CCO Offers $500 Reward for Name of Anonymous Caller to State Board of Accounts


$500 Reward Offered
The City County Observer would like to see some accountability brought into the dust up over the credentials of David Garrett to perform financial analysis for the Evansville City Council.

It is now widely reported that an anonymous call was placed to the Indiana State Board of Accounts to attempt to get Mr. Garrett’s credentials investigated. Several local elected officials and media outlets bit on it like a mindless bass strikes a shiny object prompting a 7-2 vote of confidence in Mr. Garrett’s favor at Monday’s City Council meeting.

The question remains, WHO PLACED THE CALL AND WHY. The CCO is hereby offering a $500 reward for information that leads to a confirmed and documented name of the person(s) who placed that call. If the nameless caller is identified we expect that the why will be self evident.

Note: We have only offered one other cash reward and that was for the identity of the people accused by then city council candidate Jonathan Weaver of stealing campaign signs. The reward was never ever redeemed.


  1. You offered a steak dinner to information leading to Ken Haney’s actual address.

  2. Thanks John Doe, we just added the word cash reward.

    Your correct about steak dinner.

    • Prove that to us and we shall gladly pay you. That could constitute the guy from the state corroborationg it or of course getting a confession from Weaver.

      • Weaver and Missy are the sneakiest and nastiest two members of the council. It was Missy last February who ran and tattled on Al Lindsey starting that whole Maingate fiasco. Of course she snuck to Winnecke to do it and his ignorant a$$ bit on it. This Weaver as tattle tale thing seems like the same story all over again.

  3. Who cares who said what to these fools? They have been covering up the incompetence in the Controller’s Office up until this last year. The local boss dude has something in common with Mr. Garrett. No CPA.

  4. Anyone who saw the meeting last night KNOWS who did it. I’m just a squirrel in a tree, and even I know!!! Free tank of gas, s’il vous plais.

  5. I thought it odd that Eric Bradner’s name appeared on the original article. Could Bradner have been acting as proxy for some local individual and made the call himself? How about it Eric?


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