CCO Downtime Explained, 5 Years of Christmas Parties EXPOSED!


Today the City County Observer experienced what is known as a meltdown on the site that hosts our servers. This happened because our traffic has spiked this year with the most interesting news and the launch of our new website for “good news” the Community Observer. To be specific our server host has reported that we exceeded 40,000 accesses during the last 24 hours which crashed the server. We have been advised that we should be up and running again in the next 24 to 72 hours. We will also be expanding our capacity to serve you, our readers over the course of the next month so that your access to our original content is not interrupted. Please understand that this is just one of the growing pains when rapid growth occurs.

The article that we were working on and preparing to publish was about the receipts for the Christmas parties for the Evansville Convention and Visitors Board of Directors for the immediate past. Those expenditures have been as follows:

2006: $1,836.07
2007: $1,765.00
2008: $1,357.33
2009: $2,167.04 (15 people, 9 bottles of wine, 22 alcoholic beverages: Most expensive wine was $65.00 per bottle)
2010: $3,079.00


Details were not available for years 2006 – 2008. In each year the tab was covered by the Executive Director of the ECVB.

A group of five people that included board members David Dunn and Joe Vezzoso, architect Mike Shoulders, Gray Loon’s Jon Ruthenburg, and Executive Director Marilee Fowler did charter a plane to visit little league complexes in Knoxville and Chattanooga at a cost of $2,542.90 on January 11, 2010.

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