City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr. Responds To Councilman John Friend, CPA

Russ Lloyd Jr.
Russ Lloyd Jr.


I returned to Evansville Sunday afternoon. We will provide what we can to you for Mr. Garrett Monday. Since I was out of town I didn’t feel it would be productive to request Finance Dept. staff to come in on Saturday or Sunday to work overtime to process this request.

I will let you know our progress on Monday.

Russell Lloyd, Controller

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    • Nope just been balancing the checkbook that the previous admin left unbalanced for a year and at the same time getting a new computer system that was left unfinished to boot.

      Sounds like a pretty busy 13 months to me. He should get our thanks for cleaning up the mess.

      • Hoosier, that is a very good assessment. I have worked under Controller (and former Mayor) Russell G. Lloyd Jr. for several months now. I’m sure onemeover is just making an attempt at laughter above, but the citizens need to know they have received every ounce of effort and dedication from Controller Lloyd and his staff.
        Never in the time I have worked for Controller Lloyd have I heard him stop to point fingers, assign blame or attempt to throw any other city staff member, or council member, under the bus in an attempt to try to avoid the responsibility of fixing the software/reconciliation problem while at the same time making sure that all other city business is being completed properly and on time. The idea that he and his staff have sat idle for 13 months is ridiculous.
        I have to mention, the attempt by onmeover at humor is weak. That was one degree away from a bad pun. In the future, keep those “jokes” to yourself because they embarrass you and I bet you can do better. If you really want to make people laugh you have to use wit and intelligence to make clever observations. I think I heard Jeff Foxworthy say once, “if you make bad jokes on CCO, you might be a red neck.” See, bad jokes aren’t funny. Take care, Shaun Short

  1. Quick! Someone get these two some handbags and a Pay-Per-View linkup! I’ll bring the beer and salsa.

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