Councilman Friend’s Arrest Report from Marshall County, KY

Evansville City Councilman John Friend
Evansville City Councilman John Friend

This is a link to the official paperwork available right now from the authorities in Marshall County, KY with respect to the arrest of Evansville City Councilman John Friend. The Marshall County District Court currently has no record of the arrest and no court date scheduled on the docket. Councilman Friend was released without bond on three charges.



  1. It’s interesting that the PDF source straight from the Marshall County Jail shows there was no bonded release, yet the Courier & Press reported a $2000 bond. Where is the C&P getting its information?

  2. Information obtained from Marshall County indicates that bond release was $200, according to sources….10% of the $2,000….In addition, according to KY law, if any individual who is operating a motor-craft in KY waters and submits to sobriety testing and determined to be over the legal limit, the individual would be subject to a citation, fine ranging from $200-250 for the first offense, and not incarcerated. Question is did Councilman Friend consent? and, if he did, why incarcerated?

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