Gallup/Rasmussen Averages Indicate Choice of Ryan did not Change Things


The two tracking polls with the best results for predicting presidential contests now have two days of data after the selection of Paul Ryan as the running mate for Mitt Romney in their calculation and neither poll has shown an significant change due to this choice. The Rasmussen Tracking poll today shows Romney with a 47% – 44% lead over President Obama while Gallup’s Tracking poll shows the contest tied at 46% each.

The average of these two polls is now showing the Romney/Ryan campaign with 46.5% and the Obama/Biden at 45% statistically unchanged from last Friday before the announcement of Ryan as Romney’s running mate. The average approval rate for President Obama is now negative 5.5% meaning that 5.5% more of those polled disapprove of the Presidents job performance. The average approval rating for the President was 45% and the average disapproval was 50.5%.


  1. Paul Ryan is a great guy but a suboptimal vice-presidential canidate. To beat Obama senseless Romney needed Marc Rubio, but the guy he picked has too much in common with him. Rubio would have balanced the ticket between finance guy and relationships-building guy. We need one pencil-pusher, not two.

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