the good fortune to be away from Evansville for most of that election, and still really don’t know all of the “dirt” that took place. I’ve been surprised by a lot of the goings-on that I have read about on CCO. It appears that the sewers are not the only source of turds flowing in the streets of “E-ville.”

          • Do you have a p.o. box where I could mail you a detailed history. Belaboring it here would reopen way too many wounds.

          • @ What’s Next: Out of order for the usual reasons:
            No PO Box, but if you have one, I’ll contact you and let you know how to get in touch with me. Trust me, I’ve got a wound or two, too.

    • I agree. Dorathea MacGregor would NOT have stood for this. She would have smiled that sweet smile, and scared the hell out of some of these idiots, in her “southern lady-like” drawl.
      I don’t know Rob Faulkner, as I have had little to do with local politics for a number of years, but it sounds like he is missing a set of balls. He needs to grow some or resign.

      • I will not sully Dorothea’s name as she is not here to defend herself. However, I will tell you plainly and truthfully that there was plenty of back door dealing, back and forth across the ballot, between central committee chairs and vice chairs in both parties back in the day. And it was generally the vice chairs who used the absentee ballot process to carry out the deals made by the chairs.

        • I would NEVER sully the memory of Dorothea. She was a good person who was a strong woman. She was a real-life “Steele Magnolia”.
          Louise Williams and Alice Lee were the #1 “Absentee team”, and Sabra Phillips (Alice’s daughter) and I were the #2 team. When Alice told me she would go to to jail before she would let Jim DeGroote get a single vote, I didn’t take her seriously. She was and she did.
          The local Demos need a good bunch of strong women to straighten them out now.

          • Alice’s grandson should’ve stayed within the weight limits for a deputy sheriff. I mean the seats in those old Chevy cruisers only slid back so far.

            Seems I remember Wayne Pasco being Sabra’s teammate, or maybe that was another round.

          • @ What’s next:
            I succeeded Wayne after he lost his temper and quit as Supt. of Locust Hill cemetary. He followed Alice in that job.
            I will always remember the lovely roses he planted all around the office/ residence there. When he left, he yanked everyone of them up with his bare hands. He was one-of-a-kind.

          • Remember when Pasco duct taped his resignation to the cemetery gates, Martin Luther style?

        • Not so much. The Chairs and Vices made requests of the team members, and they were usually honored, but not always.
          I was always idealistic, but I am pragmatic enough to understand that the “ends” frequently justify a questionable “means.”
          As a “turncoat”, I was privy to both sides “means”. The Democrats always showed more respect to their operatives than the Republicans. I suspect neither side thinks enough of the “boots on the ground” these days, and some good leadership that does could turn things their way in a hurry. That statement applies to both parties. The first one to get a good leader is going to do very well, I suspect.

      • EKB,I have to say, observing your local area, from afar,for a bit now my guess about the party politics in evansville plays out kinda predictable.

        The “set” of spheres you’re referring to are more than likely “affected” by a “mechanical control device or system”,looks like what some would call out as,a,vice,or clamped down type trap,early man probably use a couple of big rocks. ei; “rock,and a hard spot”.

        The more modern mechanical application is more synonymous with a steel “trap’,or “vice type device”…limits ones,”influenced spheres” autoresponse movements,or actions somewhat.

        tenaci meretricis dare,ut auctores.

        the prostitute’s grip, pay, as you,go.

        (old roman senator,in a toga, sandals in hand,short on silver.)

  8. I really don’t want to sound like a member of the “tin-foil hat” club, but it is beginning to appear that Evansville is being run by a “bush-league” version of a group that identifies as a sort of small-scale mob.
    I remember another such time in our City’s history very, very well. It was when the first Frank McDonald’s “gang” was cleared out of City Hall by the first Russell Lloyd. For awhile, we had ostensibly “clean” government, and it gave us a reprieve from descent into the sewers that are now local politics.
    I am well aware of the personal “peccadilloes” of some of the pols of that era, but it did NOT interfere with the delivery of good governance.

    • Time is like a mountain stream, it sanitizes everything as it rolls downhill, dropping out all the dirty sediment, and arriving in the present tense appearing all clean and shiny. Plus so many of the old timers who could tell the true tale are either dead, physically speaking or mentally.

      • I know. Most of my mentors are gone, either physically or mentally. Of course, I’m no kid either. I hit 67 next week, but I’m healthy. I’m thinking I should write a book, while my fingers and brain still work in some cooperative manner. It wouldn’t be a big seller, because nobody would believe it wasn’t fiction, but I could cover a good part of the first Frank McDonald, up to the resignation of Mike Vandeveer pretty thoroughly. At that point, I divorced my husband and local politics. I got the kids and pets, he got the local politicians. It was a great deal for both of us. He maintained employment in the public sector to provide decent child support, and I had a great time.

      • I’m not sure what got sanitized, to this day, I maintain Frank 1 was the worst mayor in the history of this city, followed closely by Frank 2. It has nothing to do with party affiliation. I actually voted for and liked Vandeveer.

        Frank 1’s vision brought us the bothched US 41, a blocked Main Street with a soul-less civic center, an I-64 located too far north of the city to provide any real benefit to daily commuters, destruction of the most beautiful theater ever constructed in the city and of course, helping struggling Main St merchants by blocking what access they had to their stores with a genius walkway…all the while padding his cronies like never before seen.

        Frank’s mountain stream must have run dry, because 50 years later, his legacy appears anything but clean and shiny.

        • I know that he remains a terrible blot on the history of E’ville. His days as Sheriff were pretty fascinating, too. I’m too young to remember most of it first-hand, but the Aunt who reared me was the Med Tech in charge of the regular blood testing of the ladies who worked “the Gears.” She also did a lot of post-mortem testing in numerous local murders. Once, the Sheriff “slipped up” and broke the chain-of-evidence, when a conviction would have embarrassed a lot of well-known folks.

  9. Hey, Buzzard and What’s Next, we need to have a get-together. The anonimity here makes getting in touch hard, but if you can engineer a way for us to communicate directly, I’d love to!

  10. What_Next,

    I would love to have this information but to save you some unnecessary postage costs feel free to create a quick email account and send it to me at this email address. You can be assured privacy but if you are concerned with anyone finding where the information came from feel free to create a fake profile with the email address. I assure you it will okay to send me the information that you speak of.

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