IS IT TRUE December 16, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE December 16, 2013

IS IT TRUE we expect that long time State Representative Susan Crouch shall be named as next State Auditor today by Governor Pence?…that we hear that the person that is suggested to replace her could be County Commissioner Marsha Abell?…Ms. Abell may be facing an uphill re-election battle in her own primary against well known political activist Bruce Ungethiem?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that that Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams may be eyeing a run for the 8th District Congressional seat presently held by Dr. Larry Bucshon?…if Sheriff Williams decides to tackle Congressmen Bucshon one can expect one heck of an in your face political battle?…if Sheriff Williams wants this opportunity there are still those who say the path to the ballot will have to go through a primary against former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel who has roughly $500,000 remaining in his Weinzapfel for Indiana fund that was raised under the guise of a third term as Mayor of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the next President of Evansville City Council shall be 5th Ward Councilman John Friend?…we hear that Conor O’Daniel shall be the next Chairman of the Budget Committee?…we also hear that both gentlemen are entertaining the possibility of running for Mayor of Evansville?…that would make three current Democrat members of the City Council who have floated the idea of running for Mayor in 2015 with at least two other people who are privately frothing at the mouth to give a run for the Mayor’s office a shot?

IS IT TRUE we hear that a few union bosses are trying hard to find someone to run against City Council members John Friend, Al Lindsey and Stephanie Riley?…as of today they haven’t found any takers?…the best place for union bosses to search for candidates in Evansville these days may be among Republicans if the unions can break with the solidarity of national politics?…it would not be the first time that union endorsements in Evansville put a Republican into office?

IS IT TRUE we are still wondering why the State Board of Accounts hasn’t provided City Council and the taxpayers of this community a final report on the 2012 budget audit findings?…that the State Board of Accounts deadline to make to report public was November 1, 2013?

IS IT TRUE a novel use for the rapidly deteriorating McCurdy Hotel was suggested over the weekend and we think at least for amusement purposes this could be considered should the McCurdy ever find itself back in City of Evansville hands by legitimate process?…since the McCurdy has been a home to pigeons with its windows open for a number of years and to keep with the theme of toasting public money to appease the animal vote it has been suggested that the McCurdy could be a CAT PARK?…it would be the first multistory CAT PARK in the United States and may even have the ability to draw some tourist to Evansville to see this unique adaptive reuse of the old hotel?…of course we would not want to confuse anyone with the ad hoc CAT HOUSE that is down near Sunset Park that is still in marginal condition even though it was exposed as a drug user’s hang out three years ago?…FELINE FELICITY (Cat bliss) should be the name of the new CAT PARK?

IS IT TRUE in 74 days the balance of $186,000 that Earthcare Energy LLC owes the City of Evansville because the Office of the Mayor put the cart before the horse and handed them a check before giving the City Council notice or so much as taking their pulse?…taking a pulse is the mocking first act of the vetting process?…it will be interesting to see if the Winnecke Administration will have the courage to seek to formally collect that debt as upon examination of the contract with Earthcare Energy LLC, they seem to be in compliance with what was a most poorly crafted document?


  1. Indiana State Board of Accounts

    Cities and Towns

    Supervisor Contact:

    Charles W. Pride
    (317) 232-2521

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Give Mr. Pride a call and ask him what is going on with Evansville’s audits.


  2. The City’s books are not reconciled ! The City Controller’s Office made a ‘Needed to Balance’ entry/ and the State Board didn’t buy it. Guessing that the State Board is trying to figure out how to “finesse” the matter, and with lots of begging on bended knee by our trusted elected officials.

    • Frank,

      Have you seen the comic strip ‘Pluggers’ ? True at so many levels !

  3. It would be a face-saving exodus for Marsha to move into Suzanne’s Representative seat, as Bruce would end her political career on a sour note.

    • Thinking Detroit has that one hammered in,Joe,
      Evansville might have a chance if the set director needed to screen in some zombies flopping around in biochemical combined sewers outflux after some hard rain. Especially,while your river is on the levee. Something to be aware of,considering all the snowmelt staged upstream today,could be foreboding if that were to runoff quickly,and you have a future strong frontal gulf infused rain event up and down the Ohio valley basin.

      Keep an eye on the Paducah hydrology USGS site,the makings could be there considering planetary global climate change reactivity,and noted research,in global climate reactive expectations and predictions.

    • Good thought! We can show them the segment The Daily Show did here, to help land the gig. Then, when we tell him about our obese and miserable ratings, it will be a sure thing.

      • Problem is, despite our general obesity, we are slim in the BRAINS department, which surely would be a turnoff for any prospective zombie investor.

  4. Hope Marsha doesn’t take Mrs. Crouch seat so I can watch Bruce Ungethiem beat her like a drum in the GOP primary.

    • middle to the right: You are going to have a long “wait”. That is not going to happen.

      • Again… Here we have a “Republican Chairman” who is vocally taking sides in a local primary! Am I mad or is this terrible conduct for a Party Chair?

        Can Wayne Parke capable of remaining on the sidelines in the interest of Party unity? What if This challenger to Abell wins the primary? Does the a Republican Party Chairman then openly support the Democrat? How awkward will that be? This is the true reason the a Republican Party is in tatters locally…the leadership has no foresight.

        • Neither party cares what the voters want, we’re just here to pay taxes, and shut up.

        • As Chairman, he is supporting the incumbent. If the incumbent is beaten in the primary, then support will go to our candidate. But the most obvious answer to your question is the fact that he is not taking sides. Is there an official primary opponent. This site is the only place that I’ve ever heard mention of a primary challenger for the incumbent. If we’re living in the CCO world of hypotheticals, then anything goes.

          • It doesn’t matter. As Chairman, he should remain neutral to avoid awkward eventualities. There isn’t a hard and fast rule for this; it’s common courtesy as a leader. Not only does he take sides in controversial issues in opposition to conservative orthodoxy and take sides in primary races upon which he should remain neutral, but he threatens to excommunicate PCs who speak out against the incumbent even when the primary is not yet over, in clear violation of State Party rules.

            Wayne Parke = poor leadership

  5. The McCurdy has done its time, and did it honorably, as a de facto cat house. Let it deteriorate in peace, as our wise city leaders have ordained. The windows should at least be secured lest EarthCare get wind of it being home to fat pigeons and come back to town bearing another scam. The McCurdy has withstood a lot of colorful characters, floods and changes through the years. It will not survive the lust an as yet unnamed corporation has for its riverview.

    • I expect you are absolutely right, Bandana. Cat houses and cat parks might make this a “destination city”, though.

  6. VERY excited to hear that John Friend is going to be the next CC President and is still actively seeking the mayor’s office. I thought Connie did a great job with the seat and I think John will do the same.

    All of these union arm twisters need to completely re-evaluate their world view. That puppet show they put on for the hotel was just flat out sickening and like everyone else- hypocritical.

  7. Unless my information is incorrect, Marsha Abell does not live in District 78. She may have moved or there may have been a realignment.

  8. Mr. Davis: You are not an idiot. I do not live in District 78. Wendy McNammara is my state representative. Marsha Abell

      • Actually she is confirming what I said. Marsha & I get along very well, thank you. Onemeover you need to learn reading comprehension.

  9. Marsha Abell does not live in HD 78 and therefore will not be replacing Crouch. She would make agood State Rep.

    Marsha will run for re-election for county commissioner and will win regardless who runs against her.

    She is not perfect, but she has done a good job looking after the best interest of Vanderburgh County.

  10. Wayne you’re an idiot. Just wait till Marsha political financial records are mage public.
    Also can’t wait to hear her explain the hiring of Russ Lloyd, Jr wife and her step-son to a political patronage county appointed job. Oh, can’t wait to hear her defend political donations she has accepted over the last couple of years. Influence peddling at it best!

  11. middle to the right: I suggest you look in the mirror. You need to get some rest. What have you specifically done to help make Evansville/Vanderburgh County the best it can be? Why do you not use your real name?

  12. Weinzapfel vs. Williams vs. Buschon.
    What a great Republican Primary this will be…

  13. Hey Wayne I saw Joe Harrison, Jr (past GOP Chairmen), Judge Les Shivley, County Commissioner Joe Kiefer, County Prosecutor Nick Hermann at Dave Wedding for Sheriff X-mas party political fundraiser last week. Oh, also saw about another 50 plus key Republicans at this fundraiser. What do you say about this? Really looks like you and Marsha are really in control of the party.

    • middle to the right: Would you believe they were on a spy mission to gain intelligence? Would you believe they were recruiting Democrats to switch parties?

      What have you specifically done to help make Evansville/Vanderburgh County the best it can be? Why do you not use your real name?

      • Is that you’d official explanation, Wayne? They were collecting intel? Is that what they’ll say?

        • What do you expect from someone whose dream job is to coach the Washington Generals or New York Nationals against the Harlem Globetrotters?

        • What do Evansville Politics, and a “brothel” have in common? The Clues are out there folks.

    • I believe that Wedding will get support from some establishment Republicans. If it were on a different issue and not a reason for you to disparage VCRP, you would call those people RINOs or some other insult that people like you yell regularly. Dave Wedding has been an active member of our community and has made friends across the party lines. One would expect his Republican friends to support his candidacy. I support Kirk Byram and I have volunteered to help him with some of his campaign events. I believe that the fact that Vanderburgh County is a heavily red county and the increase in Republicans coming out to vote since Obama was elected should be good for Kirk.

  14. Phyllip is definitely not an idiot. He is a person of good, faith, work ethic, and heart. I find it to be an honor to have worked with him on multiple community housing projects that most people on here or any other site are probably unaware of.

    I consider Mr. Brad Linzy to be a true friend as well. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have met him and so many others around town through the CCO. There really are some great opportunities to work with great people via the CCO. I am very thankful for Mr. Chris Cooke & the cemetery staff welcoming me to the grounds with open arms. It’s been amazing getting to hear the old bell tower roar again.

    I’d be the happiest person alive if Mr. Linzy & P. Davis as well as Mr. Cooke and R. Davis could some how find a way to mend the fences between them but at the same time I accept the fact that I’m not a miracle worker as well.

    Although it pains me to say it, I find the actions of Parke & Abel to be a complete let down time and time again. I stand before all in the community completely embarrassed about my past vote for commissioner (not that I liked the opponent either). I flat out refuse to support or vote for either of these two for any leadership position.

  15. Let’s stand behind the guy who gave away 500k sight unseen to earthscam and wanted to take more of your money by wanting to come in at 11:59.9 and take away homestead credit. Winnie is weak. Winnie is Weiney part deaux.

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