” IS IT TRUE” APRIL 24, 2023

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IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer will not endorse any candidate in the upcoming City Of Evansville primary or general elections?  …that over the years we endorsed several candidates and by doing so we lost some of our readers?  …that the readers told us that they resented us telling them who to vote for because they are extremely capable of making that decision?
IS IT TRUE that over a month and a half ago an official complaint was filed against a member of the local Vanderburgh County Alcohol Beverage Commission by a private citizen with the State Alcohol and Tobacco Commission? …that one of the complaints alleges that Republican Mayoral candidate Natalie Rascher received illegal political campaign contributions while serving on that local board?  …we are being told if members of the State Alcohol and Tobacco Commission deem those contributions to be illegal Mrs.Rascher would be removed from the board?  …that we are told that the complaints are now in the possession of the ATC prosecutor?  …we feel that Natalie Rascher has been unfairly treated by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission members because she hasn’t been granted a hearing in a timely manner so she can defend the complaints against her in order to resolve these issues? …that we are also told by several reliable sources that the complaints not being resolved in a timely manner could cost her votes in the upcoming Republican primary election for Mayor of Evansville?
IS IT TRUE that we invite vote in today’s “READER POLL”?  …the Poll question is “How do rate the condition of our City Streets”?
IS IT TRUE we are extremely appreciative and proud of the way that members of our local law enforcement conducted themselves during a recent standoff/shooting?  …the members of our local law enforcement also did a creditable job in protecting the innocent bystanders and neighbors in harm’s way?
IS IT TRUE that when a male officeholder takes a stand against a controversial issue some male voters call him strong?  …when a female officeholder takes a stand against a controversial issue some male voters call her irrational?
IS IT TRUE that people respect and listen to political leaders? …there is a major difference between politicians and political leaders?
IS IT TRUE that we wonder how on earth can a city that has ZERO population growth and minimal wage growth feel that it can collect more tax money from its huddled masses than it did the year before?
IS IT TRUE that a group of American veterans who deal with some of the most debilitating mental anguish called upon the State of Indiana to legalize medicinal marijuana? …some Veterans feel that legalizing medicinal marijuana and decriminalizing small amounts may just cut back on the overcrowding problem at the Vanderburgh County jail and VA hospitals?…the veteran’s group also feels that putting someone who possessed a small amount of marijuana in jail at $50,000 per year cost to the taxpayers is bordering on insane?
IS IT TRUE that we commend the fine marketing job that the leadership of DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE is doing?  …that all you have to do is visit Downtown Evansville and you will quickly see some positive progress? …we give Downtown Evansville President JOSH ARMSTRONG and his staff  5 cheers for doing a credible job in attracting new businesses to the downtown area?
IS IT TRUE that during the last several years our first responders and healthcare workers have been laboring on the front line of a protracted healthcare crisis risking their lives every day and not receiving the appropriate compensation for their hard work on our behalf? …that it’s time for our elected officials and Hospital Administrators to give our first responders the appropriate financial compensation for a job well done?
IS IT TRUE that the Covid Virus doesn’t discriminate against natural origin, race, color, creed, educational background, gender, blue or white-collar workers, religion, political affiliation, age, sexual preference, rich or poor, type of neighborhood you live in, or mental or physical challenges?
IS IT TRUE that looking through the prism of class conflict, it’s clear why Americans are so divided about whether or not we should reopen the economy? …for the sake of the country, a class compromise would be far superior to a protracted culture war?
IS IT TRUE that Four health systems have been ranked among Newsweek’s 300 greatest workplaces for LGBT workers in 2023?  …to craft the list, the publication collected more than 57,000 company reviews of U.S. organizations employing more than 1,000 workers? …that a large employer survey and a sample set of LGBT-identifying respondents were analyzed for insights?  …to read more about the methodology here?  …that the following health systems made Newsweek’s list are Children’s Hospital and Health System- Milwaukee, Mayo Clinic -Rochester,c Mayo Clinic -Rochester, Minn., St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital-Memphis, Tenn.?
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  1. .
    What an excellent column!

    BIG kudos to the City-County-Observer for helping to set the tone for a productive, collaborative discourse between political candidates, campaigns, and the voting community.

    What I like best? The CCO promoting focus on “bread and butter/pocketbook” issues confronting voters instead of hammering home cultural issues like sex and sexual identity politics so common among the GOP candidates who have lost the ability to promote their anti-abortion views. (“Who can we attack? We can’t attack on abortion, that’s been decided. I know! Let’s go after the gays! And the trans people!” Terrible. Pathetic. Stay on LOWER TAXES, and JOBS, not that drivel.)

  2. I don’t understand your interesting section about class conflict/reopening the economy. Could you please explain further? In general, but in particular why you see the economy as not yet fully re-opened and why that’s a matter of class conflict and culture war.

  3. I am tired of hearing the same complaints about marijuana. Example if we legalize marijuana the jail population will go down. Can anyone I do mean anyone tell me since the first of the year How many people have been arrested on Possession of Marijuana charge ONLY? If so what is the average stay of that person? I would bet just hours or maybe a day or tow. I look at the Vanderburgh Co Jail website daily (I know boring life). I can hardly remember any person being arrested on that charge only. That charge always seems to go with a drunk driving arrest or a disorderly conduct arrest.
    I have been to several community events where leaders or citizens were given awards for leadership or going above and beyond. At no time did a leader or a citizen say how marijuana had improve their life.
    Of course there is those that say the marijuana helped someone on some sort of illiness.
    Then there are those that say the government could tax this marijuana and make a whote lot of money. Really? More goverment taxes? Of course it is just a plant. Then smoke poison ivy.
    There are those that say that big pharma that do not want this? because it will take people off pills.
    Maybe I am too old. Maybe there is more truth but I don’t see it. Maybe…

  4. As for the question of our roads…….you must be kidding. There isnt a qtr of a mile in this town/ county that isn’t riddled with potholes. However my taxes have certainly been “repaired” every year for what? Beats me already paying a surcharge on water bill to repair neglected sewers and Centerpoint has no problem getting their rates repaired (raised) every year. Alleys are loaded with trash and discarded furniture (aka rat havens). Public lands are untended and allowed to become an eyesore. I could go on and on but I bet, dear reader, you could too. Will it change? Nope

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