Dave Garretts Bank Reconciliation Report prepared for Evansville City Council


Oct 2012 Bank Rec Compliance Services (1)

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  1. According to the Indiana Cities and Towns Manual “unaccounted for bank reconciliation variances may be the responsibility of the official”. Princess Jenny and Rumplebeancounter better start pointing fingers at each other. Better yet, take it out of Big Dan’s meal allowance. I am sure that would satisfy most of the $6.9 million

  2. Scroll to the bottom of page. Click on the icon that looks like an old floppy (A) drive. Save as pdf file. Happy reading. I am sending a copy to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office. Hope that Princess Jenny has a good lawyer. She’s going to need it.

  3. What a childish set of comments he made. If this is how “professional” he is, I can see why he let his CPA lapse. He should be embarrassed by his petulant comments.

    PS To Editors

    Thanks for giving out his email address in the body of the PDF file

    • Let’s give Mr. Garrett some consideration, this administration has disc him like the Obama administration has gone after Bob Woodward for telling the truth. In review of the attached report it sure appears that the bank reconciliations is that of the administrations. The city council meeting minutes disclose that the administration stated that the books show more money in the bank then on the books by $1,170,000, but, the administration’s bank reconciliation clearly indicates a shortage of $6.7 million a mere $7.9 million dollar change to the negative. And, did not Russ Lloyd once indicate that the difference was $4,236 according to the City Council minutes. So, lets pretend we are in the land of Oz, and keep our eyes on the Wizard, not on the man behind the certain!!! And let don’t forget that the Administration allowed the Arena accounts to go over 13 months with shortages of 1.6 million dollars without reconciliations. And, IS IT TRUE that last Thursday, the Administration fired Cindy Reising, the person, allegedly, who discovered the shortage and was the person in charge of accounting for the Ford Center expenditures. Why would you fire the person who saves the City that kind of money….maybe an administration that has sometime to conceal. Maybe it is time for the forensics to begin, lets start with the missing 6.7 million and proceed to the Fraud Center excuse me, the Ford Center!!

    • They didn’t lose $122. million, they just threw it down a rat hole, while taking care of all the “right” people.

      And BTW, just what is the story on that huge drain pipe that runs from street-level all the way down to the playing floor of Roberts Stadium that has been uncovered by the demolition contractor?


      • According to Bill Jeffers, they told him that they are using a temporary generator to keep the water off the floor while they fill it in.

        I do trust and believe that is what is happening which is what I’ve been saying all along for raising the floor above the water table area anyways.

        The city kept complaining about raising the floor yet they razed the floor?

        As for that drain pipe, I have no idea why it was there. The condition of Roberts Stadium since day 1 has been nothing but a noble lie and nothing is going to change no matter how city officials spin it in 2015.

  4. According to the CP, Russ indicates that the apparent shortage in the Levy Authority bank accounts was discovered and corrected. Then, why would the Administration not correct the error at the time of discovery, i.e. allow a bank reconciliation to show shortages of 48k. Wouldn’t an auditor wonder why the lack of correction, and maybe it is ploy to conceal later adjustments, presenting more confusion in later periods. This would create findings in the report casing concerns about the lack of controls. Totally unacceptable…The State Board of Accounts and the Inspector General needs to be placed on notice, at once!!!!

  5. They ought to do Oak Hill Cemetery next.
    The grounds keeping is deplorable … I can only imagine how bad the books are.

  6. That being said, after looking at the document, I find the summary findings to be written quite unprofessionally. I don’t expect a government audit to state that accounts “don’t jive.” Really? How much did we pay this guy? After seeing that I wonder what ELSE he missed.

    • Truthsquad,

      Would the word ‘schuck’ have worked better for you ? How about combine them: the numbers don’t schuck and jive ?

    • If Garrett’s report is accurate I could care less about the use of the words “doesn’t jive” as opposed to the more formal “does not reconcile”. The truth is that Weinzapfel and his minions hosed the pooch badly and Winnecke’s boy Lloyd has floundered for over a year trying to fix it.

      Garrett was paid $20,000 which is one-fifth of what two CPA firms were paid to fail and a fourth of the annual salary of the Controller of Evansville. If Garrett’s numbers ring true the city will once again look like wasteful morons.

    • Truthsquad,

      There are times when one has to dumb down his language and simplify his explanations to put the information in a form the intended audience can understand. That includes the general public and their elected representatives.

      Although there are well-educated people on the City Council and in City Government, their abilities to read, comprehend and draw sensible conclusions, from information provided, seem to be compromised by a mistaken sense of trust in this and the previous administrations. Critical analysis and comparative evaluations of current and previous contracts, information and activities appear to be a lost art, possibly due to a fear of admitting one does not clearly understand the issue or not realizing the information may be incomplete or totally misleading. Asking questions or for more detailed information does not infer the questioner is stupid, just that he wants to know more so as to fully understand the issue.

      Isn’t it interesting that the missing $6.5 mil. is the amount 5/3rd put into the EVSC North HS Construction Account? Said money wasn’t noticed by either the EVSC, the City of Evansville or 5/3rd until the auditing began in earnest. 5/3rd fell on a sword and claimed it was their error and they are the one who discovered it. That makes one wonder how or why the EVSC suddenly found a “grant” to create a job for Patricia Weinzapfel near the end of her husband’s last term as mayor. No one heard of her talents, skills or interest in the field of eduation prior to that time. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      • It seems to me like during the period 2004 to 2011 the city was using the MPAS (machine politics accounting system) rather than the GASB (goverment accounting standards board) system.


    • Just more distraction, mate…wonder if the SBOA will fall for it?? Kool-Aid, anyone?

    • truth?squad

      We all get the message that Mr. Garrett is about as welcome as a turd in a punch bowl down there, but results are what we hired him for, and results are what he is delivering.

      I probably could have said that better, but I think you get the picture.


  7. Up to 2010, hasn’t the city received good audit reports? Wasn’t it on the old antiquated accounting system, old as it was, didn’t it produce results, clean bank reconciliations. Then, why would the prior administration, obviously knowing that they would be moving on in 2012, undertake such a dramatic change in accounting systems resulting in mass confusion, disclaimers from the SBOA, atmosphere of lack of controls, condusive of defalcations. And, in the year that massive amounts of funds were being distributed for Arena expenditures. Thus, the SBOA throws up their hands and walks on its testing of disbursments and internal controls. Very convenient, one must say. So, when the SBOA shows up this year, of course, 2011 is just a not so fond memory.

    • Does not following State statute for accounting on city contracts from 2006 to 2011 count?

      If it does, then I would have to say that NO their reports under the prior system were not that good. The SBOA concurs.


      • I stand corrected…the SMG deal was interesting, but, my sources indicate that the first engagement performed by Harding Shymanski was an audit, but, the subsequent engagements were converted to Reviews, but, SMG indicates that they gave timing info to HSconcerning the Review, but, for whatever reason, HS sat on the data, protracted the engagement…This is their story!!!

        • I would urge you to look at the SBOA financial audit of the city of Evansville for 2011. The last three pages of that audit 39, 40, and 41 tell the story.

          On page 41 you will discover that the auditor states that as of July 2012 there was nothing available for audit for the audit that was supposed to have taken place for 2006, and nothing available for audit for the independent reviews that were supposed to have taken place for the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

          This is not conjecture, these are FACTS contained in a published state audit, and they are not going away.


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