Five Democrats Seek At-Large City Council Seats


Going into the final hours of the last day to file to run for office in the 2011 City of Evansville elections it looked like only 2 candidates would be on the ballot for the Democratic Party. Incumbent City Councilman H. Dan Adams filed a few weeks ago and 2010 candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives Steven Lowell Smith appeared to be the only interested people in the parties three at-large nominations.

In the last 24 hours three new candidates have tossed their hats into the ring seeking the at large nominations. The last minute filer with the most name recognition is recently defeated incumbent Vanderburgh County Assessor Jonathan Weaver. Also joining the race is local defense and family law attorney Conor O’Daniel of Foster, O’Daniel, and Hambidge LLP.

Finally the four men are joined by a lady by the name of Sonya Kates Nixon who describes herself as a criminal justice student, a wife, and a mother of three. Mrs. Nixon sought her parties nomination in the 2007 primary for at-large member of the Evansville City Council as well. Sonya Nixon is the spouse of the Reverend David Nixon who won the Republican primary for Mayor of Evansville in 2007 and was defeated in the general election by a 70 point margin by current Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel.

So, the Democratic primary for at large really seems to have every kind of candidate imaginable from incumbents, to perennial office seekers, to first time candidates. Let the eDebates begin.


  1. Isn’t that Nixon lady married to that dead beat dad that won the republican primary for mayor in 2007. You know, David Nixon the one that Weinzapfel beat by 70 points and let it go to his head like it was a mandate or something.

    • We did some checking and yes you are correct. Mrs. David Nixon is running for the at-large seat on the Evansville City Council as a democrat.

  2. Heaven Save Us from those red, white and blue billboards featuring the chemo-gulag clown face with stars spinning about his shaved head!

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