IS IT TRUE? December 4, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? December 4, 2011

IS IT TRUE that we would like to offer congratulations to the Evansville Courier for being honored by the Hoosier State Press Association as the Best Daily Newspaper in Indiana?…that Courier staffers scooped up many awards including first place awards for editorials, sports, and business?…that the City County Observer being an online only publication is not eligible and did not submit any entry?…that it is good to see Evansville businesses named at the top of anything and that it is a joy to see our friends at the CP accept the treasure chest of honors that they collected?

IS IT TRUE that a respectable crowd of 5,198 took advantage of yesterday’s great weather to head down to the Ford Center for the University of Evansville Purple Aces game against the Texas Christian Horned Frogs?…that those people were treated to a hard fought overtime game that saw the Aces come up just short of a victory over a much larger university?…that watching basketball at the Ford Center is a great experience and that we encourage all of our readers to attend some games?…that the Evansville Icemen face off against Bloomington today at 5:00 so if you are inclined please go check out a very good team and support them in their quest for a championship?

IS IT TRUE that Herman Cain seems to have screwed himself out of an opportunity to run for the office of President of the United States?…that Mr. Cain is not the first and will certainly not be the last politician to let his libido run his life?…that we suspect that some of the same people saying that Cain deserves a pass because President’s Clinton and Kennedy served well while chasing skirts across the world?…that we have been treated to Presidents of fidelity for the last 12 years as President Bush and President Obama have had no bimbo eruptions at all and have clearly professed love for their wives?…that the last 12 years have also been some of the worst times for the economy and for sound decision making?…that life in these United States was pretty good under Presidents Clinton and Kennedy so what we may need in the White House is another hound dog skirt chasing POTUS?…that maybe we can interest Tiger Woods to be the next Casanova President?

IS IT TRUE that the Indiana Democrat Party is getting blasted all over the State of Indiana for promoting a no primary policy?…that in a City County Observer reader’s poll a full 45% expressed the belief that the reason for not having primaries is so the PARTY BOSSES can choose and control the candidates, that 34% said it was because the PARTY BOSSES think that the people who vote in the Democrat primary are just too stupid to make a good choice, and the other 21% think they are doing this to save money?…that whatever the rationalization happens to be that the Indiana Democrat Party is alienating and disenfranchising the people of Indiana who align themselves with Democrat principles?

IS IT TRUE that the Cincinnati Bearcat’s victory over Connecticut yesterday will most likely keep the University of Louisville football Cardinals out of the Orange Bowl?…that the Big East co-champion Cards were picked to finish last but will now be in another bowl game and literally came within one play of the Orange Bowl?…that back in the day when Evansville College had a football team that the Evansville Purple Aces defeated the Louisville Cardinals in football?…that things have changed quite a bit with those two programs since the faced off each year in football?


  1. Regarding the comment about “we may need in the White House is another hound dog skirt chasing POTUS”. If Newt is elected we will have it!

    • Give it a break Pete. There is no comparison between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich in that department. Clinton wins, hands down.


  2. The Courier winning awards for journalism says more about the ongoing decline of the newspaper business than what it says about the reporters at the Courier. The editor is a blatant flak and a mind-numbed robot for the Democratic party, and the reporters are nothing more than college interns. There will be no honor in the demise of the last newspaper in Indiana.

    The future of the news business is in the hands of the CCO and other online newspapers that are independent of both political parties.

  3. As long as the Courier continues to follow-up on stories that the CCO breaks, the Courier is likely to continue winning newspaper honors.

  4. I have worked for real newspapers, I have read real newspapers, and SIR, the Evansville Courier is no real newspaper…..
    Mr. Stewart and the other rewrite boys on Walnut are an adjunct of the Good Old Boy network at the Civic Center who will never be invited to the party…
    For real news you would be better off having a cup of coffee at Hardee’s

    • The C&P is an establishment rag. It is the reason that real newspapers were once created. The award was conferred by the association of establishment rags.


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