IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Police Department, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations made arrests yesterday, breaking the possible illegal activities of major theft ring that had allegedly stoled new Bobcat and Kubota and other construction equipment estimated value between $750,000 to $1,000,000?  … that the local undercover investigation has been going on for approximately 6 months?  … that members of this alleged theft ring are both local and as far away as St. Louis, Missouri and North Carolina?  …that one of the jailed suspects, who is from Vanderburgh County, now sits in a North Carolina jail,  when he allegedly shipped some stolen construction equipment to that area? …that yesterday that some of the brand new construction equipment was found in several enclosed Trailers and included Backhoes, Skid Steers and End-Loaders in a remote area of Vanderburgh County? …that the other member of this alleged theft ring was taken to the Vanderburgh County jail for official booking and than released?

    IS IT TRUE that the 3.5 employees of the City County Observer are enjoying the holiday for the rest of 2014 and offer this information to the area Main Stream Media to sort out over the next couple of days? …we know that the local Main Stream Media monitors the City County Observer daily for breaking news and we are glad to pass this information as our New Years gift to them?

    …the City County Observer wishes our friend of the local Main Stream Media  a happy and prosperous 2015?

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    1. Does this have anything to do with the strictly-for-show backhoe that is now gone from the site of the defunct hotel? Nobody based in Branson is involved, are they?

    2. Why wasn’t this news story found in the CP or on TV when those mainstream news media outfits have hundreds of employees compared to the CCO with 3 possibly 4 employees?

      • Maybe because the CCO has hundreds or maybe more “Moles” that give them tips on news events. After the Courier started charging to read that squirrel rag people stopped giving them tips and reading that rag.

        • If they didn’t have a few articles that were readable without a subscription they would have lost more of their advertisers. They only reason I can see for them posted a few free to read articles without a sub is to gather a few more clicks for their advertisers. But those advertisers should realize that people are not reading their ads or buying their products. IMHO those that advertised in the Courier are wasting their money on that rag.

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