An Open Letter to Mark Owen from Bill Denton


Bill Denton, a leader in the Rick Davis campaign has released a letter to the media that he sent to Vanderburgh County Democrat Central Committee Chairman Mark Owen. The opinions expressed in this letter reflect those of Mr. Denton.

Open Letter to Mark Owen from Bill Denton


  1. Mr. Denton raises several excellent points. The Indiana State Democratic Party used to take such breach of duty by local party officials seriously.

    January 31, 2009

    State Democratic Central Committee removes Henry County Chair
    Unanimous vote comes after investigation, finding of party disloyalty

    INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party State Central Committee met today and unanimously voted to remove Henry County Chair Steve Clark from his position as a result of failed leadership that included multiple violations of party rules.

    Clark was barred from holding any party office sanctioned by the Indiana Democratic Party for a term of five years. The Henry County Vice Chair will assume the Chair’s responsibilities until the party reorganization meeting on March 7.

    Clark was removed from office following a formal investigation into allegations that he allowed Democratic party officials to openly support the Republican mayoral candidate in New Castle in 2007, leading to the election of the first Republican mayor there in 56 years.

    A Jan. 19 report summarizing the investigation found that “[t]he Hearing Officer came away from the hearing with the clear but sad conviction that the Henry County Party is in disarray. Individuals on both sides of the controversy are good and sincere people, but the hostility between factions in the County Party is extensive and alarming.”

    Party rules allow for the removal of a party officer for neglect of duty; willful violation of the party rules; conviction of a felony; disloyalty to the party; or any other course of conduct that does not promote the best interests of the party or creates dissension within the party.

    “This is never a step we like to take, but the rules are in place to make sure the party can achieve its goal of electing Democrats,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker. “When a party officer permits other party officials to work for a Republican candidate, we can’t turn a blind eye.”

    • I’ll give you $750,000 reasons why nothing will ever happen to Owen or anyone on the Vanderburgh County Democratic Central committee.

  2. Is this Denton’s first public announcement as a candidate for County Chairman, or did the Davis bunch just run out of state level surrogates to prosecute their vengence?

  3. I fully expect Mark Owen…err.. “Vox Populi”.. to come on here and give us some fluff about how all of this isn’t true. That this article is all a mistake and that he is just the man to lead the dems out of this mess. Please Owen haven’t you gotten the message yet? This town is fed up and the more you talk the bigger the hole you dig for the Central Comm.

  4. This letter is spot on and mild compared to the letter I would have written. However, Mark Owen was most likely just doing what he was told to do, perhaps he did it eagerly, but following order nonetheless.

  5. Oh so many things to say. First Bill, your people made their bed and could not stand the fact that you had to lie in it. Name one thing Mark Owen did personally to hurt Rick Davis. As for hurting his own party, that is laughable. Those candidates that ran as DEMOCRATS were elected. Rick Davis ran as an independent and trashed his party from day one in this campaign. At a meeting at the Dem HQ following the election, there was complete support for working together as a team. YOUR candidate, when not immediately given his way, stormed out of that meeting like the petulant child that he has proven himself to be. Your group of yelloshirted thugs actively helped and campaigned with Lon Walters, an opponent of Missy Mosby. Your candidate said the most vile and nasty things about Connie Robinson. To accuse a cancer survivor of running for office to milk the city of health care benefits is not only disgusting but a true indication of just how low your people would go to seize power. Bill, Democrats arent appalled at all, they turned out to support the Democrats that support Democrats. They did however defeat someone who has spent the last 3 years attacking other democrats. Ask Z Tuley, ask Annie Groves, ask plenty of other Democratic officeholders that your bunch of miscreants have gone after. You want to speak of disloyalty, speak to that. Its common knowledge around town that YOU want to be Chairman. Won’t be happening. This is just more sour grapes from losers. Be the better man and take your loss for what it was. A complete and utter rejection of bullying tactics and intimidation and the voters desire to have someone qualified to lead this city.

    • Looks like yet another Dem Central Comm member posting a bunch of bull behind their 3,000th screen name. I may be wrong but didn’t Rick run as a Democrat and not an independent? I guess you missed the entire primary. What happened to your precious Troy Tornatta? That’s right- shut up.

      When did Rick Davis or any of his campaign officials endorse Lon Walters? I’ve never seen one Davis supporter talk about him. Shame on Rick for not endorsing a Hooters outcast who was seen at Winnecke functions. There’s only so much lipstick you can put on a pig.

      Now Connie Robinson is the victim? The affirmative action deal with Aztar says otherwise. And if you want to get into manipulations via health problems, let’s not leave out Alberta Matlock. Do the right thing and give the spot to Strouth. She comes on here all the time giving us lectures about the right thing, but we all see that she would rather play politics.

      And let’s not forget your golden boy Justin Jarvis who can’t seem to get a valid license. Mark Owen can’t even keep Dennis the Menace from overpowering him. What a leader.

      We do know one thing for sure… You have plenty of puppets in Groves, Tuley, Jeffers, and Weaver. You’re just short on brains.

      You want to pull the ” democrats turned out to support democrats” card please remind me who won the primary election. Nuff said…

      • Davis ran an ad saying he was the only INDEPENDENT in the race. More power to him I say. Let him run as an Independent in his Tres race then.

        • Weaver, he said he was an independent thinker not an independent candidate. You don’t have to be a puppet to Owen to be a democrat candidate. That’s something you obviously don’t understand.

          Your Central Con-mmitee claims that Connie Robinson should be allowed to think for herself but Rick cannot? Yea that’s not hypocritical.

      • Well musta been someone else with a stache. With Rick’s supporters going door to door. Anyone know if John Gregg smokes a pipe?

        • The only people who went door to door in the 2nd ward in support of Lon Walters were Lon & his wife and the firefighters who did support Mr Davis and Mr Walters, not the same thing as Rick Davis supporting Lon Walters much unlike Connie Robinson supporting Mr Winnecke….but then we do have a double standard in play don’t we?


          • No problem Sir…when the firefighters knocked on my door they asked for our support for all the candidates that they were endorsing which you and Mr Davis were mentioned. To say that the Rick Davis supported you is a crock of BS….unlike the fact that all the other dumbos supported Winnecke in secret, only Robinson had the balls to say it publicly.


    • Hey Bill…..

      You could also take it at face value in the fact they swayed around 700-800 voters in the 4th ward to push the election in their favor….total rejection? I don’t think so, fixed, you bet!


      • What counts for the other 1000? The new vote centers? The beautiful weather? Voters vote based on what they see. They saw an unqualified, vindictive candidate that couldnt even get along with his own party. When you have a problem with one, two or even three people it could be just personality. When you are near universally disliked by your own party you must look at yourself to identify the problem.

        • The other 1000….was a calculated risk based on voter turn out, if turnout would have been 40% we would have had mayor elect Davis, they knew this and rolled the dice and it worked out in their favor. I guess you would have me believe that electing a demo council and a repub mayor was strictly by chance? LOL right!


      • Weasie was paying people in the parking lot of Memorial Baptist. How’s that Aztar money working out for ya? Pretty well, it appears.

        • I would encourage someone to investigate the link between Aztar $$$ and the election. Just sayin.

  6. Bill you talk about marking someone. Well then you need to be finding yourself a big red A and maybe one for your “assistant”.

  7. Lots of scarlet letters to go around in Evansville.

    D: Dunce

    I: Idiot

    T: Tool

    H: Hack

    W: Waster

    S: Stooge

    G: Goon

  8. Bravo Mr. Denton. VERY well said!!! Clearly, Mr. Owens sent EvansvilleDemocrat and Teapartyfriend to defend what little honor he has left. Owens should do us all a favor and resign post haste; only then may the party begin to heal. Further, might I add, taking away the Congressional primary from Democrat voters is a fairly boneheaded move too; kind-of like my theory on the struggling Colts: I don’t know what it is, but I hope their strategy works.

  9. Bill, I am very upset that you did not copy me with your letter like you did John and Dan. What were you thinking? I’m the only one standing up for your side, and you disrespect me like that?

  10. If Rick were truly the bully that the puppets claim him to be, then he would have put pressure on Owen to step down after the Primary. Rick did not do that.

    The truth is, Rick is NOT the bad guy. I can give you countless examples of Owen running to the media with EVERYTHING to make his cronies the victims, and trying to make Rick the villain. Here are a few for your reading pleasure:

    Rick went to Weinzapfel to tell him FIRST before anyone else that Rick had decided to run for mayor. After Weinzapfel screamed and kicked some trash cans, (nothing new there) here’s what happened next – Rick got an email from the media saying they’d just gotten a call from Owen, and asked if Rick would confirm that he was running. There’s an email to prove this. Owen maintains the lie to this day that Davis went to the media, when he DID NOT.

    How about this one?
    When a committee person filed a complaint over Connie’s endorsement of mayor, Anthony Long asked Owen to keep it under the radar and it would be dealt with after the election. What did Owen do? You guessed it – he picked up the phone again, because poor Connie is just trying to do the best she can, you know?

    Let’s take Rick out of the discussion for a minute. What about last year when Owen was too lazy to make sure the credentials were paid for during the state convention? That was an extremely embarrassing situation for Vanderburgh County, because he can’t get his act together, except when it comes to vengeance.


    • How about Owens humiliating both Gail Riecken’s & Patty Avery’s campaign managers in 2010 because they were doing THEIR jobs, promoting THEIR candidates? They were here on behalf of the State Party, not Owens and his thug-machine. Guess he couldn’t get his act together then either.

      • Don’t forget Obama’s campaign staff as well. He did the same thing to those staff members and took great pride in telling the story of how he made that girl named Sarah cry.

        This brings up a few more questions –
        How much did he HELP Avery’s campaign?

        How much did he HELP Reicken’s campaign?

        How much did he HELP Obama’s campaign?

        Shall I go on?

        • Larry Aiken was Vanderburgh County Democratic Party Chair during the Obama campaign. So, while Mark Owen might very well have made that Sarah girl cry and did the same thing to Obamas campaign staff members he would have done it as a private citizen not as Party Chair.

          The State Party ran Avery’s and Reickens campaign.

          • False.
            Mark was elected by the committeemen DURING the Obama campaign in 08 so he was the chair during the general election. Did he ever even step foot inside the Obama campaign office? Doubtful. That would have taken effort.

            You’re splitting hairs when you say the state party ran their campaigns, because Owen should have supported their efforts, which he did not.

            He is an embarrassment TO THIS PARTY on so many levels.

            OWEN – PLEASE GO AWAY!

    • Well thats just not true. Davis went into Weinzapfels office, confronted him and said you cant get elected dog catcher I’m running against you. Davis proceeded to stand up at several neighborhood organizations and LIED thru his teeth about not running until the Mayor decided not to.

        • Ask Davis. He was more than happy to share the fact he confronted JW for quite a long time.

          • I’m not asking Davis I’m asking you… How do you know all of this went down and how do you know all of the details?…Or did you just make it up?

          • Lorriane Neighborhood Association meeting minutes from October. I have a copy I suggest you ask for them yourself, that is where soon to be former County Tres Davis repeated the lie about how he got into the race.

          • I dont need to provide the info, I am not the one committing the lie that would be Davis, ask him if you cant get a copy of the minutes. The assoc was happy to provide them to many people.

  11. I don’t get the logic of all this. We have an administration that has moved the city forward cosiderably and a wannabe that decided to attack the Mayor of his own Party to become Mayor. Not to mention he worked tirelessly in the 6th Ward to beat a member of his own Party, David Mosby. He also went against another member of his own Party, his cousin, Keith Jarboe and tried to beat him in a primary. And now Mark Owen is the cause of all this and should resign so the Party can come back together.

    What it sounds like to me is that Denton and Davis have another hair brained idea that he can do better next time if they have control of Central Committe. However, I am afraid that the hole that they have dug is way too deep for that.

    • Please do explain how the JW administration moved the city forward!

      I would love to hear this!

      • Debt…debt….and more debt, oh and a couple (GREEN) electric car chargers in the city parking garages, what more could a taxpayer ask for? Oh and as stated last week you can now wear a dress to work (if your?) and not be discriminated against…hey last week he helped planting a couple trees (GREEN), built us a shiny new (although small) arena in the worst possible place on budget (well maybe)….we bought a parking lot for $603k and gave it to CCP along with a lot more money ($1.4M), and much much more…but we will be getting free citywide WiFi in a couple years but it’ll be a low grade signal that you’ll have to go outside close to your water meter to use but won’t cause any health hazards unless your water meter is close to the street…doh!

        I sure wish he could stay another 8 years, we might actually get a venture capital program up and running, more luxury apartment/condos downtown, a downtown convention hotel connected to the arena and that great money loosing Centre, hey and a few more hi-tech brink lined alleys in the arts (lol) district.

        Just a few of his many illustrious accomplishments in just 8 short years. 😉


      • The incentives given to Berry Plastics and Mead Johnson allowed them to expand and create jobs. Over $100 million worth of sewer projects which eliminated the flooding problems on the Southeast Side. A plan to meet the Federal Governments requirement on combined sewer overflow. Miles of road repaved and miles of sidewalks replaced. The Arena and the various loft projects are starting to give Evansville a vibrant Downtown which all prosperous cities have. Numerous new city buses; what they had when he went there was in a lot of cases not safe to be on the street.

        • How do you know that Berry and Mead would not have done this projects without the corporate welfare that you call incentives? If Evansville is the best place for them to do business this would have happened without the handouts most of which came from the state and not from the city.

          Now fixing the flooding problems I can agree with you on. When the EPA took the City of Evansville to task and won a lawsuit Weinzapfel got busy serving the sentence. We don’t celebrate convicted criminals for doing their time in jail so lets no get carried away adoring a mayor who did what the federal government forced him to do with legal action.

          As for the new stuff downtown all of which is paid for with tax dollars, the jury is out. It is nice but does filling 300 bar stools a couple of nights a week justify spending $128M borrowed dollars? We shall see.

          • The combined sewer overflows are mandated by the Federal government;; there is no mandate to do the sewer projects on the Southeast side. That is something entirely different; Weinzapfel could have chosen to not do them.

        • You do know that the ONLY reason the Weiny administration is even attempting the sewer projects is because his original idea of combined sewers failed and the EPA has slapped the city with high fines (I’m not sure an exact dollar amount). Further, over two years ago, Weiny was given a deadline by the ERA to fix it and guess what…IT ISN’T FIXED YET!!!

          • The City has not been slapped with any high fines. To say that Weiny was given a deadline to fix the problem over 2 years ago and it is not fixed yet is a ludicrous statement to say the least. Fixing the combined sewers will proabably cost $500 million dollars and take 30 years.

            A good chunk of the sewers is combined meaning sewage and rainfall go in the same pipe. This pipe a lot of times has an overflow so that when there is a heavy rain, a lot of times raw sewage will go into Pigeon Creek and I believe other creeks and ditches. So, a lot of our sewage system will have to be replaced so that sewage and storm water go into 2 different pipes. It is very complex.

            • That depends on ones definition of high. There were $490,000 of fines levied on the City of Evansville in the summary judgement. There is a two year period with only one year remaining in which further fines are suspended while the city prepares a real compliance plan. That plan is due next November. If it is not satisfactory the fines will start again.

              EPA had a something like a 10 year time window to be in compliance and the city asked for an extension based on financial hardship. I believe the hardship was granted and the time to do the repairs is 25 years. The longer we wait to do so the more it will cost.

        • Unfortunately I live on the southeast side…..flooding isn’t fixed by a long shot, maybe a few streets, but yesterday my yard was flooded with the storm sewer system full and no place for the water to go, thank god we didn’t have a hard rain all day or I’d be pumping out my basement…..and yes I know we have had record rain this year, ground is saturated, but the sewers that Missy and Johnny are taking credit for still is just a work in progress, if it wasn’t for the water departments vac truck pumping out the storm sewer the southside would still be flooded.



          • Right there, you hit what the problem is a lot of times. The storm sewer is clogged with leaves and debis, if that is removed which is what the vac truck then you should have little or no problem.
            It also helps if people keep the one in front of their house clear.

          • After a hard rain in 2003, there was areas which had sewage floating around in the streets.

            The 5 Points, SE of Washington and Weinbach was totally flooded. There were people that lost everything during these rainfalls.

            So, to say that without the vac truck,the southeast side would still be flooded is a very ignorant comment.

          • Blanger…if you would kindly give me your name and address, I would gladly look into the issues you claim to be having for this is the first I have heard of it. Most of my constituents call me or email me with these types of issues, not hide behind a screen name and claim that nothing is getting done. We have to know there is a problem and where it is before we can work on resolving the issues.

          • LOL….yeah right…I think I’ll just let my pump run another day like I’ve done for the last 20 years, but feel free to post up your email addy. 😉

            BTW congratulations on your win..we hope you and your family have a very happy and joyous Christmas. (seriously)


          • Cut all the trees down on the Southeast Side if people are too lazy to rake leaves and keep their gutters clean. The trees also are what’s glogging up the previously open ditches. Cut’em down!

          • My name is Brent Jackson. I am the President of the Presidents Neighborhood Association. We ARE the neighborhood that is being spoke of in this thread. Our boundaries are 41, Covert, Weinbach, and Washington.

            The Storm Sewer project that is being discussed is in our neighborhood right now. The benefits of this project has already proved itself several times this year. The list of intersections that did flood in 2009 & 2010 that no longer flood are: Covert and Henning, Marshall, Lodge, Rotherwood, Norman, Frederick and Weinbach; Ravenswood and Harlan, Marshall, Henning, Lodge, Benninghof, Rotherwood, Norman, and Frederick. ALL these intersections flooded in 2009 & 10. This week? We had one intersction that flooded due to leaves clogging the drain. I am thinking about having a talk with this particular neighbor in person.

            I am not going to get into the politics of this discussion. I have my own opinions as a person of the Democratic situation, but as a President of a neighborhood I will not air it here. I am not going to discuss who is wearing the Hero Hat in this conversation, but I saw a lot of misinformation about the storm project coming through. I have witnessed the changes first hand and disagree with the anonymous poster going by “Blanger”.

            Nuf said,

            Brent Jackson

          • Mr Jackson, thank you for your reply but you do understand that the 2nd ward is much larger than the area bound by your neighborhood association? I will concede that your area is in much better shape than years past especially the covert ave between lodge and weinbach area…..but there are still many areas south and east of you that still experience flooding in times of heavy rain like last weekend.

            It is your right and privilege to state your opinion same as it is mine to do so, no one is trying to wear a “hero hat” except for our 2nd ward representative which is part of the problem I have with her, but we’ll save that discussion for another day/topic.

            Again thanks for your comments regardless of what you might think they are appreciated.


          • Mosby and Jackson must have stayed in the past few days OTHERWISE you would have noticed ALL the flooding in the 2nd ward. Let’s see most of the outer lanes along Covert from vann to 41 FLOODED, Bellmeade, Washington and Weinbach ALL had major water standing on the roads. I have lived in the 2nd ward for 10 years and it STILL floods the same as it always has.

          • Blanger,

            I am well aware of the Ward 2 boundaries. Our neighborhood is split down the middle between Ward 2 & Ward 4 (Robinson). I am well aware that other areas flood. Blanger, you had indicated that the flooding situation was still far from being fixed. I do not disagree particulary with that statement, but to ignore what has been done and knowing for a fact that their are several other storm projects that have a signed contract, I know that these problems will all be in the past. It is now just a matter of time and patience.

            I too have been waiting for 20 YEARS to see these projects come to fruition. I have lived in my neighborhood with these problems for 20 years. I understand that it may take another 20 before the entire city is converted over to a seperate system. It would be very silly to think that we are going to convert everything and get it all fixed in a matter of a couple of years.


            Brent Jackson

          • Doesn’t it make perfect sense to start the flood control projects in the neighborhoods where the conveyance system discharges more directly to K-4 pump station, and then work outward into the neighborhoods where the flood water could then be conveyed through the improved trunkline system?

            Get it? You always start enlarging the trunklines and open canals at the most downstream point, and then work upstream through the watershed. And it takes time, planning, development, and funding to reach up into all the contributing subbasins.

          • Mr Jackson…again thanks for your time and input, we would seem to agree on the general topic which is understandable since we have both lived in the ward for 20 years or more, you must understand that I do see progress however slow it is.

            But my point of view is this…it isn’t finished and is a “work in progress” I know it is/was a huge undertaking and that many aspects have been completed, many parts of the ward have seen the benefits others have not but hopefully will in the future.

            I think you get my point….other aspects of my point of view are more of a personal nature and my observations of our representative, without attacking her character it is best just to say I’m dissatisfied or just plain don’t like her which is also within my rights as a taxpayer.

            Hope you and yours have a very happy and joyous Christmas.


          • Blanger,

            Thank You. I understand your frustrations as I have been equally frustrated with getting some long overdue changes. However, I do want to point out how much your tone and demeanor has changed in this discussion since we started passing messages back and forth. You have dialed it down a few notches. 🙂 We accomplish nothing calling Mosby or any other political candidate names. Whether you or I like it or not, Missy is the elected representative of the 2nd Ward.

            Me personally, I am truly trying to make a difference in this town. As a neighborhood President I have been able to make more of a difference than if I had run for political office.

            With that said, I would like to take this opportunity to challenge you! I challenge you to put your “foot to ass” as the saying goes. If you don’t like something, do something about it. If your neighborhood does not have an association, create one. If you have neighbors who are not cleaning their gutters, get your neighbors together and go talk to them. That’s exactly what I have been doing. And we have some significant accomplishments in our neighborhood that Missy, Connie, nor any other elected official has had a helping hand in.

            I am just as tired as you in wanting changes to happen. So much so we are making the changes in the neighborhood ourselves.

            Brent Jackson

          • Mr Jackson,

            Your welcome, as to toning down, maybe, intelligent conversation with rational people always has that effect and sometimes the rational part is lacking here on the CCO but it too is a work in progress that also will get better in due time.

            As to your challenge I do have a limited amount of time to devote to our neighborhood, I have attended our association meetings at times over the years, and I have a good re pour with all of the neighbors that have been here for any substantial length of time, we do talk about issues and problems within our area.

            As to making a change once I retire I’d be very interested in doing just that and becoming much more involved in our association, currently with my work obligations, my wife’s fledgling business, family, and what few hours left to unwind currently I’m not willing to give up what little time the wife and I have to spend together in quality time…..but in a few more years, yes definitely.

            The only other thing I’d say is poking fun at, pointing out the short-comings, and generally paying attention to what politicians say and do and pointing out the inaccuracies has always been an American pass time, unfortunately too few people have the time, inclination, or care today…myself it’s a hobby that I do enjoy and when you have a group like our local politicians it’s akin to shooting fish in a barrel which doesn’t offer much sport but can bring a smile to your face. 🙂

            Take care….


  12. Dear Bill Denton:

    I think that your moral failings leaves you in no position to ask for Mark Owens’ resignation.

    Your messing around with your secretary, ***** **** while you are still married leaves you in no position to speak on behalf of the Democratic Party.

  13. And isnt this the same Bill Denton that was forced to resign from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s department for alleged criminal behavior?

      • You can critize Mark Owen for many things but he has never been alleged to have committed a violation of the law. Denton wants to be chair but it speaks to his character when not only his wifes, past and present and his employer, THE PEOPLE, cant trust him.

          • No I dont think so yet. OF course had Rick Davis, Al Lindsey and Dan Adams paid their party dues like EVERY other candidate (totaling almost 15k) there wouldnt be any bills outstanding I would think.

  14. There is nothing I like better than the Democrats beating each other up. For the good of Vanderburgh County, please keep on bickering until you have destroyed your party. We will all be much better off when your socialist nightmare is in the ashbin of history.

    • Can you do anything other than repeat the pablum fed to you by Fox News. There is nothing socialist about the issues of the local Democratic party. And you can say the Democrats beat each other up, I view the election night results as local Democrats doing quite well, 9 Dems one and 1 TeaPartier getting his butt handed to him.

        • blanger

          One thing that capital”ism” can not survive is companies deemed “to big to fail”.

          When we see a government in Washington that takes on the likes of Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch and deals with them the way they SHOULD be dealt with, then, and only then, will I have hope that the capital”ism” of our founders has returned, and The United States is once again on the road to prosperity for the majority of her citizens.


          • I should have added that then, and only then, we might also see some interest on the part of citizens to get back into the market!


    • Absolutely classless and baseless. Starting rumors like this is despicable and should be removed. Where is Missy Mosby complaining about this insult to someone’s character?

    • Don’t let them get to you Lon. Goldie locks and gallagher will soon be back at Hooters in no time. That is where Missy has given her best community service.

      • So it would seem gallagher is now looking for employment as soon as he gets past his drivers license problems, rumor is that Winnecke has a position for him at the arena as propaganda minister or was it scraping up bubble gum and spilled cokes?…I forget. 😉


  15. this city would be better off without missy mosby on the city council,,she is a true bimbo only in it for herself ,and she has forgotten where she came from ,and her name is her only qualification ,just like her cousin david…sorry if the truth hurts

  16. If you clowns are going to talk politics, talk politics-cut the nasty high school jawjackin’ out, wouldja?
    None of us care about the lonely, cold nights you little creeps have to get yourselves through-

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