IS IT TRUE MAY 26, 2015


IS IT TRUE that the State Democratic Party Chairman and 8th District Party Chairman have called a special meeting this week to talk with all of the candidates running in the Evansville City Council General election? …we expect them to lecture all candidates running on the Democratic ticket in the Fall election to openly support the Gail Riecken for Mayor campaign? …we expect the theme of this special called meeting will be party loyalty and unity? …if this type of meeting was called 4 years ago the Vanderburgh County Democratic party wouldn’t be in this bad of a shape?

IS IT TRUE that Indiana Democratic party Chairman John Zody have publicly stated that he is focusing on this years municipal elections? …Its obvious that he understands how important it is for Evansville to elect a Democratic Mayor? …we hear that he is ready to commit to the Riecken campaign his full support and economic resources in order to get Gail Riecken elected Mayor of Evansville? …Mr. Zody also understands if the Democrats elect Gai Riecken Mayor of Evansville it shall enhance the chances of electing a Democrat to Governor office?

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Tea Party Patriots had an extremely informative meeting last week? …Mayor Winnecke had a representative attending this meeting on his behalf? …we were surprised to learn the Mayoral candidate Riecken had no representative at this meeting? …it’s common wisdom if an election is close the Tea Party Patriots shall have a major influence who wins the election? …we repeat that Mrs. Riecken’s Campaign Manager needs to spend some time to understand more about the political workings of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE the Financial Statements published by the Winnecke Administration as of March 31, 2015, stated that last twelve month period ended indicates that the Park/Recreation funds lost $2.8 million dollars? . . . the General Fund lost $1.2 million dollars? . . . the Hospitalization Fund lost $2.1 million dollars? . . . the Downtown TIF lost $5 million dollars?

IS IT TRUE Democratic candidate for Evansville Mayor of Evansville , Gail Riecken, laid out some policies she will implement if elected? … Mayor Lloyd Winnecke quickly dismissed her proposals by claiming he already has them in place? …if the Mayor Winnecke’s statement is correct then why doesn’t he have a whistleblower ordinance or true responsible bidder ordinance?

IS IT TRUE that past Mayor Winezafpel’s Legal Counsel David Jones had a successful political fund raiser for Gail Riecken last Saturday? …we were very surprised to see many of Winezapfel past supporters attend this first class fund raising event for Mrs. Riecken?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville DMD Director is openly stating that the $15 million dollar North Main TIF project is all but a done deal even without City Council voting on it?

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  1. Why is it a surprise to see past “Winezapfel” supporters at a Riecken fundraiser? Do you think they have all changed their liberal political views? It would be more surprising if they were NOT there.

    • Generally, one would conclude that if Santa Lloyd was really a Republican, he would embrace the platform of the Republican party? . . .then why when Santa arrived in Santa’ workshop room 302 he had at his disposal $4 million in the General Fund . . .$4m million in the Parks Fund . . .$ 7 million in the TIF . . . $7.7 in the Local Income Tax Fund . . . $6 million in the Hospitalization Fund . . .and NOW, $-5.2 in the General Fund (after adjusting for Russ’ Enron-Style of accounting at year end) . . .$-400k in the Parks Funds . . . $3 million in the TIF (Downtown) . . . $-700k in the Hospitalization Fund . . . Some would compare him to the RINO . . .(Repub in Name Only) . . . Where is the SPENDING PLAN . . .the only thing we hear is the REVENUE ENHANCEMENT PLAN) code for higher TAXES and FEES . . .

  2. Teabaggers = de facto republicans. Why would Rieckin waste her time going to meet with those crackpots?

      • They’ll still vote for him due to the R tag. They’re nothing but hypocritical blowhards. All talk.

        • Yep. That’s what he’s counting on. He has no record to run on, none at all. His tenure in office has been one embarrassing failure after another. He seems to not properly understand that.

        • That’s what he’s counting on.

          He has no record to run on, none at all. His tenure in office has been one embarrassing failure after another. He seems to not properly understand that.

    • If Gail has to court and pursue TP losers her campaign is in big, big, trouble Nothing wrong with listening to people’s opinions but as GTJ they’re not going to vote for her.

    • Ghost, when you are right, you are right. Rieckin should meet with her own crackpots.

  3. In the hole 11.1 million already, heck at least that seems to be consistent with your past couple of years. The sewer utility is still the old downtown CSO cancer cell, as well.
    Looks like no progress to be expected on that this year either. That as deniers continue to deny and climate change and that’s migration affects marches forward at its increasing pace.
    Check out one of the very cores of denial now Texas, and the lower central plains the past and present days right now. That’s a really tragic demonstration of just what increasing water vapor energy will reek onto those that aren’t prepared with the new infrastructures this new centuries climate migrations will demand. Its about time people begin to evolve with the planets conditions, mankind is already 15 years in on the count for this century. Then you have places like Evansville that has water and sewer infrastructure set in place 90 years ago.

    How would it be there if you might have received over 24 inches of rain in the same timing that Texas and the southern plains received it. Every new date is now the water mark record for them, one small shift in the upper jet and that could be the Ohio valley and Evansville. Get prepared this could happen any day in the future.
    That being said it might be a good time for the local emergency responders to concentrate on some advanced training in the art of fast current water rescues.
    Check in with some of your local whitewater enthusiast’s as many are trained red cross water rescue qualified individuals whom are experts at the throw bag techniques in fast deadly currents.

    a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.
    “a sports car enthusiast”
    synonyms: fan, devotee, aficionado, lover, admirer, follower; More

  4. If Wayne Parks had a similar meeting this Blog would be going ape over it. In fact, that has happened.


    If you pay attention to the “claims filed for payment” notice for Vanderburgh county, you will see that there is a cost associated for every county taxpayer for dealing with the addictive behavior of local citizens.

    Is it truly a function of government to deal with the problems brought about by the ever expanding gambling industry, which ships its profits out of this community and leaves the local populace to deal with the results of those patrons with addictions?

  6. North main TIF income? Pure fantasy.
    Downtown TIF lost $5 million last year. Who makes up the loss when Ford center bond payments are due?

  7. The State Demo Party did nothing to then Local Demo VP Connie Robinson for openly supporting Winnecke over Rick Davis. What can they threaten to do to Weaver and Mosby? Not let them ride on the Demo float in the Fall Festival?

  8. Nobody wins. We lose. Winnie and Urbana Gail are both Duds with self interest in mind only.

      • It is not too late for some concerned independent minded individuals to run as independents. We do not have to settle for Tweedledum and Tweedledumer. It would be nice to see someone pull the rug out from under the ERBC’s feet. One can dream, right?

        • Right angel press, but observation from outside continues to show the control factoring from that locally bent machine. The breaking that down of tha is easily done. One needs to specify the target cronies every day, relentlessly. they’ll have no defense because they are in fact guilty as hell.

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