Burdette Park Pool Opens


Burdette Park Pool Opens

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As many people enjoy the holiday weekend, local pools opened for their first official day.

At Burdette Park, People enjoying basking in the sun and cooling off at the park’s pool. The grand opening brought out many locals including Kelly Happe, who says this was an important part of his childhood.

“I came here as a kid growing up,” said Happe. “[I] came every year, but today is special because we throw a threw a niece a surprise graduation party.”

The Burdette Park Pool is one of the largest Aquatic Centers in the Midwest. Park officials expected a record turnout for this year’s grand opening. The park pool will remain open throughout Memorial Day weekend and it takes months to get the pool opened.

Season passes are on sale now through the end of the weekend. Thousands of guests are expected to swim during the hot summer season.