First Lady of Evansville Claims “We Have Control of a Majority of the City Council” in Letter to Republicans

Evansville's First Lady, Carol McClintock
Evansville’s First Lady, Carol McClintock

Posted without opinion, edit, or bias by the City County Observer.

Provided by a Republican who is friendly to the City County Observer

GOP Friend — I hope that you will be able to attend the Vanderburgh GOP caucus on Saturday to elect our party leaders. I can not say enough about what great leadership Wayne Parke has given the party since his election as Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Republican party. We have control of both City and County Executive branches and the majority of City Council. We also have many County offices. Thanks Wayne for all your hard work to make this happen.

I wanted to take a minute to share with you my support for Michelle Mercer for Vanderburgh County Vice Chair. As you know, Michelle ran for City Countil at large and worked very hard during the City election. She is familiar with what it takes to be a good candidate and will work with Wayne to recruit candidates and help coach them to be successful in their efforts. Michelle Mercer has remianed as an active volunteer working very hard for Richard Mourdock and Alan Leibenguth in last year’s election.

I believe that Michelle has what it takes to help Wayne continue with the success of the local Republican party and I hope you will decide to support her in this Saturday’s caucus.

Take care and I hope to see you soon.

Carol McClintock


  1. Mam you and Lloyd are 1 termers in mayor office , along with previous mayor yous have destroyed public property and are in process of bankrupting the city of evansville ,and constantly hiding the truth with deception

  2. John Doe you are correct , a bunch of sheep and idiots alike put winnecke in office …… I’m neither ..Mr Davis had my vote for what ever office he ran for ….he is a law abiding and a good citizen that stands for transparency and will not engage in back door meetings

  3. Michelle Mercer? Are you kidding me?

    I’m not joking, I sat in on a group meeting back before the mayoral election in 2011 where they invited all of the candidates to express their positions on the issue they were working on. She went and threw out a grandiose position and talked about how obvious of a viewpoint that hers should be. But when the group corrected her and asked her just a few simple things, she took back everything she said and completely changed her whole viewpoint on the situation right on the spot.

    So why waste everyone’s time throwing out a bunch of hot air if you didn’t even take the time to at least look into it to see if it makes sense or not?

    I know this is just a worthless GOP gathering but can we at least put people in these positions who know what they are doing and aren’t just there because all of their friends have twisted arms to put them in there and as a result everyone repeats the same group think ideas as the rest of the herd?

    And Wayne Parke, same thing different person. He takes time out of his schedule to go in front of the Parks Board only to regurgitate the same load of bull that Winnecke had been telling about Roberts. Seriously Wayne, how much time did you spend looking into Roberts?

    And who can ever forget the stunt he pulled on Rick Davis last year. Even Dave Rector was telling him that those Civic Center cards can’t be relied upon for accuracy. But don’t let that hold you back Wayne.

    This guy has already been fired from the GOP once before (first line)…

    Why do we keep recycling the same ole people year in and year out?

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that McClintock would be leading this charge. I’ve noticed that the things that are happening now are VERY similar to the things that were going on in the 80s when she held various positions such as the parks dept and county commission.

    • I know for a fact there is some new blood in the GOP ranks. Hopefully they will steer that Party in the right direction. As much as I like Chairman Park and some of the others steering the Party from a personal standpoint, I think some of their ideas are out of step with what’s needed. For instance, Chairman Park stood behind Winnecke on his Roberts Stadium plans, which was a clear opportunity for him to distance himself and the Party from these kinds of tax and spend policies and get back to its roots. In that regard, he failed. It doesn’t make him a bad guy, but it does mean his ideas are out of step with the prevailing winds.

      • I guess you would know for a fact about the new blood in the Republican party. I heard you were removed from being a precinct committeeman because of your radical rantings and behavior. Of course you say it was because you were no longer a good fit for the position. Darn right Mr. Linzy. That was your choice. Sure it was.

        • Yes, I do know that for a fact. There are at least SIX other PCs who were fellow Ron Paul supporters in the last election, i.e. liberty-minded Republicans who do not like government intervention. They are young and dedicated people who will be around politics for a LONG time, whereas the old guard is just that…old and tired with tired ideas.

          As for being “removed”…that is not true. I was rightfully elected, not appointed. To be removed, Mr. Parke would have had to file paperwork with the State Committee. That was never done. I resigned. Here is a copy of my resignation letter:

          To Chairman Wayne Parke, my fellow Precinct Committeemen in the Vanderburgh County Republican Party, and whomever else it may concern:

          After a great deal of soul-searching, I have decided to resign my post as Precinct Committeeman for Ward 1 Precinct 1. This decision comes on the heels of certain recent revelations that the Republican National Convention (RNC) was handled in a manner that was exclusionary and hostile to grassroots activists within our Party.

          Several documented incidents have been circulating the internet, including the removal of duly elected delegates from the State of Maine, seven of whom were esteemed military veterans and Ron Paul supporters, in favor of hand-picked delegates favorable to the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney. This move was in my estimation a disenfranchisement of the State of Maine’s self-determination and a gross display of top-down muscle stepping on the grassroots activists that make up the true heart and soul of the Republican Party.

          In a separate incident clearly documented by on-site video cameras at the RNC, the vote that was taken by acting Chairman of the Convention, John Boehner, was read from a teleprompter, with the foregone conclusion of that voice vote “the ayes have it” clearly pre-programmed into the teleprompter. The results of that vote mean that in future Conventions insurgent candidates like Reagan ’76 or Paul ’12 will not have the opportunity to utilize grassroots activists to express their dissent in any meaningful way, and ALL delegates, regardless of their personal convictions, will face removal if they refuse to vote in line with the overall results of their State primary or public straw poll votes. This is a serious departure from the idea of a representative, bottom-up Party structure where each county and precinct elects delegates to represent their county or neighborhood, and where each State can decide if they want their delegates bound to the results of their caucus or straw votes.

          Furthermore, the nomination of Mitt Romney and his selection of Paul Ryan as running mate are personally problematic since both candidates supported the TARP bailouts. I was one of the first people back in 2008 to take to the streets in protest of TARP. In fact, I helped organize the local protests in front of our Federal Building, which I believe contributed to the public outcry that led to the unseating of Brad Ellsworth (D) from Congress. In my estimation, the idea of putting taxpayers’ money on the line to bail out banks that got into trouble was un-American and dangerous. It was also the least “conservative” position I could think of, and serves as an easy litmus test for whether someone is truly a “fiscal conservative”. In fact, the entire “Tea Party” movement was born out of those opposed to TARP. Given Romney and Ryan’s support of TARP, it would be unconscionable of me to now lend these men my support.

          So it is with great regret and apologies to my fellow Precinct Committeemen that I cannot continue with you in your endeavors. I wish you all the best. As for my future in politics, I have more soul-searching to do, but I will urge you in this election to cast your vote for the office of President to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, the only man likely to appear on your ballot who opposed the bailouts.

          Thank you to Chairman Parke for your understanding in this matter. I wish you too the best of luck.

          Sincerely and with a clear conscience,

          Brad Linzy

          • Thanks for clearing that up. I hear Kentucky is looking for a Libertarian. Maybe you should get back to your roots. After all, I hear the grass is greener, oops, bluer over there.

          • Again. Like a broken record. Face it, you’re a boring follower with no original ideas. I wasn’t posting angry. I was ridiculing you deeply, even referring to you as the mental equivalent of a blubbering walrus.

            Have a nice day. 😉

  4. I suspected that the majority of the city council were Republicans running as Democrats and now Carol has let the cat out of the bag. Also if there was ever a reason to not vote for Michele Mercer , Carol just gave it to you. By the way how did that run for city council work for Mercer? If my memory serves me correctly not so well. If she is such an awesome political stategist how did angry Weaver beat her? I know who is running against Mercer and her opponent is a very successful and honest business woman who might be able to offset the low brow politics that Wayne win at any cost Parke’s has brought to the Republican Party. Vote Peterlin for Republican Vice Chair.

  5. With only one Republican on the city council it would be nice to know which four democrats are considered to be in Winnecke’s pocket. My guess would be Weaver, Mosby, Friend, and Robinson all of whom were part of the Benedict Arnold Club that got him elected.

    • I’m sure you have it right. Friend first ran and lost as a Republican and then switched to the Dem. Party.

      • BigPappa….There is plenty of crap coming down the road that Winnecke, excuses me, Mayor McClintoch, wants, i.e. the dog park, Johnson Control {82 million BS deal}, hotel deal, {millions] bifurcation of the downtown TIP, Mesker Amp Theater [ millions] and of course, let’s don’t forget about Earthcare [ millions]…so, let’s see who votes for these nitwitteries, we know who voted for Earthcare. So, let’s sit back and watch the votes, and then we can vote. This will be the ultimate test who is in the pocket of Mayor McClintoch.

    • You have it wrong, Mayor McClintock let the cat out all right. They are all in it together. Old boss same as the new boss !

  6. Well I will give the “first lady” credit for one thing, if it were not for the help of the Democrat party, including some democrats sitting on the city council, her husband would not currently be mayor of Evansville.

    How that translates into Wayne Parke doing an excellent job escapes me at the moment. The fact is it was Jonathan Weinzapfel who anointed Lloyd Winnecke as next mayor. Obviously Winnecke is supposed to complete Weinzapfel’s agenda and purge the books in the process.


    • Mr. Press, you know what you say. They divided to let lesser worry win. Smart, if can take back. They plan now take back. They look ahead. Willing to wait for control long term. Plan working. Devious they are.

  7. I hate to stroke the CCO ego, but you’d never see those spineless worms over at the C & P publish something like this.

  8. Having control over the majority of City Council, Mayor Winnecke makes them hire Democrat Scott Danks as their attorney??

  9. You are totally correct-C@P should be sued by Mr. Garrett. The Winnecke/McClintock back pocket crew? Right on the money-and money is the name of the game, isn’t it kiddies? Too bad there’s no money. Le Rats will scamper…
    Pity, we had an opportunity to have a REAL AND HONEST (HONESTY: no it’s not out of style, and is exactly what we’ve needed) LEADER as mayor-he went in the financial hole to save us from the mess he saw coming-we who voted for him, watched his betrayers rewarded (you know who you are, and so do we) and now Miss McCintock runs the weird puppet show-which, as we can see, is more macabre and pointless than we could ever have foreseen. We have to wait, block further damage, and breathe fire on their butts unti we can toss them out of office(keep on, Al, and CCO). You have turncoat Dems on your team, Misses McClintock-and what are they worth? Nodda, and you can have Nom Nom back, Repubs.
    Hiring Scott Danks? Their WORST nightmare…this is going to get good. Scott Danks has his napkin tied round his neck–fork, knife, and plate in hand-he has a hearty appetite at this smorgasbord of arrogant meatheads-just lined up on the spit. Bon Appetit, Mr. Danks-I would hate to be in your sites at hog boilin time-but I sure love watching a man enjoy his meal!
    Main Street? No one said they were smart-you haven’t gotten that yet? None of anything done has been particularly smart.

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