Holiday Angels Silent Gifts Helping People Nationwide


Holiday Angels, the kind that have flesh, blood, a big heart, and a little extra money are surfacing all over America this year to anonymously provide assistance to people who have chosen the lay-away plan for Christmas shopping. I was reported tonight that over 1,000 Holiday Angels have paid a tab of over $100,000 in K-Mart and Wall Mart stores in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

If you would like to be a Holiday Angel just go to a local store that has a lay-away plan and pay the balance owed for some person that you do not know. When they come to the store to retrieve their presents they will simply be told that a Holiday Angel has paid their bill. The only requirement is to do this without telling.

Come on Evansville, you are a city with a big heart and many people really are struggling this year. Here is your opportunity to be a Holiday Angel.