IS IT TRUE April 25, 2014


Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville has laid the only chips it has left on the table to try to retain the LST as a tourist attraction?…after spending more than a million bucks on a dock that sits in Kentucky waters for the LST the old real estate adage of “location, location, location” finally seems to have sunk in?…with all of the realtors and marketing types who hold elected office in Evansville one would have thought that the basics of real estate would be something they knew before dumping a million bucks into a location that has been challenged for success because of access and visibility issues?…what the City has offered the LST is first right of refusal to take over the Tropicana dock IF and it is a great big IF the State of Indiana ever approves gambling on land?…supposing that this happens, Tropicana would also have to build a new land based casino before any dock would be available for the LST?…even then there is the question of whether the scoop taken out of the river bank so the casino boat can actually float in Indiana will be adequate to moor and dock the LST?…strategic thinkers would bet that another million or so dollars would be needed to even get the current boat location ready for the LST?…this was a derivative of an offer is ever there was one with three conditions, none of which the City of Evansville has any control over as requirements before a move can take place?…then there is that 4th requirement known as the Army Corps of Engineers that exercises very tight control over the Ohio River?…it does not seem as though this IF-IF-IF-IF offer should have much value and even less probability of happening on any kind of timeline?

IS IT TRUE several Civic Center Moles tell us that the development agreement between the City of Evansville and HCW to build a downtown convention hotel may not have lapsed even though the drop dead date on the document is March 31, 2014?…it seems as though that date only mattered if the lot was confirmed to be “shovel ready” and all environmental mitigation had been completed?…the lot due to some “mooring” problems has not yet been established as ready for construction?…it will really look silly if after the attempts of the Mayor’s office to tar and feather Dunn Hospitality should the lot still not be “shovel ready” by the time that Hilton finishes their market study in several weeks?…we wonder who the finger of blame will be pointed at for the next delay?…this may also explain why HCW was slow to apply for a franchise?…not applying for a franchise to build on a lot that is not yet approved for construction is smart business?…lying about having applied to Evansville Living Magazine in December was not smart business?

IT IT TRUE the AT&T call center has announced that it will be adding 40 employees?…this news comes a week after the announced closing of the company formerly known as Creative Press that will put nearly 60 people out of work?…we are glad to hear about the 40 jobs at AT&T and hope they are quickly filled, but are concerned that this cycle of trading manufacturing jobs for call center jobs is not a good model to expand the tax base and increase the wealth of Evansville?…as Evansville sees itself as a “manufacturing” town there needs to be a blue ribbon committee to honestly address the reasons that manufacturing companies have left in droves for 50 years?…one accounting of the exit of manufacturing jobs from the City of Evansville came up with a number that is over 40,000 in this 50 year period?…we do know that Whirlpool peaked at over 10,000 local jobs in the early 1980’s and have since gone to ZERO so there is a start that accounts for 25% of the alleged losses?…we would appreciate further accounting of manufacturing jobs lost by Evansville in the last half century?…we also appreciate any information on why manufacturing has taken such a hit in this town while plants are still springing up in other locations?

IS IT TRUE it is getting annoying that the Indiana State Board of Accounts has not yet posted the 2012 City of Evansville Audit on there website?…the exit conference was held well over a month ago?…the people of this town deserve to know what the results of that audit are and in particular we deserve to know if our accounts are reconciled before our City Council goes out and borrows $77 Million dollars to be given away as incentives?…how an underwriter could approve a bond issue without a clean audit for nearly 3 years is puzzling?…that may be why an interest rate of 7% is being set as the upper limit by the resolution to approve the bonds?…paying 7% in a 4% market implies that the City of Evansville is at least expecting to have to pay this to sell the bonds?…both of these projects can wait until the audit is completed so we can see if we can get a better interest rate IF and we do mean IF the accounts are finally reconciled and the MIPS software is doing what it is supposed to do?


    • We could certainly file one and they would have to respond within 30 days which puts us near Memorial Day. It may come to us redacted if they have not officially released it though. What would be more interesting would be the notes taken at the exit interview.

      • Repeat from earlier IiT comment 4/24, Almost Same subjects though We’ll add to the process. note the issue per throughput design due transportation infrastructure yesterdays and previous comments then the focus of some articles or presentations by other media over the last two days.

        Editor;EKB; Just to let You know when one really wants to control processes in the business industry one must know the controls,and,the the points where they begin to “affect” process.
        Something we think Mr.U would certainly understand. “Statistical process control.”
        Any organization or person that does’t see where this would be relevant to a media outlets directed influences’s on public opinion is not at an level of awareness that most educated people must maintain for ongoing forward successful daily productivity.
        That’s with regards to the “cause and Affect” we all must deal with in our life’s pathways or given productive operation of any said venture.
        We’ve been applying the very methodology to your daily media,and the other sources we observe,as well.
        Even the use of the published comments sections and the information that offers per subject and that “said affect per comment” or that as an “perceived control point” for “affects”
        Like any other process control study, when done with the correct scientific methodology, the data returns useful information that can then show its true balance towards sustainable planning to have improved process control due the productive operation of affected balances, as observed.
        Our data has been recovered over quite some time,believe us,you have an affect on the subjects you take on with the CCO inputs,most notably in relation to how the OTHER media sets its informational balance to the rest of the public’s sight comprehension ,or hearing cognition.

      • To be honest editor, I smell a whitewash coming. I seriously doubt we will know the full story with the audit and frankly along with this administration have no trust (or very little) with the SBOA.

  1. Good Bye LST….. Hope your new home is more accommodating to your needs, and your new city/family appreciates your contribution. You deserve a place to be honored not put in a out of the way location hidden from public view, we appreciate your service to our country and I’m truly sorry our community leaders hold you in such low esteem, you deserve so much more.


  2. Get it done CCO. Why hasn’t Courier and Press tracked on the City audit issue? Is it because they are in the political tank of the Mayor?

  3. Why hasn’t the newly elected chairman of the budget committee Conner O’Daniel tracked on the audit issue?

    • That is especially troubling to me. He should be screaming his lungs out on this issue, in my estimation.

      • Why are we undertaking the building of a $40M Hotel and $50+M medicial school if we can’t make the debits equal the credits?

        This question should be asked of every city council member.

        • It would be great if the CCO would submit that written question to every Councilperson, (City and County) the Mayor, and the County Commissioners with a request for a written reply.

    • Williams,

      Russ Lloyd SHOULD make an announcement as to status of the Audit, what’s being done right now, and when it will be published (a firm date).

      Since he is NOT doing that, then C. O’Daniel should publish that information.

      Reminds me of that scene from the movie ‘Cinderella Man’, when the upstart boxer (Russell Crowe) pounded the world champ, and everyone fretted that the decision ‘was taking too long’ and would be tampered with.

  4. When I saw the pathetic “IF” laden offer the City is putting on the table to try to keep the LST, my imagination ran wild. I don’t think it’s very likely that IN will approved land-based gambling soon, given the Christian-Tea leaning of our governor and many of our legislators. But, they do sometimes see the light, especially if there is enough cash involved.
    Let’s just say it is approved. Tropicana will have Evansville stretched over a barrel. The McCurdy, all renovated, would make a great Casino. Accomplishing that would cost a staggering amount of money, though. Does anybody see the Tropicana threatening to leave if the City doesn’t “chip-in” to get it a suitable land location? I know there are others, but I’m pretty sure that the gun that Tropicana can hold to the Administration’s head is going to be HUGE. Again, we should be careful what we wish for.
    Here’s the bottom line on this one: The Mayor reminds me of my children when they were small. When we went to the Mall, there was always a stop at one of the cookie shops as a reward for patience and good behavior. They got to get one item each. Invariably somebody would try to wheedle a brownie and a cookie because they just couldn’t decide what he/she wanted. The answer was always the same, “No, dear. You have to pick one, because these things are not good for you and they cost a lot.” I guess his mother didn’t teach him some basic life-lessons, so we’ll need to if we want to remain solvent.

    • If Winnecke gives the LST a five year opt out clause, there will most certainly be enough votes to keep it here this time around. If not, then Peoria will get a better look and Northern Ky/Cincy might come back in the picture. Jeffersonville bowed out after their council supported the idea but the mayor didn’t. The same thing happened there with their canal. Their mayor must be like ours.

      Obviously, I don’t like the plan. It’s a series of problems wrapped up in a disaster. If this ever did come to fruition, then we will be faced with either keeping the LST or keeping our casino boat as a dinner boat/cruise boat/whatever.

      But, the LST is more than happy with this offer and I am thankful for them welcoming me into their organization so whatever they support I will support.

      Although, I am following up on some leads with the Army Corps of Engineers they gave me. I’m not too sold on the idea that you can’t park it under an already existing historic canopy.

      • It’s good to know that you’re getting involved in this. I know you will do your homework. The LST hasn’t been as much of an attraction as it was hyped to be, but it hasn’t had a fair chance, either. Its current docking situation is really bad. I hope something can be done to make it better while the “ifs” play out.


    I noticed yesterday that Ms. Brinkerhoff-Riley posted that she attended the conference at the completion of the audit, and her comment was that it was ‘cut and dry’.

    If it was ‘cut and dry’, and positive news for the City Administration, one would expect that the good news would be immediately made available to the public, with the City Finance Dept. people getting large bouquets of roses and riding on a firetruck around Downtown !

    However, that quick release did not occur. Could that mean anything BESIDES bad results ?

  6. IIT that watching conservative polticians and pundits rush for Clive Bundy exit door is more hilarious than Meet the Parents, Happy Gilmore, Ghostbusters, Animal House CaddyShack and Night Shift combined?

    So glad the CCO did not get caught up in propping up this a$$clown.

  7. You’re right about that, BB! Bill O’Reilly was right when he said that his FNC coworkers should know what they’re doing before they dive in head first.
    I understand the people who live in Bunkerville, NV are getting tired of the militia who a guarding him. I heard one neighbor say they were getting tired of all the armed strangers milling around, protecting the scofflaw “Welfare rancher”.

    • Thats a hoot,more the reason the message was cleared up before someone got hurt with all that nonsense. You see.

  8. Friday “news dump” time is approaching, and I can find no sign of our audit yet. This was amusing for awhile, but I think it has now become alarming. If this thing doesn’t show up by Monday afternoon, I think people should start making daily calls to the SBOA to inquire about it.
    Thank you, CCO, for being “on the job” on this and other issues. Evansville is lucky to have an unbiased news source.
    The thing about us still being on the hook for the hotel financing, although they missed their deadline, really bears watching. The “environmental mitigation” stipulation has the potential to be a really big can of fat worms.

    • Their own Facebook site is advertising a live artist from Nashville named Scott Buchanan that is playing there tonight. The CCO had some rumor mongers posting lies about us last week so it is possible the same is going on with the Maingate.

      • I just did a Google search for Maingate Bar+Evansville. Whoever is running the Maingate is a social media idiot when it comes to marketing. They don’t even have a website that showed up in the first 5 pages of a Google search. With such marketing genius on staff if they aren’t out of business now they will be. Not surprised folks, downtown Evansville is a fossil and the Maingate fits right in.

      • Did you just post that you went downtown to celebrate the rumored closing of Maingate Bar? Really? Really? You must be that person that is so intelligent book wise, that they possess ZERO common sense. Come on R & RS, tell me I totally misunderstood your post…….

        • Not one ounce of me is surprised you would take that position. I have yet to see you come on here and comment on something you have even a slight clue about (And don’t ask me to catch you up on this one). When you’re out there battling on issues and projects and not just making comments from left field, that’s when you can come and point the finger at me.

          • “Take that position”? Please re-read my post. I was simply asking why someone would celebrate the closing of a d’town business. It surprises me that an individual’s disdain for the ownership of a d’town business would be their justification for celebration of the possible closing of said business? We may not like the fact that certain individuals have connections or are privy to information prior to others,it’s just part of life. But to celebrate the possible demise of any business seems rather childish. However, one helluva job of dancing around answering the question.

          • “It surprises me that an individual’s disdain for the ownership of a d’town business would be their justification for celebration of the possible closing of said business?”

            Of course it does because you jumped right into the middle of the situation without knowing a single thing about what you were talking about, you just wanted to manufacture another “gotcha” moment just like you did with that stupid NBA arenas in the 80s rant you went on. And like before it went nowhere.

            And what does the fact that it’s downtown have to do with anything? Does that change how they have conducted their business?

            “We may not like the fact that certain individuals have connections or are privy to information prior to others,it’s just part of life. But to celebrate the possible demise of any business seems rather childish.”

            This right here is why you have no business pointing the finger at me. You don’t even know the story. You wouldn’t even be going off on that tangent if you wouldn’t have literally grabbed it off of WTF and ran with it. And the fact that you would admit that you would not be offended by that type of business practice further reinforces why you should be the last person being offended by anything.

            “However, one helluva job of dancing around answering the question.”

            I haven’t danced around anything. I simply told you I’m not going to tell you the whole story on this because you don’t deserve to know a single thing about it. You have jumped in the middle of this like everything else on here not having a clue about what you’re talking about. It seems apparent to me that you’re just trying to stir the pot. I’m not wasting my time any more dealing with you.

        • More restaurant/bars fail than succeed, and the higher their overhead costs, the more likely they are to fail. I’d say that puts Maingate at serious risk.
          I had turned away from local politics for so long that I don’t know a lot of details on these places, so thanks for the info, WTF?.

        • Wtf, WTF ?

          You forgot about the insiders ‘getting a pass’ on sprinklered fire protection.

          What other corners were cut so these former City Councilmen could lay dibs on the best location with which to profit from the new Arena ?

        • To WTF?….your screen name is appropriate because you don’t know WTF you are talking about.

  9. ***** Friday evening Liberal special IIT *******

    Asimov’s law of government

    Is it true Elizabeth Warren is becoming a liberal/progressive superstar and political queenmaker?
    Is it true Senator Warren’s book is zooming to the top of the charts.
    Is it true that her book reminds this poster of Asimov’s law of government that goes something like this:
    Every time a new housing development goes up we need more roads, bridges, sewers, water, electricity, police, firefighters, teachers, etc. Guess who supplies all that? Yep government.

    Every new product or financial service needs to have some regulation and oversight. Yep more government.

    Then there are the bureaucrats to tally, monitor, and measure referee all the products and services.
    You got it, more government again.
    Then there is the legislators needed to write and debate the law, the courts to resolve the disputes and the executive to enforce the laws. Even more government.
    Then there are those who tally and collect the taxes and fees. Then comes the administrators and directors to coordinate all of the above. Yep even more government.

    Asimov said the size of government was directly dependent on the population, the standard of living, and the complexity of products and services produced by society.

    The Tea Party elixir of small government and low is actually toxic. Small government boils down to who will starve or be poisoned to death first.

    In other words Elizabeth Warren is spot on.


    • Senator Warren would be proud of the job Mayor’s Weinzapfel and Winnecke did by spending $8 Million at the old Safe House. Government waste of $7 Million greases their cronies and creates a need for more government, especially more police officers. You, Azimov, and Warren ignore the massive waste in government that drives critical thinkers and financially responsible people nuts. All of these services are great if the price is right. Paying $8 Million for a $1 Million building is unfair to the taxpayers. The feds make Winnecke and Weinzapfel look like geniuses. I wish Senator Warren would apply her passion to right pricing so we can afford all of these programs she supports. As Senator Warren is famous for saying, “the system is rigged”. She is right and she is one of the riggers.

      • You totally missed the point of Asimov’s observation. He was referring to private investment leading to the need for more government, and that growing government is the result of a growing economy. That in no way compares to the graft in local government.
        You apparently were just in such a hurry to “slam” Sen. Warren that you didn’t bother to think about how you went about it. Now, how about sharing the facts you based the conclusion that she is a “rigger” on. You surely have some, don’t you?

        • And with a 9 Billion(and growing) ant hill crawling all over the Earth there is going to be lots and lots and lots of coordination, arbitration, specialization, administrating, etc, and that means lot and lots and lots and lots of GOVERNMENT

          The rugged, do it yourself, pioneering libertarian days that the red states/conservatives/republican wish for are long, long over. (They weren’t that great anyway)

          The diabetic who depends on his insulin and Obamacare for treatment is going to be a more valued citizen than the gun toting, bible quotin’ tea partier because he/she won’t walk on the grass, won’t litter, will pay their taxes, etc.

          Cooperation will be highly valued, reactionaries will be seen as a dire threat. even a threat to humanity itself.

          Another prediction by Asimov. As the rural independent states lose their mirage of “freedoms” the more angry and reactionary they will become. The scene at the Bundy Ranch is just the premliminaries of a long struggle that will end badly for them.

          If these TPer’s think the government is oppressive and up their backsides now wait until all the climate change rules come slamming down on them.

          Carbon taxes, sky high utility rates, electricity rationing(odd/even days perhaps) mandatory car pooling or mass transit.

          These are just some of the government edicts coming down the pipe.

        • I have never heard Senator Warren say one decent word about any private investment. I do realize that private investment drives the need for more government infrastructure but I really doubt that Elizabeth Warren thinks there is one honest private business person in the whole country. She rails at every private industry from Wall Street to WalMart as though they are all 100% thieves. There has not been any person since Lenin to hate the free enterprise system the way Warren does. Then there’s that blond blue eyed native American lie of hers. Warren is one of the most full of herself full of crap people to have ever been elected.

          • ” She rails at every private industry from Wall Street to WalMart as though they are all 100% thieves. There has not been any person since Lenin to hate the free enterprise system the way Warren does.”

            Please cite some examples that lead you to this conclusion. She does not fall to her knees to worship the people you refer to, and anyone who does is a fool. On the other hand, I don’t think she believes that they are “100% thieves.”

    • I’m going to treat myself to a real, printed copy of her book this weekend. I think its going to be a classic.

    • Comrade Benton, I agree that Senator Elizabeth Warren is a liberal’s liberal. I admire her tremendously. It took a great deal of courage for a blond, blue-eyed, affluent woman who has never known a day of want or discrimination in her entire life to concoct a false narrative concerning her non-existent Native American ancestry and a heroic cynicism to use her false claim to climb in academia using affirmative action.

      Even the most cynical Marxists must admire her complete shamelessness in railing against the 1%, while she and her husband pulled in nearly a million dollars in income in 2009 alone–and the multi-million dollar Cambridge mansion in which she resides is entirely appropriate, I must say, for a true vanguard of the proletariat. Many progressives with an estimated net worth of $10 million would feel nervous about presenting themselves as a wild-eyed populist, but Senator Warren understands that sophisticated members of the progressive media can be counted on to conceal or downplay this public information.

      Some Massachusetts liberals felt shame after it was revealed how very few of them were paying at the voluntary, higher old rate of 5.85% state income tax. Did Senator Warren disgorge an extra penny of her income in paying the higher taxes she wants for “the rich”? Of course not! Senator Warren, as a committed progressive, understands that higher taxes are for Republicans, not for members of our socialist elites. I try to remember this every time the accountants from Cheater, Liar, and Thief, LLC, file my own taxes. Even though they claim to be progressives, I sometimes must scold them over not being aggressive enough in the use of tax shelters.

      Her adventures in flipping foreclosed real estate and representing a large steel company trying to avoid paying pensions and health benefits to its aged retirees is another example of her cleverness. We sophisticated revolutionaries understand that taking advantage of and increasing the misery of the poor and downtrodden is one of the key ways to increase the hatred and rage necessary to provide the conditions we need for revolution.

      Comrade Senator Elizabeth Warren is a national treasure! I am so very glad to see that even the lesser lights of our local Benefits Community like Comrade Benton are taking a few moments from their indolence to praise her.

      J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
      Maximum Co-coordinator
      Organizing for Idiocy
      Evansville Cell

  10. I hope the Senator will clarify in her book if she is a native day she is next she is not?

    • If an instance of less-than-good judgement many years ago is all you have on her, it proves you’re grasping at straws. It didn’t work for Scott Brown, did it?

      • Stripping worked for Scott Brown for a while, until they took his bow tie away and told him he’d never be a Chippendale. He became a Wilhelmina Model, about as good as it gets for a 3rd tier male stripper. Aging and answering the siren call of the government teat, the pickup truck worked a bit for him politically. Ole Scott, just one of the guys. Unable to win a full term on his own, cashiered from his senate gig by the voters and Elizabeth Warren, he packed his carpetbag and hit the road. Brown headed for New Hampshire to sip their maple syrup and run for one of their senate seats. He could conceivably run for a senate seat in each of the northeastern states (he could range as far west as Ohio) before he gives it up and opens a personal injury practice.

        What a guy. Where will he run to next? Did he put a new bow tie and tux bib in that carpetbag in case his latest poltical aspirations don’t pan out? He begins to look like a cheap hustler.

      • The truth and character of an individual are important especially one with governmental responsibility…they lie enough after threy are in office. But for Mass I will say this is an imrpovement over Teddy

      • I am afraid that you are exactly wrong, Comrade Elkaybee. Comrade Senator Warren’s judgment was quite excellent. She understood that the progressive cause would be better served if she falsely claimed to be a member of an oppressed racial minority, knowing that no one in a progressive law school would dare check her claim, let alone measure the height of her cheekbones or ask for a DNA sample. The mark of a sophisticated Marxist is to know when to use lying and deceit in order to attain a desired result.

        Please rest assured that Comrade Senator Warren has no regrets at all about her false claims, any more than some of our local Benefits Community members feel guilt over not repaying loans that they took from the city years ago and used for personal expenses. A high percentage of that money came from Republicans, anyway. In no way should any member of our local Benefits Community feel constrained by the truth in applying for SSI, food stamps, Obamacare, etc. The more fraud we can generate,and the more pressure we apply to system, the sooner we get to the revolution!

        J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
        Maximum Coordinator
        Organizing for Idiocy
        Evansville Cell

  11. I have been to French Lick and still to this day cannot find how that casino fits the “floating” criteria. Wikipedia (yes I know) states the “boat” had a moat but that it was filled in in 2008? Could Evansville not build a ditch as well and move the casino to land?

  12. Lol!! I see all kinds of downtown revitalization opportunities here. Surround a newly-built Tropicana with a benjo ditch and sell fresh produce at an adjoining farmer’s market.
    Young entrepenuers could sell gondola rides around the casino, and double as paid rescuers of drunks who fall in the ditch while leaving the casino.
    I wonder where Haney is. He could sell this idea to D. Dewey and Hizzoner in a heartbeat.

    • Earl Scruggs (see video) could serve as Banjolier, long poling the suckers through the benjo mire to assuage their casino losses. Behatted and striped of shirt, strumming to beat the devil as he glides.

      The Tropicana would likely want to hang a dunking booth over the benjo ditch, three tries for a hundred bucks. Proceeds earmarked for more butterflies for Mesker. Future officeholders would be required, by city ordinance and ordnance, to take their turn on the seat the very first time they proposed a multi-million dollar project to a broke ciy or fell for a cheap conman’s spiel.

      Dewey and Hizzoner would have the coveted job of patrolling the moat in a two man sub, rescuing favored voters and bussed in Bransonites from amid the Snickers bars. Hizz would naturally rely on the foolproof Dewey ‘Laying On Of The Eyes’ to be sure they didn’t save any of those undeserving by virtue of sanity or vice of suspected wrong voting.

    • A benjo ditch would be most appropriate for Evansville, it would remind me of some stays I had in third world countries

      • D, The smell is exactly the same,However due western pacific rim south china sea monsoon rains in Southeast Asia, Bee slough, actually has more chemical toxicity. However,gees, atop the intersection at Lynch,and Oak Hill road the other day it was pungent. Gag a lower Mekong delta fish maggot. No offense,Comrade Hugo,slipped.

  13. I see, by the “freebie” info displayed on the C&P site, that the Kunkles are negotiating with “competing banks” for final financing agreements on the McCurdy and are obtaining the proper permits from the various agencies involved.
    They claim this progress is due to the siting of IUMS downtown. I hope there is “progress”, as this statement seems like an up-dating of the same press release they put out on about a quarterly basis. I’d be thrilled to see the McCurdy restored to its former splendor, so if it’s finally a done deal, we need to move on to Mesker Amphitheatre.

      • I don’t think I ever used the word “boycott”, not did I suggest one. I simply choose not to spend my money with that company, but I’ll certainly take a look at what they are foisting off on the general public as “news.”

      • Laughing at you,then keeping eyes focused,one,only has to see the story line garbage on the freebie rants to swiftly use analytic’s to see the sought [BS] pathway that rag fakes on the the public eyes during regulation of the mechanical response and output due something supposed to be assumed as news there. Looks to be squirrel speak again.

        That article on the McCurdy is just subject floatation, or, flotation
        World English Dictionary
        flotation or floatation (fləʊˈteɪʃən)

        — n
        1. a. the launching or financing of a commercial enterprise by bond or share issues
        b. the raising of a loan or new capital by bond or share issues
        2. power or ability to float; buoyancy
        3. Also called: froth flotation a process to concentrate the valuable ore in low-grade ores. The ore is ground to a powder, mixed with water containing surface-active chemicals, and vigorously aerated. The bubbles formed trap the required ore fragments and carry them to the surface froth, which is then skimmed off.

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