Evansville City Councilman Arrested for Drunken Boating

City Councilman John Friend
City Councilman John Friend

The City County Observer has confirmed that Evansville City Councilman and Finance Committee Chairman John Friend was arrested over the weekend in Marshall County, Kentucky

Friend was taken into custody on Saturday, accused of boating while intoxicated in Marshall Co., KY which is one of the counties in and around the Land Between the Lakes Recreation Area. When contacted by the CCO Councilman Friend declined to comment on advice of his attorney Scott Danks.


  1. There goes that supposed mayoral run. Seriously though, most of our local officials drive drunk. He made the mistake of doing it in KY.

    • It is common knowledge that Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver booze it up in the local bars and drive. Friend just got caught patrolling the water drunk, and of course Al Lindsey dodged a bullet with his boozing at the Maingate. Riley used to do it too but seems to have corrected that behavior. The old council had old Curt John on there who started drinking before going to the council meetings. Jeez, we do have a real bunch of morons in office don’t we?

      • It’s also common knowledge that the City Clerk gets trashed at local bars and so does the former Controller/current Utility CFO

      • Be careful that you don’t trip and fall you might break your halo. The council members can only hope to be as pure as you seem to think that you are. Friend is a good person and a very good councilman anyone who knows anything about boating knows that the DNR are like Nazis and everyone knows that it is against the law to have a good time in this country and by the way there are elections every 4 years why don’t you man up and run if you would be such an improvement on who are in office now. I bet that we don’t see your name on the ballot.

        • I forgot to mention the ex mayor Weinzapfel who was famous for getting smashed. His wife even got a ticket for driving buzzed in the middle of the day. What do you think about those folks?

          • I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Weinzapfel and his machine goons set Friend up to shut him up. It’s the Evansville way. They probably greased a few Bubbas down at the lake to do their dirty work.

          • This is a total lie. Weinzapfel never drank in public and his wife was never ticketed for being buzzed.

  2. No problem for John, just ask Jesbus for forgiveness and thank God a 100 times. Then go plant some crosses on public property, submit an ordinance that says women’s health climics are to keep their temperature at 72 degrees F 24/7 and their hallway/corridors must be 5 ft 3 and 3/8th inches wide, submit another ordinance that says every Evansville resident must pack heat, rail about Obama being a Kenyan/Muslim/Commie pinko/Marxist and claim you’re born again.
    and ‘Viola and career saved!

    Friend for Mayor!

    • It was a holiday weekend. Granted that does not excuse drinking and operating a motorized vehicle, or compromising safety. Casting stones do no good…It could have been any number of people this weekend that were just not “caught”. Regardless, this does little to impune Mr. Friend’s civic duty and efforts he has given this city. He is still highly respected and remains an asset to the community…. And I certainly believe he would have to have a solid relationship with Jesus to be able to deal with the enormous amounts of ignorance and chaos surrounding Evansville politics.

  3. I’m interested to the see the actual citation and what the circumstances were. If Mr. Friend was in a speedboat barreling down Kentucky Lake on a holiday weekend drunk, that would be a real big problem, which I’m sure would have carried other charges like wanton endangerment, but if he was among a group of people arrested for having a pontoon party, that would be much more understandable.

    According to the County Attorney in Marshall County, it’s highly likely that Kentucky Fish and Wildlife wardens are who wrote the citation and made the arrest. They write their citations longhand on paper, so it might take until Wednesday before they are available.

  4. I thought John Friend and Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver were calling Picky Ricky’s family a bunch of “drunken thugs.” Instant karma is gonna get you!

  5. The Courier is reporting that Friend’s boat was anchored in a bay and had to move off the lake due to a storm and he will pay a $200 fine. That’s all this amounts to. No big deal. Next time I hope Mr. Friens invites me to the lake for golf and drinks, sounds like a good time.

    • The real question that needs to be answered is who alerted the local media to Friends arrest? If I were a betting person I would bet that either Jonathan Weasel or Steve Schaefer are behind this mountain out of a molehill piece of crap.

      • So it shouldn’t have been reported? I’m no fan of Weaver but that’s a pathetic suggestion.

    • What is sort of telling is that John Friend has maintained a lead all day over Sheriff Williams in the Democrat Mayoral poll the CCO is running. I guess drunken boating is more admirable than a failed annexation vote.

      • I’m not voting until they put somebody on the poll worth voting for…
        Not Weinzapfel.
        Not Tornatta.
        Not Friend.
        Not Williams.
        Not Weaver.

  6. Watching the city council meeting on tv now.
    John Friend is SMUG. He’s smiling, joking, carrying on. He obviously hasn’t taken this ARREST seriously.
    He is embarrassing his position; his stature; his colleagues; his party; his constituents; and his community.
    It’s a disgrace. A friend of mine got pulled over one time for driving .08 – when the law was still .10. He thought for sure he was going to jail because he said he was DRUNK when he got pulled over and was surprised he was only .08. But the cops let him go because he was under .10 – which they wouldn’t do today. Mr. Friend was DRUNK. He was NEARLY TWICE the legal limit. This is NOT A JOKE.

    • You are so right! I was going to watch the meeting tonight, but watching that smug bald-headed twit was too much for me. He is an embarrassment. I hope they do revoke his CPA license for unethical conduct!

  7. Perhaps we should replace the city and county politicians with Mother Teresa look-alikes. Would that make you prudes happy?

  8. Yep and I’m sure the ones who are talking negative have never done anything like this!! If so shame on you for putting this man down!!!

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