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  1. Climate migration in the south is continuing to march forward, increased water vapor energy and upper jet stream positioning of this new dynamic has turned historic and deadly in Texas and the south central plains. “Deniers keep on denying” but the planet doesn’t hesitate for one second.

    Largest threat to America’s national security today = Climate change migrations.


        • You’ve got to be kidding.
          The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters) and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its mission set.
          It’s purpose is not to fight what you call GW/CC.

          • Might ponder who is going to rescue one’s self if the coastal waters invade ones living space, such as in New Jersey and New York city during hurricane Sandy, or the low country around New Orleans when Katrina nearly wiped out entire cities.
            Of course you might try a rooftop extraction with the balloon, having the capacity for hot air sometimes demonstrated here you’d likely save on torch gas as well.

    • V. Ever heard what happened to Evansville in 1937? Climate change migration? Caused by what?

      • Caused by extreme weather and a frozen section of the lower Ohio drainage basin. Big ice dam and a lot of water. Basically the infrastructure wasn’t ready for the conditions and the levees were not in place as they are today. If you get the same levels of water today around 54 feet on the Evansville gage with the conditions of urban sprawl in Vanderburgh county the levee would probably fail and flood downtown and some areas where they’ve back filled flood plans would see catastrophic flooding and roadway failures.

        You think you have problems now ………..wait!

        r/. 1. involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.
        “a catastrophic levee failure”
        r/. 2. extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful.
        “catastrophic mismanagement of the combined sewers flooded two thirds of the cities streets and municipal structures when the pumping station was overwhelmed.” 🙁

        synonyms: disastrous, calamitous, cataclysmic, apocalyptic, ruinous, tragic, fatal, dire, awful, terrible, dreadful
        “the losses were catastrophic”

  2. Over the years, Evansville has made a lot of poor choices, costing taxpayers millions of dollars; destruction of Roberts Stadium, failed downtown ball park, Ford Center, cost and location of IU Med Center, convention hotel fiasco, and don’t forget the cost and overruns in a rush to build a dock for the new LST coming to town. And now the City is about to repeat READY, FIRE, AIM with the hell-bent -for-leather approach to vacate the riverfront of the floating casino so more dollars go to construct another dock for the LST.

    Numerous articles have been written on the lack of visitors to the boat, placing the blame on the location. Could it be possible that locals and visitors are JUST NOT INTERESTED? How many Evansville area residents have toured the boat? Do you travel to other cities just to see or board a WWII ship or airplane? When you pass through a city where a vintage WWII craft just happens to be on display, do you take the time to visit that site? Probably not!

    Look at the location as you round Riverside Drive from Fulton Avenue, on the left will be a casino with two hotels, and a variety of other establishments, and on the right a view of the river that could be turned into a pristine landscaped focal point, beckoning people to come enjoy the riverfront, This could even be a dock for the excursion boats that ply the river. Is Evansville again going to make a poor choice?

    The LST325 is not owned by the City of Evansville, it is private property. If the LST board becomes unhappy with the City, the LST will cast off for another location, leaving behind an empty dock, just like the one they will leave at Marina Point. The LST nearly moved to Peoria, IL., but when that City Council realized to costs involved, they turned it down.

    • Zen, what your saying is a truism, what that place needs for all involved is a little bit of forward thinking vision. The fix is so obvious its practically comical to watch that place flop around like a beached river carp.
      The conceptual balance is sustainable, and with the right direction would become an Indiana state, must see destination.
      Nobody there has even touched the concept with as much as a thought yet. Why, because the focus on the old vested cronies bailouts. That’s driven every failure we’ve observed so far in that crumbling old downtown.

      “What’s in your driveway besides costly failures?”

  3. Its pretty obvious why the river boats don’t stop in Evansville as they did in the past. They’ll stop in Henderson but not Evansville because of the lousy accesses and poor riverfront planning. Its an easy fix ” archer”. With the right plan and what looks to be available location that could change all that and we strongly believe would be acceptable to the Corps channel management plans. I personally still can’t believe with all the focus on that old Evansville downtown someone hasn’t made a proposal to improve that and add a sizable chunk of valuation that’s sorely needed estimate for the private and municipal properties at that location. 🙁
    If they did that it would immediately side bar the Owensboro river front, and pull the river traffic more there than Henderson. Observations do continue to show Evansville is far less than strategic when the riverfront planning or conceptualization is involved.

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