In Support of Not Killing American Citizens with Drones on American Soil



    • Only to those who think it is okay for the federal government to make pre-emptive strikes on American citizens on American soil who are suspected by a government tribual of being enemies of the state. If it is fine with you then your criticism of this film clip as drama will seem appropriate. Why couldn’t the President and Attorney General just say no? Even the ACLU agrees that NO is the only acceptable answer.

        • So why did Holder and the President not “just say no” in the first minute and end the posturing? They surely could have.

      • Joe, Holder couldn’t say “no” for the same reason David Wedding couldn’t say “no” to my question about firearms… Because politicians like to hedge their bets for the future as much as possible so they don’t double speak. Problem is, when they do that on the subject of our hallowed Bill of Rights, it tends to cause more problems for them. It’s really better to pull and Nancy Reagan and JUST SAY NO!

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