IS IT TRUE December 31, 2014


IS IT TRUE we look forward to Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin to releasing the following reports for public review and discussion?  …the reports are:  the 2014 Uniform Crime report sent to the FBI and the 2014 Arrest records for the “Gang Unit” ?

IS IT TRUE another year has come to an end and this one has turned out to be filled with surprises some of which are welcomed, others were unwanted while yet others are those that come with both good and bad?…some of the surprises are still unfolding?…all of that aside we do wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and predict that with what is going to be a hotly contested City election that 2015 will once again be a year of record traffic for the City County Observer?

IS IT TRUE one of the unwelcome surprises at the CCO this year was the cyber attack upon our website that kept us dark on and off for the better part of a month preventing us from crossing the 2 million page views milestone?…another unwelcome surprise in the City of Evansville was the continued escalation of gunshots that crossed the 800 threshold just this month?…we realize that many of us grew up without the knowledge that Evansville crime rates are too high to be consistent with our false sense of security, but for Evansville to have to admit to over two shootings per day was an awakening for anyone who ever bought into that “great place to raise kids” propaganda campaign?…as predictable as it was, it is an unwelcome surprise that the golden shovel celebrations to commemorate the start of construction at the downtown hotel lot were all just a big theatrical production designed to deceive the public?…the reality is that a good deal with unreliable partners on any endeavor is not a good deal and the chickens came home to roost on this pipe dream in 2014?

IS IT TRUEa very welcome surprise in 2014 that literally no one would have predicted was that gasoline would be under $2 per gallon by now?…the retail price of gasoline more than anything else is a barometer for the comfort of the American consumer when it comes to spending money?…all of you who got or gave little extra this holiday season can probably chalk that up to the exuberance of $2 gas?…the thing that drove gas prices down as it turns out is just the good ole supply and demand equation that we were taught about in high school?…our demand has gone down due to more efficient cars and the habits that came from recession?…the supply has been increased because the United States energy industry has developed new techniques like shale oil extraction and fracking?…this is something that is cyclical so we had better enjoy it while it lasts because it never has lasted before?

IS IT TRUE the unintended consequence of cheap gas are just starting to unfold with massive numbers of layoffs in the energy states of Texas, Alaska, and North Dakota?…a second order effect has recently happened across the river in Kentucky with the closure of two coal mines that were opened less than 10 years ago with golden shovels and visits from the Governor?…other unintended consequences are the destabilization of some oil republics like Venezuela and Russia?…some are even saying the CIA is behind this to cripple Putin but we say this is just a supply side driven gift to consumers that energy consortiums took from themselves?…the long view is not being taken by consumers though as big SUVs and gas guzzling pickup trucks are selling like hotcakes and electric cars, public transportation, and renewable energy are begging for business?…this pendulum will swing again as it has in the past and those who are peeing their money away on $60,000 gas guzzlers today will be the first ones crying when we reach $4 a gallon again?…then those gas guzzlers will be on the used car market for under $20,000?…the attention span of the public seems to be getting shorter and shorter?

IS IT TRUE going forward in the new year, what Evansville really needs to get a handle on is the difference in needs and wants?…we need to repair our sewers, roads, water pipes, and sidewalks?…our leaders seem to want things like a hotel, parks of all types, and an Evansville Reserve Bank with a printing press to pay for all of these wants?…they even want these playthings bad enough to ignore our real needs?…fiscal responsibility will hopefully be the central issue in the 2015 city elections as without it we can never afford the things we need which will blunt every effort to splurge on what we want?…we also need to calibrate exactly what the collective wants are because it really seems like the elected leaders have lost touch with reality?…we do wish you all a great 2015 and will continue to expose instances of bad public policy as we see them?

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  1. Big Editorial in Courier this AM re: absolute need for a Downtown Convention Hotel given the “once bustling convention business” in this town. Last sentence said something like ” if we don’t get the Hotel, Evansville will just drift away”. Did not know that Dobie Gray was on staff of C & P.

    • Dobie’s been on staff down there for quite a while. ‘ ♪ Day after day I’m more confused… ♬’

    • The editor of the Courier and Press should put up his own money for the hotel (87 million) and built it himself if he cares so much for Evansville, IN. Is he trying to extort money from the tax payers to full fill his and the Mayor’s dreams? If so that’s not right. No wonder the owner of that blog sold it . The people who advertise in that news paper are wasting their money on a failing blog.

      • That tortured article today in the CP reeked of some poor schmuck being ordered to write an article on the need for a hotel. The schmuck didn’t even make a decent argument but I am sure they cashed a bonus check and got a pat on the head for packing water for da boss man. A bustling convention business in Evansville? When was that?

          • Oh yes…moles have indicated once he has four more years (God help us) he will be calling the sunshine state of AZ his home…the suckers of Evansville will be paying the bills and he will be drinking martinis.

    • Mr Rufus,

      What!! You mean the Winnecke Media HQ…like the old man once said, “Don’t confuse the issue with the facts”…Thank God for the internet…folks do your own research…stop resembling sheep…

  2. If there was a way for private investors to make a profit downtown they would invest, but unfortunately downtown is a fiscal sinkhole that our last couple of mayors thought they could fill with our money. They were and are wrong. Main Street is dying and the Eastside is thriving.

    Someone should give the mayor and city council directions to the Eastside so they can see what private dollars can do when tax they get out of the way.

    • Would it be cheaper in the long run to move the civic center out to Green River Road or any where on the Growing parts of the East Side. Then the next mayor would have some place good to work and get lunch. After work the Mayor’s gang would have access to any number or restaurants where boozed is served. And there are many motels in that area to shack up with their mistresses.

      • You make a really good point. The taxpayers have really been hosed for the Winnecke-McClintock “beautiful people’s” convenience. Of course, they say they want a flourishing downtown. They really value their distance from the “little people” and a busy downtown nightlife would drive them to find other dark dives. It would be good if Danks makes his place a key club and gives Carol the authority to say who gets a key.

        • Give Winnecke and Carol a break. They are small potatoes. The 8 years of Weinzapfel is the real kicker. Winnecke has accomplished nothing, he’s tried a lot but failed in all his endeavors. We are both politically astute enough to know that if Weinzapfel had been gifted with another 4 years, the full, as designed hotel would be in place with an untold amount of tax dollars. I say untold because we are still untold about the full cost of the arena. The biggest problem I have with Winnecke is that he’s a democrat falsely claiming to be a republican, a fraud. He’s also a fraud in that he won’t come clean about the financial condition of the city. He’s just not honest, more or less what we have come to expect from democrats, just smarmy people. Winnecke was around Weinzapfel long enough that he should have learned how to lie, cheat and steal better. Remember, Winnecke was at the top of the union list that orders who their member must vote for. Lie steal and cheat are strong words but are supported by the simple act of the homestead exemption fiasco, 92 counties in Indiana and we were the only ones where our elected officials tried to deprive us of this small tax relief. And the democrats are so lockstep with their union leadership that they are unable to think for themselves.

          • This idiot can”t even balance the city’s check books…oh yes he will say “I inherited a mess” but he also inherited 4.4 in the General Fund, 3.3 in the Park Fund and is spending like a sailor on a weekend pass. According to the October general fund, he is overdrawn but 17 MILLION and 1.2 in the Park Fund, HAS TAKEN A LOAN AGAINST THE DECEMBER 2014 FINAL PAYMENT OF PROPERTY TAXES IN THE AMOUNT OF 14.5 MILLION…so, let see his track record deficit spending on an average of $700,000 per month since he has been occupying room 303.

            Let’s start with EARHCARE, 5 million was earmarked to an unvetted and before the Council even approved the insanity (5-4 vote), his puppet Luke Yeager, chairman of the bond bank and so happens to be a resident of Newburgh, loaned these clowns $200,000. Thanks to the efforts of Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley, the deal was reversed. Thanks you Stephanie for the hard work!!!

            Of course, here comes the Johnson Control deal which the contract signed under the Weinzapfel Adm was so altered that the IURC had to re-approve the deal and of course the contract placed the cost of damage caused by Johnson Control to be laid upon US!!!

            So, next comes the hotel….there was 4 yes 4 ground breaking ceremonies…what the hell is this…bring in some second rate outfit, unvetted not the council’s fault…remember Friend’s demand for financial information and the hell that was raised in the wake. Two words come to mind: incompetent and dishonesty..

            Now, his DMD rushes in and buys up D-Patrick giving them 8.4 million and gives them tax phase ins and uses grant funds to tear down the houses at D-Pat’s new locate (41 & Walnut) while Bill Fluty has the old property assessed at 3 + million…Crony Capitalism at it BEST….and now we hear that the IU Med project is 37th out 37th…the old cart before the house…

            Then come the north main street deal, Torroni’s allegedly cuts a deal to purchase the old Integra Bank Branch and here comes DMD and saids,”oh no let us purchase the property and you can use for parking…what is that word again: CRONY CAPITALISM….but, like Hollywood, the script keeps on coming….the old CVS building on North Main was on the market for nearly 3 years purchase price by DMD nearly $500,000…What is that word again?..CRONY CAPITALISM….

            Finally, but under this Winnecke administration, nothing is final under Mrs. Riecken is sworn in…

      • Move the Civic Ctr to north 41 near the jail. Now there is another big mistake, moving the jail miles away from the courts. Knowing that it’s a financial burden on the county. Had to hire additional people for the bus and close circuit television. It appears that when local politicians are discussing a new project they approach it in a manner that will make it more difficult and expensive. Anyone remember the name of the president of the county commissioners who took off with one of the jail contractors, one that was still married? The politicians in this city would make for a good soap opera.

        • “Move the Civic Ctr to north 41 near the jail. {{{{{{{{{{{{Now there is another big mistake}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, moving the jail miles away from the courts. Knowing that it’s a financial burden on the county.” …………………….. “Aspect ranging brought to bear.”

          The definition of “boondoggle,” ok, then they moved a functioning high school campus out to the next counties line. Lord what a bunch of carbonized boneheads. and is just why that place is in the demise its in.

          In the private interactions we recovered it was referred to as an “knelt value” however that was slammed back home, with the “fingered rock too the north”, and a final balance to a driveway, so too kneel. of course that was “messy” so too speak as well.
          You’re locals were never very cautious to the fact that others might have been watching.

          • Actually, the construction of a new Evansville -VANDERBURGH School Corporation middle school – high school complex north of the city limits WAS the correct decision. The buildings are ugly and a cluster f**k architectural design but the location IS correct. The old “North HS” was landlocked and functionally obsolete.

          • Straight cronies crumby old toxic ground real estate bailout, local weinerzipheled carbonized BS, Dutch, we looked. ” Ponies for cronies ” aaannnnnnnd you know it. Who else would buy the old loader parcel, aannnnnd how long was it for sale before the EVSC got screwed with it?

        • And the new “Detention Center” was built undersized and in a location that blocks expansion of Lynch Road west to connect with Mill Road.

          • Also built on a known toxic waste site, due the old pre era railroad round house klinker sludge, and under mined steam tunnels.
            Still shows up on the overhead, the place might be a toxic dungeon. Bad stuff, as seen from afar. At the most, probably doesn’t meet specifications per either.
            The Fed”s should drop down and cut’em clean off. Never ever, should have been sited there. But then again that’s a predictable as a knelt value and a smelt worth from what has been seen and speculated in the past.

      • No. You make a really ignorant point.

        While challenges are prominent given the incompetent way Evansville government is performing these days, belief in dumping the historic riverfront downtown for Green River Road is as ignorant, perhaps even more, than the idea the Creationism Park in Kentucky is accurate science. Thank God you are at a minimum delusional donut-dunking CCO commenters. Put your fake guns back in your holsters.

        • Unfortunately you are still holdinf on to the illusion that we will or have a vibrant downtown. Our opportunity to have a real riverfront has been sold to the same corporations that effectively run this town and are the puppet masters to the very politicians that you think you helped get elected because you stuck a paper sign in the front yard of your modular home.

          Our riverfront view is blocked, main street is dying and all our tax payer funded investments are operating at a loss with no clear sign that they will not only be profitable but will struggle to ever break even.

          The city and the people that ultimately fund it’s operation are sick and tired of the self titled elite spending our hard earned dollars attempting to build themselves a playground in dowtown that most of the city could care less about which is obvious but the complete lack of support. Remember, we are situated in a metropolitan area of over 300k people and are unable to fill an arena (that is undersized for a community of this size) on a regular bases. You can’t even get a good showing for your “professional” hockey team without filling the stands with free seats.

          As long as people are unwilling to remove their rose colored glasses and ignore the reality pg what downtown Evansville really is, we are going to continue to have elected officials attempting to think they can spend our money to get in the big city club.

    • Sad, and that main street didn’t ever have to die. You’ve elected bought and bent idiots for a half a century. What do you expect?

    • Like a sow’s ear, a silk purse is no where in the making…this city will be pouring over one quarter of BILLION dollars in this “Heaven on Earth”…

  3. Dear editor,

    You missed a major aspect to the cost of gas being so low. It does have to do with the destabilization of Russia, and does go a bit past the normal realm of supply and demand. Geo-politics is at the heart of it, and it involves the drama being played out between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Saudis fear Iran and they don’t want to see a neuclear Iran flexing their muscle in the Middle East. Russia is the chief supporter of Iran and is assisting the Iranian regime with assistance in building their neuclear program. The Saudis are comfortable with glutting the market with their cheaper oil to the point of $40.00 per barrel prices. This has caused Russia’s economy to go into a tail spin. Russia needs higher prices for oil to maintain their economy, and the economics of it is that they can’t sell their oil at the current market price.

    The price of oil has been pegged to the dollar, and now China and Russia are no longer buying oil or selling it in dollars which only helps to destabilize the American economy. On Christmas Eve, Russia dumped $26 Billion of US bonds into the market. Who will buy those bonds? Could it be the Fed?

    The American stock market is bolstered by the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing, which is the digitizing of our money, still at an an unpresidented rate while keeping interest rates low. At some point the digital printing press will stop and the interest rates will go up. Any time the Fed hints that they may raise interest rates, the corporatists begin to panic and we see slippage in the market. So to keep the big investors quiet, the Fed backs off. But at some point these chickens will come home to roost as well.

    As I’ve written before, we don’t live in an insulated bubble, and what happens some place halfway around the world can and does affect us here.

    But closer to home, our own beloved EPA, with its crazy environmental policy, is causing coal plants to shut down, and with less coal, coal fired plants that provide energy to the grid are going offline with no replacements. Our grid is not secured and it is subject to cyber attack, or, God forbid, a possible EMP attack. America has never been as vulnerable as it is today. And to top it off, we have a president intent on diminishing America’s leadership role in the world because he believes in absolute equality for all, of course, with the exception of the elites who run the show.

    Happy New Year everybody!

    If I didn’t trust in an all powerful God who is able to deliver, I’d be a total basket case. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence…” this is how we make it through the troubled waters of the world in which we live.

    We have forgotten God, and we’ve left him out of our lives individually and collectively. We may say the name “Jesus,” but as Isaiah wrote, “our hearts are far from him.” Jesus hasn’t left the church, but the church has put him outside. It’s clear from the imagery of Revelation chapter three beginning with verse 17, that he’s outside the church because he’s knocking on the door and wonders if anyone will open the door to let him in. The passage says, “if anyone…” and not “when anyone.”

    The issues we face are bigger than we can fix on our own. It doesn’t matter if it’s locally, nationally, or internationally, we need to be on God’s side, and quit looking to him as a spiritual Santa Claus who gives us whatever toy we want. Instead, I ask for wisdom and discernment as to how to navigate these troubled waters to bring us safely through it. I hope others will join me in praying this for ourselves as well as for those who are currently in office and those who are seeking office in our upcoming city election. Perhaps it might be in his will for some who currently hold office to be replaced. None of us knows the answer to this, but we will certainly find out as we go through our electoral process.

    May God bless our city and nation, and may he preserve and defend our republic.

    • Whoa! It’s scary that there are people like you walking around without a straight jacket!

      • It’s what happens when State mental institutions are closed down and/or downsized. I worked in and with the mental health system for nearly forty years, and if John Q. Taxpayer knew how many really sick people are running loose, he’d clamor to spend more on in-patient facilities.

        • Its what happens when one of’em tries to divert the conversation from the local
          subject at hand. Which was the flip flopping fish outta water idea of a convention hotel someplace in your downtown ever finding a profit.
          Importance per local quandary, “not so much.” The diversion did work for a bit, however. You’ll have that.

        • We had plenty of inpatient facilities until 1963 when the first real liberal took office. JFK gave us the Mental Health Act of 1963 which effectively shutdown our inpatient facilities. This had unintended consequences, a great increase in jails and prisons. Ever notice that actions by democrats seem to have negative consequences which they end up blaming on conservatives, which I’m sure you are going to blame on Reagan.

        • LKB

          Now we know, you picked up a virus while working at your cited mental health center !!

          • lol…………actually i believe ebee was confused and just thought she was a worker……………

        • Indeed. It is truly eye-opening how many people we make runs to on any given day that appear to have bona-fide mental illness, often exacerbated by substance abuse. LE and FD/EMS are the de facto front line grunst when it comes to dealing with the problems of this demographic, a situation which is unfair to the responders and the citizens in question. It should come as no surprise when outcomes are not ideal.

          As to whose political fault it is that we’ve come to this, it simply doesn’t matter. I suspect that all parties intentionally or not worked in concert to dismantle the in-patient system of old. The ‘why’ or ‘who’ doesn’t really matter, IMO. Fact: Our jails and streets are full of the mentally ill who either cannot or will not get treatment fo those illnesses. We are either okay with that as a society, or we are not. These folks are largely out of sight and out of mind unless you’re a public safety groundpounder, so I suspect our current (non) system will remain for the time being.

    • You really think you know what your talking about? I’m sorry but you don’t have a clue. No one does. The economy has a collective mind of it’s own and no one really knows how to control it. And those that pretend to know how to control the economy are talking out their asses.

      And the reason for the decline in coal is because of the cheaper more plenty and cleaner natural gas supply increases. We the people are the EPA and the EPA is just carrying out what the people of America want. They want clean air and water. So if you are blaming the people of the USA for wanting clean air and water then you are a fool and no one is listening to your BS. Tell me what you use to heat your home? I’d bet $100 it’s not a coal fired furnace! Most all the homes are using natural gas fired furnaces to heat their homes. Why. Because it cheaper more efficient and clean. Duh.

    • WOW 3 rapid fire invocations of rule #5 from the Evil Dirtbag Handbook.

      “Forgive Them Lord For They Know NOT What They Do”

    • Rather than just attacking a person would either of you care to offer a reason or counter Tasos’s opinions? Or can you?

      • I’ll ask a question instead:

        “But closer to home, our own beloved EPA, with its crazy environmental policy, is causing coal plants to shut down, and with less coal, coal fired plants that provide energy to the grid are going offline with no replacements.”

        Which ‘crazy’ environmental policies are the EPA engaged in that is causing this problem, and which coal-fired plants have been shut down because of them?

      • They are so far off it’s not worth it. And he would not listen to reason anyway. You can’t help him either as you are a bad as he. I attacked his idea that anyone could figure out the economy and control it. If you disagree with that then you are crazy too. And I didn’t even bother to go into his faith. I won’t go there but let’s just say I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny anymore or that someone one walked on water.

        • If there was enough evidence for the Easter Bunny as there is for the historical Jesus, then I might have to consider the Easter Bunny as the reason for the season.

        • BTW, While there are some financial principles we can learn which apply from Elm street to K street, I agree that no one can figure out the economy. Sorry we can’t all think like you, but don’t give up on me. I may suffer from a mental illness one day myself.

    • TASOS and the +1 I-E,

      Man. All that in order to talk about the hope-for-end-of-the-Roman-Empire-Book of Revelations. Personally, you don’t strike me as a particularly stable person, including on Christian matters, but I have always been suspicious of Christians whose main point taken from Christian teachings is to hope for the end of the world. What a waste.

      You were talking about the price of gas?

      By the way, a political process – I guess you could say Jesus was there, but he wasn’t – led by the Roman Emperor!! made Revelations part of the modern day Bible. This did not happen in Jerusalem, nor anywhere near where Jesus lived in case you didn’t know. The year was 326! The Bishops voting on which books to declare the Bible (three centuries after Jesus’s time…a period longer than the age of the United States) almost left it out….it barely passed the vote to include it. Yes, they voted. I think they should re-vote so you end-of-times crazies would have to get a real life.

      • Hey Shem Sham, where you been?

        Yeah, funny how 3 centuries after Jesus they just woke up one day and decided to make the first Reader’s Digest version of the history of God’s plan for redeeming the world. Three hundred years of nothing then boom there it is!

        I always live and plan with the end in mind, but I don’t forget to live today. I did sell off some material possessions. Well, more traded up my 84 GMC for a 93. Figured we might have nine more good years than I at first expected from the good books

        • Indeed. I actually prefer the earlier models. You can actually change the water pump by reaching in and simply grabbing it. My fav is my CJ-7. Simplicity is a virtue.

          Men wrote the texts. They had good intentions! They saved a lot of the original message, and God bless them.

          What they wrote down, and what was consolidated in 326, is their best. It is NOT the word of God.

          Why do faith-challenged people have to put the 326 consolidation of texts ahead of God and gush a load of junk? (They lack faith, I think.)

    • Dear Tasos,

      Well said…as Jesus said to the leaders of His time, ” You know when the winds blow from the south, it will be hot…you know if the skies are red in the morning, it will be stormy, but you do not know how to read the signs of the times that the Kingdom of God is at hand”…

      For those who study the testaments, it is predicted that the Bear from the north (Russia as some believe) will invade Israel…so, as it has been seem in the history of man, when economies are destroyed, wars most certainly will be the result..just like post-WW I when Germany suffered from the stipulations of the treaty…WW II was the result…yes we all love the cheat gas but remember there could every well be a much higher cost around the corner…as stated in Chronicles…”if my people who are called by my name would turn away from their wicked ways and seek My face I should forgive their sins and HEAL their land”

      May God Bless our Nation and forgive our transgressions…

  4. City Council should act forthwith to get that 20 million off the table. Winnecke should not be allowed anywhere near it. We can only hope he hasn’t already squandered it on some cheap con while in Arizona. The words from his mouth are not to be believed.

    • Agreed 100%. It should be the first action on City Council’s 2015 agenda. Winnie has already sneaked $1million to HCW, which proves how interested he is in representing the City’s interest. The first smooth-talking con artist who schmoozes Carol will surely get more cash. All he/she has to do is promise a rooftop Martini Bar.

      • Yeah, that 20 million has about as much of a chance as chocolate cake after a weight watchers meeting.

    • We’ve concluded similar thoughts. That cities council should start the framework to build a impervious wall around that certain 20 million dollars of public funding. The others above ,that suggest infrastructure viability before anymore senseless un-vetted fluff over that downtowns lacking base logistical infrastructure valuation are correct as well. Of course in all honesty that would also mean the straight forward thing to do next is re-site The IU medical facility to an usable and expandable logistical base infrastructure also, immediately, as possible so the preparation and site evolution blends with the systematic daily operation of the chosen sites other standing property valuations. Using an correct planning blend this should be seamless without any unneeded logistical throughput obstruction. Keeping those real Gateways wide open will speed transition too positive southwestern Indiana expansion of metro commerce, as that progresses forward. Its new years eve, tomorrow is 2015, you all are long overdue for some real innovation, and thus viable affordable working growth.

      Ædificate Climatico *

  5. I don’t usually encourage people here to read anything in the Courier-rag, but their version of the top 10 local news stories is amazing. It surely doesn’t make any mention of the hotel failure or the multiple sand-turnings preceding it, nor the EarthCare scam. They do include the man who was arrested for trying to direct traffic while doing the “robot” and the thrown glass of milk at the I-HOP, though. I’m sure the Mayor’s office approved the list before it was printed.

    • I read that article on the CP version of the top 10 things in Evansville. It was a damn joke. Those things would maybe be the top 10 things in a middle school. It was just stupidity. Milk tossing and a robotic mime directing traffic? What about a cat up a tree, or even a dog gets a bone. What an insult to the people who pay for that rag.

      • If you take a look at the comments on most of their articles, you’ll see that the subscribers are getting exactly what they want, lies to justify hate and bigotry. The pro Poop stuff gets thrown in because of the publisher’s ownership in the current administration.

        • What comments. They don’t have many people making comments that I could see. The comments on the open stories are pretty non existent and or blank. And those few people that do comment on them are not worth reading like you said.

          • They censor the actual balance @ movedon , per their web sites, you know that old wayne bullshit “who are you where do you live? Sure so you catch the lining-up from ’em. Not so good there. Considering.

            “Assholes.” what they didn’t realize is the paint always sticks to the finger that sprays it. However with those slicks, we’ve absolutely scored them from damned the start of it. That’s a cross party “fubar”. One might say “spare no more”. 😉

            What’s seen and observed by global social economic environmental analysis is pretty darned straight forward. The place is a major fail. And, its clear why.
            Those skilled trades people onboard their wagon, have been duped.
            Want work, that needs skills , ok, so design a project that will increase the livability of the entire region with one end point goal to improve the whole horizon. Best case in “livability forced by climate migration.”

            No big deal, we have that, and we’ll need the skilled workforce to set it in place. Nationally, so who wants the lead off play? What region and what skilled balance?
            Convention hotel, in downtown Evansville, really sure, and right square on top of one of the most archaic and neglected utility infrastructures in the entire United States of America. That’s a load of board room scat, sooner those skilled professionals realize that’s just BS, the faster they’ll all be back to steady work regimes to progress into what was once a pretty enviously set thriving local hall.

            Let that local main stream double seven schmozze, or the damned bought ERBC membership required “furrier and suppressed” sport that.
            Oh! But do show them the true standing valuations..first..and amount the turd’s to the river counts as a common denominator. As well.

            Evansville, Vanderburgh, How in the hell, did this load’a creeps ever find that much power over you ?

          • just like your ignorant comments moveon the moron…… as a box of rocks……….

          • Hey sharpie, you have no conception what one can learn from a box of rocks.
            Of course that’s a scientific quest way beyond the rotten political dimwit smoldering brain synapsis that one like yourself might ever hope to sport.

            You political dumbass, you do make us laugh out loud. Thanks for that entertainment, at the least. Happy 2015, its one step closer to a cosmic step for mankind. We are waiting for a recordable spark, come on squeeze, squint you can do it, just one spark……….ok even a microscopic nano spark……………..

          • Troll’in makes site hit though, doesn’t it dull’ie ? pitiful, just go for content you’ll get the hits.

          • Actually V, I have a very interesting that involves the Henry Ford Museum, Thomas Edison, and a large box of rocks connected to an idler pulley and sitting on a scale. Well, interesting to me. I must have stared at it for a half hour we during why until a light came on. They where’s dumber than a box of rocks. It also involved a dynamo and steam engine.

  6. Here’s a “surprise” from the last day of 2014. Obama was told by his genius health care adviser Jonathan Gruber that health insurance premiums would rise under Obamacare. Yet, Obama repeatedly lied to us “stupid” Americans that health insurance premiums would drop under Obamacare. That fact that Obama lied is not a surprise, the surprise is that Obama’s lie is now being exposed for all to see,

  7. Downtown has always been Pandoras Box. The failures of downtown have piled up over my lifetime with no end in sight. I got to meet Steve Davis at the police rally. He was very polite and took the time to listen and speak with our group. It was very pleasant that even though the media was there he never walked away from us while we spoke. He was more interested in listening to us than talking to a news camera. We were there to support law enforcement but the subject of the hotel and downtown came up. He was a breath of fresh air with his positive replies, ideas and knowledge. I had never met him before and wondered if he had what it took to win the 2nd Ward. It was clear after the first 10 minutes that the southeast side will be represented properly with Mr. Davis. We were all very impressed so impressed that my 67 year old mother wanted to invite him to dinner. That’s the impact he made on her during that brief meeting. He was great. Although I personally can’t vote for him because I’m in a different ward I know several people that are in his ward and we are all going to talk to friends and family on the southeast side.

  8. The Courier and Press really lost credibility with that Top 10 article. They literally call spilled milk more newsworthy than EarthScam, HotelScam and WaterMeterScam. Pathetic at best. The C&P have gone from wathdog to lapdog. They endorsed these fools aka Winnecke, Weaver & Mosby so they have to support/hide their scams. Its really disappointing.

  9. Remember when the price of a gallon of gasoline jumped up over $4 a gallon and everyone increased their prices to compensate for the increased transportation costs. So now that gas is selling for less than $2.00 per gallon when will see the prices of everything else drop back down? Don’t hold your breath for this to take place. Even the service companies started charging more for a service call to compensate for the increased cost of gasoline.

    • And actually once the realms reeled in for the reality too come if they get .89 a gallon American it’ll surprise the astute. Something very new is now looming on the horizon. Those that know of it are remaining silent for now. That’s probably a good thing though. The scramble to own it is going to be really fun to watch. And watching is always productive, the best pathways are honed that way. /\

    • Yes, I remember it well. Proctor & Gamble raised prices on all their products, and said some horseshit about ‘until conditions improve’. As you predicted, never a decrease over something like fuel.

      Boycott P & G !

  10. “IS IT TRUE we look forward to Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin to releasing the following reports for public review and discussion? …the reports are: the 2014 Uniform Crime report sent to the FBI and the 2014 Arrest records for the “Gang Unit” ?”

    I don’t believe that there is such a thing as ‘arrest records’ for the EPD gang unit. It is my understanding that the gang unit is primarily tasked with investigating individual gang affiliations and connections between people and criminal activity which are possibly related to those affiliations. This information is then forwarded to the patrol division and adult investigations division for use in patrol planning and ongoing criminal/civil investigations.

    The gang unit is not a direct-action unit as far as I know, and I don’t know if it would even be possible to point to any individual arrest solely as a result of the actions of the gang unit. Merely being affiliated with a gang per se is not illegal, ergo not an arrestable offense.

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